The Apple HomePod has Descended

May 30, 2018 by

Since last February, the Apple HomePod has been a staple in the homes of wealthy Americans, retailing at a frightening price of $349.99 USD. Now nearly a year later, the product is finally launching in Canada at an even heftier converted price of $449.99. But just what exactly is the HomePod? No, itís not only an expensive paperweight; this durable little beacon is a portable Bluetooth speaker that has taken portable sound quality to the next level. The unit is said to rival the Sonos One in terms of sound and bass quality and has been heavily praised for its acoustics.

Yet the oddityís dormant functionalities have only just been unlocked as of the recent iOS 11.4 update for iPhones, which allows for stereo pairing and multi-room audio. Apple HomePodís new multi-room audio system, AirPlay 2, lets the user control all of their AirPlay 2-compatible speakers around the house simultaneously. More importantly, this enables you mix and match different brands or models of speakers, so you donít have to commit to a giant bundled sound system or hunt for the same type of speaker. And since the majority of brands are shaping their products towards supporting AirPlay 2, including Bose, Dynaudio, McIntosh, Pioneer, and even Sonos, it's safe to say that the HomePod's interactivity allows great flexibility in designing your home sound system.

The fun doesnít stop at just the music. The HomePod also allows you to link to the calendar app on your phone and can remind and update you on upcoming events. Need to remember to take your meds, or to pick up your Chinchilla from the vet? The HomePod will easily pick up the reverberations of your voice from the next room and promptly update you. Yet for some reason, it still canít make phone calls yet. Perhaps itíll roll up in a future update, along with some other quirks that could make you ďOohĒ and ďAahĒ some more, if you havenít already. But for now, itís up to you to decide whether or not you want to drop the bulk of your pay cheque on this cute little grey object.

Check out all of the fancy details yourself at the Apple website.

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