Is Wireless Cheaper in Canada than the US?

July 11, 2013 by
In a press release from a large Canadian wireless provider,  they have stated that Canada has more competitive prices than the US.

To back this up they have combed through a recently released report from the OECD on global communications and gleaned some corroborative data. The report is extensive to say the least. It is over 300 pages long with enough detail to make you cross-eyed reading it and enough data to let you spin the results if you were so inclined.

We will never dispute that we have a fabulous wireless system in Canada. The sheer size of the country and the cost to build out infrastructure is overwhelming. It is only reasonable that the networks would expect a return on their investment. But why is it that we are always confronted with advertising from the US that shows ridiculously low rates? Bigger population? Smaller coverage footprint? What do you think?

Feel free to browse the attached report and look for answers to these (and many more you never considered) questions.
Click the image below to view the report.
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