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November 30, 2018 by

With Christmas and New Year's around the corner, let's take a quick look at some of the best individual rate plans.

Koodo, Fido and Virgin Mobile have their regular plans with a bit of promotional data. Their 2 GB plans with unlimited Canada-wide calling at $50óbear in mind that these carriers use the same towers as TELUS, Rogers and Bell, meaning you'll get some great service at a much cheaper price. You can also expect good coverage around the country with the same service intact if you plan on going home for the holidays.

British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Atlantic Province Plans

Koodo, Fido & Virgin Mobile - BYOD
Unlimited Canada Calling
2 GB $50
4 GB $55
6 GB $65
8 GB $75

Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Koodo, Fido & Virgin Mobile - BYOD Cost
500 MB with 500 minutes Canada-wide calling $40
5 GB with unlimited Canada-wide calling $48


Koodo, Fido & Virgin Mobile - BYOD
Unlimited Canada Calling
2 GB $35
4 GB $45
8 GB $49
10 GB $56

Chatr and Lucky Mobile offer much cheaper plans with bigger data, but with a catch... only 3G data. 3G data is a slower version of data that is good for browsing the internet, using text-based apps like email or sending messages, but you might run into some issues if you're a frequent music streamer or Youtube user. You also lose the ability to use your data if you leave their "zones," areas that are usually restricted to bigger cities.


Chatr & Lucky Mobile
Unlimited Canada Calling
8.5 GB at 3G speeds $50
6.5 GB at 3G speeds $50
4.5 GB at 3G speeds $40
1.5 GB at 3G speeds $30

Freedom Mobile is another alternative with huge buckets of data for cheap, yet also with a catch: it's only available in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto, and as soon as you leave these cities, you'll lose basically all of your data (you'll retain a tiny bit of data and can still use your calling and texting on most plans). The service also frequently cuts out, so expect to lose service in busy subways or buildings with thick walls. If you aren't much of a traveler, then Freedom Mobile could fit your bill. Otherwise, it's definitely a hit or miss.

Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa

Freedom Mobile (Data + Talk Plans)
Unlimited Canada Calling
Home 4.5 GB $40
Big Gig 6 GB $60
Big Gig 15 GB $80
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