Free Beats Headphones! Apple Canada's Back to School Promotion

July 13, 2018 by

As we near the end of summer, Apple Canada has resumed it’s back to school sale that features some complementary Beats Solo3 wireless headphones with any purchase of a MacBook or iPad Pro. The headphones are available in Matt Black or Gloss White, just like last year, only this time it also features a 20% discount off AppleCare as well (ideal if you have butterfingers or will have your computer in the presence of sticky liquids… which will likely be the case given university).

The Beats Solo3 headphones are powered through Bluetooth and feature up to 40 hours of listening with a lithium-ion-powered battery, but they aren’t the most ideal wireless headphones for their overinflated retail price of $329.95; for one, they don’t feature active noise cancelling, newer technology available in this price range that uses phase cancellation to mute background noise from your surroundings.

They are marketed as noise isolating though, which means the cushions will muffle outside noise to some degree. At the end of the day, they’re decent enough for a free pair of headphones. One complaint of previous models is the small cushions, which makes for an uncomfortable listening experience across longer periods of time, but of course this depends on whether you have monkey ears.

There’s also a built-in mic that makes it easy for you to Discord with your friends or activate Siri on the go. The headphones come with a padded carrying case, 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable to convert them into wired headphones, and a USB-A to USB Micro-B charging cable.

Perfect for post-secondary freshmen or if you’re looking to replace your outdated computer—given that you can justify the hefty price of $1129 for a MacBook Air or $839 for an iPad Pro and onwards. Bear in mind that this promo is offered in addition to the standard Apple education discount, which can save you a few hundred bucks off your MacBook or iPad Pro (dependent on the price at final checkout). It’s likely that they’ll continue to offer a similar promotion in the coming years, but if you want a new computer, now might be the prime time to take advantage of this deal.

Check it out for yourself at Apple's Site.

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