LG Unveils New 'G Watch' Smartwatch

April 22, 2014 by

LG just launched a website for its new G Watch, which - like the recently announced moto 360 - will run the new Android Wear operating system.

As with the moto 360, the G Watch will offer message notifications and "OK Google" voice command functionality.

The G Watch will come in black (with charcoal grey trim) and white (with gold trim).

The company says it is water and dust resistant, so you can "wear it during outdoor activities in rough conditions."

The screen is also "always-on" so it will never go to sleep, which begs the question: How long will its battery last?

Stay tuned for more information on the LG G Watch. A release date has not been announced, but Digital Trends reports that a July launch is expected in the UK and the watch would retail at less than £180/$300.

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