Public Mobile Pre-Network Launch

March 18, 2010
Public Mobile officially opened it's 25 retail stores throughout Toronto & Montreal in a pre-network launch.  They plan on officially launching their new network in mid-May with one plan and 4 phones.  We've got full details below.


Public Mobile will launch with 4 basic cell phones, the cheapest starting at $70 and most expensive at $180.  

Public Mobile ZTE C78ZTE C78

  • Large screen
  • Bluetooth®
  • Camera
  • Speakerphone

Public Mobile Kyocera TomoKyocera Tomo

  • Flip design with large keypad
  • Bluetooth®
  • External screen
  • Speakerphone


Public Mobile Samsung R312Samsung R312

  • Flip design with external display screen
  • Bluetooth®
  • Camera
  • Voice dial and speakerphone


Public Mobile Kyocera G2GOKyocera G2GO

  • Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • Stereo Bluetooth®
  • Camera
  • Speakerphone
  • Memory card slot


The Plan

Public Mobile has launched with just one "unlimited" plan.   The plan includes:
  • Unlimited local calling     
  • Unlimited Canadian and U.S. text messaging    
  • Call waiting    
  • Call forwarding    
  • 3-way calling
They have also included unlimited Canadian long distance as a pre-network launch promotion.

Voicemail can be added for $5 per month while Unlimited Canadian and U.S. long distance can be added for $10 per month.


Public Mobile has launched with coverage for Toronto & Montreal.  Unfortunately they have not signed a roaming agreement with another Canadian cellular provider therefore users cannot use their phones outside of Toronto & Montreal. 

Public Mobile is working on building out their network that will run from Windsor all the way to Quebec City. 

Retail Locations

Public Mobile has launched with 15 stores in Toronto and 10 stores in Montreal.

We are currently working on building out all of our Public Mobile information throughout

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