Good2Go Mobile Plans

If you’re in the market for an affordable, barebone cell phone plan with great coverage, it’s worth checking out Good2Go Mobile—an MVNO operating on AT&T’s powerful network. Good2Go Mobile offers five prepaid data plans, ranging from no data to 10GB per month.

Pros and cons of Good2Go Mobile

While Good2Go Mobile offers both great pricing and coverage on AT&T’s robust network, there is much to be desired in the realm of features, perks, and unlimited data plans. There is, however, a $5 monthly discount should you choose to set up autopay on your account.

- Low cost, simple plan structuring
- $5 in monthly savings with autopay
- Robust coverage on AT&T’s network
- No credit check
- No unlimited plans
- No family plans
- No hotspot
- Almost no additional features to add

Compare Good2Go Mobile prepaid plans

As mentioned previously, Good2Go Mobile offers five phone plans—all of which are prepaid, meaning you pay for your plan at the beginning of each billing cycle. The primary difference between Good2Go Mobile’s plans is the data allotments, ranging from no data on its cheapest plan, up to 10GB with its highest priced plan.

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Note: Good2Go Mobile limited data plans won’t cut your data off completely once you use up your data allowance for the month. You’ll still have internet access but your speeds will be temporarily slowed to 2G until your next billing cycle.

Good2Go talk & text plans

Despite most of Good2Go Mobile’s plans including mobile data, this AT&T MVNO does still offer an Unlimited Talk & Text Plan for those of us who still prefer simplistic, or basic flip phones. For $10/month, the Good2Go Mobile Unlimited Talk & Text Plan includes unlimited messages and minutes, but not much else, if we’re being frank. Like most of Good2Go Mobile’s plans, the focus is on cost savings, although you can add international calling and texting for an additional $5/month.

Good2Go Mobile limited data plans

Of Good2Go Mobile’s cell phone plans, four of them include data in varying amounts. These plans include:

  • 1GB: $15/month
  • 3GB: $20/month
  • 5GB: $30/month
  • 10GB: $40/month

Keep in mind that these prices are what you would pay with the $5 autopay discount. Beyond the data allotments, all of Good2Go Mobile’s data plans are essentially identical—which, unfortunately, means additional features such as mobile hotspot won’t be available. There is, however, an unlimited international talk and text feature available as an add-on that costs just $5/month.

If you’re unsure which Good2Go Mobile plan you should choose, you should ultimately look at how much data you need since the carrier’s plans are so sparse in additional features. Here’s a rough guideline on what each plan is best for.

Which Good2Go Mobile plan should I choose?
Plan nameIdeal for (use habits)
Unlimited Talk & Text + 1GB of LTE dataVery minimal data use (e.g., infrequent email, very light web browsing)
Unlimited Talk & Text + 3GB of LTE dataLight, infrequent audio streaming, occasional social media use, very light web browsing
Unlimited Talk & Text + 5GB of LTE dataMusic streaming and light to moderate web browsing/social media
Unlimited Talk & Text + 10GB of LTE dataOccasional video streaming, moderate to frequent social media use, occasional video call

Does Good2Go Mobile offer family plans?

Unfortunately, Good2Go Mobile does not offer family plans for any of its plan tiers. However, there are plenty of alternatives if you’re in the market for an affordable family plan on AT&T’s network.  For instance, both Cricket and Wing Mobile offer family plan variations of their offerings—giving a bit more flexibility and savings where that’s concerned.

Who is Good2Go Mobile best for?

Good2Go Mobile is an excellent choice if affordability and great coverage are your top two priorities. Good2Go Mobile also doesn’t require a credit check to sign up for one of its no-frills, prepaid plans, so that’s another plus if you’re looking to avoid a pesky credit check. That said, if you’re looking for additional features, such as mobile hotspot, international calling and texting, travel perks, or entertainment, you may want to look elsewhere.

Compare Good2Go and other AT&T MVNOs

If the idea of an MVNO operating on AT&T’s network sounds appealing to you, but you’re not quite sold on Good2Go Mobile’s plans, there are several alternative MVNOs, such as Cricket Wireless, Straight Talk, Tracfone, FreeUp Mobile, and H2O Wireless, all of which offer competitive pricing and a variety of plans to choose from. You will find that these small carriers include options for unlimited data plans, international/travel features, hotspot allowance, and additional plan perks. Check out some of the plans from other AT&T MVNOs below.