Boost Mobile Insurance Add-Ons

Boost Mobile is a well-established MVNO owned by Sprint and operating on its network. Boost offers perk-heavy plans at competitive prices, making it a great carrier for anyone looking for extra benefits from their cell phone carrier without the hefty prices.

Not all perks come baked into Boost Mobile’s plans, however, Boost’s reasonably priced add-ons can fill in any gap to make your plan fit you just right.

One add-on you might want to consider is Boost Shield—Boost’s cell phone insurance plan. With Boost Shield you can give yourself financial protection against damage to your phone.

Boost Shield: Phone Protection

Boost Shield is Boost Mobile’s phone insurance program. With Boost Shield, your phone will be replaced if it incurs certain types of damages that are common with cell phones.

Boost’s phone insurance plan is priced at $7/month and you are eligible to sign up for Boost Shield within 30 days of:

  • Activating a new phone
  • Upgrading to a new phone
  • Trading in for a new phone

What Does Boost Mobile Boost Shield Cover?

Boost’s phone insurance covers the following types of damages to your phone and any accessory that was included with the phone:

  • Cracked screens
  • Water damage
  • Out-of-warranty equipment failure
  • Loss and theft

Boost Shield will cover claims up to $1,500 (for phone and eligible accessories) with a limit of 2 claims per year.

How Much Are Boost Mobile’s Phone Insurance Deductibles?

You’ll have to pay a deductible for each claim you make with Boost Shield. A deductible is your contribution towards a claim before your insurance kicks in. The cost of your Boost insurance deductible will depend on your phone but you can expect to pay one of the following deductible amounts:

  • $20
  • $50
  • $100
  • $175

Flagship phones from manufacturers like Apple and Samsung generally have higher deductibles. In fact, all iPhones 4 and newer have the $175 deductible.

Boost Mobile Phone Insurance Vs Other MVNOs

Not all cell phone insurance plans are created equal. Take a look at the table below to get an idea of how Boost Mobile’s Boost Shield compares to phone insurance plans offered by its competitors.

CarrierDamages CoveredDeductible RangeClaim LimitPrice
Boost MobileCracked Screen
Water Damage
Mechanical and Electrical Failure
CricketCracked Screen
Water Damage
Mechanical and Electrical Failure
Metro by T-MobileCracked Screen
Water Damage
Mechanical and Electrical Failure

As you can see, Boost Mobile’s phone insurance costs and coverage is more or less in line with the competition. One advantage Boost has over Cricket and Metro is that its maximum deductible is $175, which is much less than Cricket’s $250 and Metro’s $200. Tracfone, one of the biggest MVNOs, no longer offers phone insurance so Boost is miles ahead of them here.

Why Choose Boost Mobile for Your Next Cell Phone Plan

Boost’s cell phone plan perks and benefits make them stand out from the competition. Boost Mobile plans are especially strong when it comes to mobile hotspots allowances, as their allotments are among the best in the MVNO market.

Here’s a quick look at Boost Mobile plans and the perks that come along with them.

PlanUnlimited Talk and Text HotspotTidalVideo QualityPrice
3 Gigs 4G LTEYesTaken from high-speed allotment Yes, 6-month subscription Standard Definition $35/month
Unlimited GigsYes12GBYesStandard Definition $50/month
Boost Unlimited PlusYes30GBYesHD$60/month
Ultimate Unlimited Yes50GBYesHD$80/month

If you’re into a cell phone plans that come with tantalizing extras, Boost Mobile just might be the right carrier for you. You can get tons of hotspot data, free Tidal subscriptions and HD video (on select plans) for fair prices.