WIND Mobile Introduces HD Voice, Successfully Trials 4G

February 3, 2011 by

WIND Mobile today announced their successful 4G live trial and introduction of High Definition Voice Calling (HD Voice) to the North American marketplace as one of only a few wireless carriers in the world to offer the advanced technology on their new and evolving all-IP 3G+ network.

WIND has been building a technologically advanced 3G+, all-IP network from the ground up, and building faster and further than any other new entrant to the Canadian marketplace. Recent Long Term Evolution (LTE) testing confirms that the network is in line to advance to the next evolution of 4G compatible technologies.

LTE is the next generation (4G) mobile network technology and successor of 3G. LTE takes a huge leap forward in the way network resources such as spectrum, bandwidth and capacity are used, and how the network is deployed and managed. LTE delivers much faster speeds (up to 100Mbps) with lower latencies and superior customer experience with strengthened coverage and seamless handovers between sites. During testing, customers experience average download speeds of 50-60Mbps and improved speed while multitasking (concurrent emailing, browsing, file downloads, etc).  

Future opportunities with LTE will enable more devices to be connected - not only mobile phones, tablets and laptops/netbooks, but also cameras, cars, appliances, interactive information screens and other everyday devices. TV and multimedia streaming will become as easy as online streaming or satellite radio streaming allowing more face time with video chat, the ability to watch home security cameras, live traffic cameras or just stream content on any mobile LTE enabled device. Additionally, mobile gaming will become much more connected and real time.

WIND has also introduced HD Voice throughout its network, a North American technology first. HD Voice is a cutting edge technology that provides a dramatically enhanced caller experience with improved audio quality and the reduction of background noise. The new service is available for FREE for WIND subscribers and will initially be supported on the Alcatel Tribe ANDROID™ with more HD Voice-ready 3G handsets coming soon to Wind's line-up. As more devices become compatible with this advanced technology, more customers will have the opportunity to enjoy the superior quality of the HD voice calling experience. WIND's advanced 3G+ network has been built to support HD Voice anywhere in Canada in any WIND Zone.

For more information on the Alcatel Tribe, the first WIND Mobile device to support HD Voice, please click here.

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