Canada switching to 2 Year Cell Phone Contracts Starting July 30th

July 23, 2013 by

Canadian cell phone providers will begin making the switch to 2 year contracts starting July 30th. The CRTC ruled on June 3rd that Canadian wireless contracts can be broken by consumers after 2 years. The big three were expected to eliminate 3 year contracts based on this ruling and we have the dates for when those changes will be occurring.

When will Canadian wireless providers switch to 2 year contracts?

UPDATE (July 29): Bell announced today their switch to 2-year contract will be delayed until August 9.

July 30, 2013

Bell, TELUS & Koodo Mobile

August 1, 2013

Virgin Mobile

August 9, 2013

Bell, Rogers & Fido

We have yet to here when SaskTel, MTS, Videotron and the other smaller cell phone providers will be making the switch.

What does the switch from 3 year to 2 year contracts mean to Canadian consumers?

Canadians can expect to pay a higher up front cost for their smartphones & wireless devices starting next month. Interestingly enough many smartphones available in both the United States & Canada are already cheaper in the US on a 2 year contract.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Comparison

Canada 3 Year Contract Price: $229
US 2 Year Contract Price: $199.99

iPhone 5 16GB Price Comparison

Canada 3 Year Contract Price: $179
US 2 Year Contract Price: $199.99

We hope to do some further comparison providing before and after analysis of pricing.

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