Alberta 911 Fee Legislation Comes Into Effect

April 1, 2014 by

Government of Alberta: Strengthening 911Originally proposed almost a year ago, Alberta cellphone users will now see a 44 911 levy on their monthly bills. Landline users have been paying this fee for 12 years, and as of today, wireless subscriptions to any devices that can contact 911 will also be charged.

911 call centres need support as they look for ways to introduce new technology and money from the new levy will help fund 911 call centres across the province.

From the Government of Alberta website: "The Act will also bring in fines for frivolous 911 calls that abuse the system and it will allow for the creation of province-wide standards for 911 call taking."

Note to Albertans and visitors to the province - a frivolous 911 call could cost you $5,000 ($10,000 for repeat offenders).

Alberta is not the first province to introduce municipal or provincial 911 fees to wireless users. Other provinces that have mandated 911 fees include: Saskatchewan (62), Quebec (40), New Brunswick (53), Nova Scotia (43) and Prince Edward Island (70).
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