Cheapest Data Plans

Saving money on your cell phone’s data plan doesn’t need to feel like an impossible task. With the emergence of countless MVNOs and cheaper options through major carriers, cheap data plans are more widely available as they’ve ever been.

Compare cheapest unlimited data plans

When we think of unlimited data plans, we often associate them with higher cost, but this isn’t always the case. Plenty of carriers offer budget-friendly unlimited plans that can save you tons of money on your monthly bill.

Plan namesPricingHigh-speed dataInternationalMobile hotspot
Sprint | Unlimited Kickstart Plan$35/monthUnlimited*Free 2G data and texting in over 185 countriesn/a
Visible | $40 Unlimited Plan$40/monthUnlimited*n/aUnlimited (capped at 5Mbps)
Tello | Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plan $39/month25GBUnlimited talk and text to the Canada, Mexico, Romania, and China25GB
US Mobile | Unlimited Talk, Text, and Ludicrous Data$47/month50GB (or 15GB for GSM LTE users)10GB of 4G LTE international roaming 10GB

* Speeds may be slowed when network is congested

Sprint | Unlimited Kickstart Plan

One of the most affordable unlimited plans available comes in the form of Sprint’s Unlimited Kickstart Plan—a great option if you’re looking to switch to Sprint’s network and port-in your existing number.

At only $35/month, it’s tough to compete with the overall value of this plan, but keep in mind that this offer is only available online and for new customers. It’s a great option if you live in an area where Sprint gets good coverage, like along the Eastern Seaboard.

Sprint’s Kickstart Unlimited Plan includes:

  • Unlimited talk, text, data (may be slowed during times of congestion)
  • 5G access to T-Mobile’s network (with 5G capable devices)
  • Free-shipping on new lines of service and upgrades

Additionally, Sprint will cover up to $650 worth of device installments and early termination fees charged by your previous carrier when you switch.

Visible | $40 Unlimited Plan

Visible—an MVNO operating on Verizon’s powerful network—offers an incredibly low-cost $40 Unlimited Plan, which includes unlimited domestic talk, text, and data. Visible also offers its PartyPay program as a cost-effective alternative to traditional family plans.

Visible’s Unlimited Plan features:

  • Unlimited mobile hotspot included at no extra cost (speeds capped at 5Mbps)
  • Free overnight shipping
  • Taxes and fees included
  • Coverage on Verizon’s robust network (70% nationwide coverage)

Tello | Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plan

Up next is Tello’s Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plan (operating on Sprint’s network), costing just $39/month.

One thing to keep in mind is that while this plan includes unlimited data, speeds will be slowed (capped at 64kbps) once you’ve used 25GB in a given billing cycle (referred to as a data deprioritization threshold). Furthermore, hotspot usage will no longer be available once the 25GB threshold is met. This isn’t a huge concern, though—25GB is quite a bit of data, and most users will have no problem staying within this range. However, if you find yourself constantly streaming video, gaming, or uploading frequently to social media, an alternative unlimited plan may be better suited to your needs.

Tello’s Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plan includes:

  • Free international calls to Canada, Mexico, China, and Romania
  • 25GB of high-speed mobile hotspot
  • Up to 10 lines on one account

Again, this plan is best for someone who lives in an area where Sprint has solid coverage. Sprint’s network covers just 30% of the country so you may want to check the coverage in your area before committing to a plan on Sprint’s network.

US Mobile | Unlimited Talk, Text, and Ludicrous Data

For only $47/month, US Mobile offers its Unlimited Talk, Text, and Ludicrous Data plan—utilizing both T-Mobile’s and Verizon’s networks.

While slightly more expensive than the other unlimited plans on this list, US Mobile offers considerable entertainment value with each subsequent unlimited line added to your plan (up to 4). We’ve listed these perks below:

  • 2 unlimited lines: Get Slacker, LiveXLive and either Pandora Plus OR Apple TV Plus
  • 3 unlimited lines: Keep previously included perks, add Disney Plus, Hulu, and one of the following:
    • ESPN Plus
    • Netflix Standard
    • Audible Membership
    • Spotify Family
    • Apple Music Family
  • 4+ unlimited lines: Keep your first two selected perks and add Playstation Plus OR Xbox Live Gold

In addition to offering plan perks for adding unlimited lines, there are other great features that come included, even on just a single-line plan:

  • 10GB of mobile hotspot
  • 10GB of 4G LTE international roaming
  • 50GB of high-speed data

Compare cheapest limited data plans

In many cases we don’t need unlimited data for our phones, and if your primary motivation is savings, there are tons of limited plans that can still get the job done.

PlanCostHigh-speed dataInternationalMobile hotspot
Mint Mobile | 3 Month Plan (Medium)$20/month ($60 for 3 months prepaid)8GB Unlimited calling and messaging to Mexico/CanadaIncluded
T-Mobile | Connect Unlimited Talk & Text + 2GB Data$15/month2GB n/aIncluded
Tello | Economy Plan$10/month1GB Unlimited calling to Canada, Mexico, China, and RomaniaIncluded

Mint Mobile | 3 Month Plan (Medium)

Mint Mobile offers its 3 Month (Medium) Plan for just $20/month ($60 prepaid for 3 months), which includes 8GB of 4G LTE data—all on T-Mobile’s expanding network. Keep in mind, while there are no overage fees on this plan, your data speeds will be slowed to 2G once you exceed the 8GB threshold, then reset at the start of the next billing cycle.

Other plan features include:

  • Unlimited calls and messaging to Mexico/Canada
  • Mobile hotspot at no additional charge

Note, that you’ll need to pay for 3 months of service in advance and the $20/month pricing is an introductory rate only. When you renew, your rate will go up to $35/month.

T-Mobile | Connect Unlimited Talk & Text + 2GB Data

If you’re looking to stick with one of the major carriers, T-Mobile offers its Connect Unlimited Talk & Text + 2GB Data plan as a monthly prepaid option for only $15/month. In addition, this plan grants you an additional 500MB of data each year, until you reach 4.5GB/month.

T-Mobile’s Unlimited Talk & Text + 2GB Data plan features:

  • Data Optimizer (video streaming is automatically optimized to save you data)
  • No credit checks

Tello | Economy Plan

If you find yourself using very minimal data each month, it doesn’t get much more affordable than Tello’s Economy Plan—unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data for $10/month.

The Tello Economy Plan features:

  • Unlimited calls to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, and Romania
  • 1GB LTE data (slowed once exceeded)
  • No contract or overage fees

Remember that Tello operates on Sprint’s network, so be sure to check if your coverage is adequate before committing to this plan.

Major carriers vs. MVNOs

Always keep in mind that there are differences in the ways that major carriers and MVNOs work. And while there are pros and cons to both, picking the right option depends on your individual priorities.

Carrier TypeProsCons
Major Carriers
  • Customer service on the primary network
  • More plan features and add-ons available
  • Generally more cell phone discounts
  • Typically more expensive than MVNOs
  • Fewer prepaid options
  • Cheaper plans on average
  • No credit checks or contracts
  • Potentially slowed data speeds in favor of those on the main network
  • Less plan features and add-ons available

 Which cheap data plan is the best?

Finding the best, cheap data plan is always a matter of assessing your individual needs. If your primary concern is saving money, going with an MVNO—such as Tello, Mint Mobile, or US Mobile— could result in tons of savings. Conversely, major carriers generally offer a wider range of plan features, improved customer service, and increased network reliability on average.