A Wrap-Up of Yesterday's Apple Announcements

September 10, 2014 by
iphone-6-and-6-plus - Source: BGR

Much was made of Apple's product announcements yesterday. The iPhone 6 and the new Apple Watch stood out, but what else?

I asked my iQmetrix colleagues (UX Architect/BA Collin Prior and Director of R&D Garett Rogers) for their highlights (full article here). Some excerpts below:

  • Apple Watch: Collin says Apple has "nailed it" in terms of making a smartwatch with mass appeal (shown below). Garett notes that 90% of a smartwatch's functionality is based on "telling time and receiving timely updates," so people should judge the watch mostly on that than on its extras.
  • Apple Pay: Apple's user base alone should tip NFC tap-to-pay into the mainstream, Collin says. Garett warns that it's still uncertain Apple Pay will work with existing NFC pay terminals, but if it does, "it's a huge win."
  • iPhone 6 Hype: Most of the rumours were accurate (except for the full sapphire screen, unfortunately). The larger form factor (both iPhone 6 models) is significant, of course. Also, at over $1,000, the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus price tag exceeded the hype.
Apple Watch - Source: CNET
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