Meet iStick: World's First Lightning-USB Flash Drive

May 13, 2014 by

Every day I fill my iPhone with random pictures of cars, cats or food. After nearly two years of use, I have a phone filled with tons of photos. So much so, that the task of moving them over to my computer seems too daunting for me to ever tackle.

Iím a guy that likes to use SD cards or USB drives when it comes file transferring. Doing so just seems to make big tasks smaller Ė plus, I rarely ever hook my phone up to my computer. So imagine my surprise when I came across iStick, the world's first Apple-licensed Lighting-USB stick.

To be honest, I never knew these USB phone drives existed until now. But after a few clicks, I discovered these phone USB devices have been around for some time, but the iStick is the first one licensed to work with the Apple Lightning connector. That official Apple stamp of approval gives you some assurance that this device wonít mess up your phone or leave you with those pesky warnings that appear on your screen when using a non-Apple-licensed product.

And the iStick isn't just for added data storage. You can play music and stream movies off of it, so it's great for travelling, for example.

My only hangup with iStick is the price (early bird price for an 8GB stick is $65; $79 regular). I wonder if the photos and files on my phone are really worth the proposed $65. I mean, thatís money I could be spending on the food that I like to photograph so much.

In the end, if I really need something off my phone I can just email it to myself. So while I fully get the value proposition of this Lighting-USB stick, maybe I donít value the contents of my phone enough to warrant the investment.
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