The Verge Calls iPhone 5s 'Best Phone You Can Buy'

July 11, 2014 by

Last month (June 11), The Verge rated all the top flagship phones and the iPhone 5s came out victorious.

The tech blog gave the phone a rating of 8.8 out of 10 (see above photo), with the next runner up being the HTC One M8, rated 8.5.

"Even as others have caught up to what Apple's doing, there's still simply no better phone than the iPhone," wrote The Verge's David Pierce. "For most people, the iPhone 5S is just the best smartphone you can buy."

Below are the top-rated phones in the recent Verge comparison. I've also included our Compare Cellular ratings (out of 5) where applicable, for comparison's sake. You can click on our ratings to read our full reviews.

  • iPhone 5s - Verge rating: 8.8 (CC rating: 5)
  • HTC One (M8) - Verge rating: 8.5 (CC rating: 4.5)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 - Verge rating: 7.8 (CC rating 4.5)
  • LG Nexus 5 - Verge rating: 8.0 (CC rating: 4)
  • Motorola Moto X - Verge rating: 8.0 (CC rating: N/A)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Verge rating 8.3 (CC rating: N/A)
  • Nokia Lumia 1520 - Verge rating 7.4 (CC rating*: 4)
*Note: We reviewed the Nokia Lumia 1020, not the 1520.
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