Nova Scotia Aims to Regulate Cellphone Fees

May 1, 2012 by
Following in the footsteps of Ontario, who earlier this month announced a proposed legislation, Nova Scotia has also announced its plans to regulate the mobile phone industry.

If the legislation is put into place, the people of Nova Scotia will clearly know what their contract entails, and will no longer have to fear excessive or hidden overage fees. The amendments to the province's Consumer Protection Act would cap cancellation fees to $50 and require carriers to provide minimum monthly costs of service in contracts and advertising. Companies would also have to inform customers of contract changes that would increase their bills and would be restricted from automatically renewing or extending contracts.

Industry regulation would see:
  • Cancellation fees capped at $50;
  • All-inclusive minimum monthly costs stated in advertising and contracts;
  • Carriers required to inform customers of contract changes and/or rate increases;
  • Restriction from automatically renewing or extending contracts;
  • Carriers required to work with the government as it implements measures to combat cyberbullying.
The amendment would see Nova Scotia joining Quebec (Quebec’s Bill 60 took effect in 2010) and Manitoba (who recently announced legislation will come into effect September 15, 2012).

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