KALQ Keyboard Speeds up Touchscreen Typing

April 23, 2013 by

Is the QWERTY on its way out?

Say hello to the re-imagined touchscreen keyboard. The KALQ keyboard, a result of research conducted by Antti Oulasvirta, provides smartphone users with an alternative typing structure that promises to speed up typing on tablet devices. This keyboard features two 4x4 grids located at the bottom quadrants of the screen. By placing the keys with commonly used letters clustered together, the KALQ keyboard is designed to speed up typing by minimizing the travelling distance of your thumbs. With the right thumb handling all the vowels (except Y), and the left thumb handing most of the consonants, your thumbs no longer require as much travel distance as they do with the current QWERTY keyboard.

Worried about the KALQ keyboard being right for your hands? Not only is the keyboard reversible for those who are left handed, but it also includes a feature to scale the keyboard according to the span of your thumb a versatile application for virtually anyone. According to researchers, the KALQ keyboard allows theoretical speeds of up to 49 words per minute, which is 34% faster than typing with a QWERTY keyboard. 

Keep your eyes open for the dual 4x4 KALQ keyboard, expected to be released as a free application for Android-based devices early next month!

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