Update: Google Nexus One Now Available for Rogers, Fido, Bell, TELUS, Virgin & WIND Mobile

March 16, 2010
Earlier today we reported that if you were a Rogers customer you could now purchase the Nexus One through Google.  Since then we've learned that Fido, TELUS, Bell, Virgin Mobile & WIND Mobile customers can also purchase it.  Find your cellular provider below for instructions on how you can get your Google Nexus One in Canada.

Google Nexus One Rogers, Fido, Bell, TELUS, Virgin, WIND

Rogers & Fido

We're guessing that Rogers reached an agreement with Google to promote the Nexus One as Rogers Wireless compatible on their web site.    Rogers & Fido customers pick:

Compatible with 3G on AT&T (U.S.) and Rogers Wireless (Canada)

TELUS, Bell & Virgin Mobile

Late this afternoon TELUS tweeted the following:

TELUS confirms, the Nexus One Phone will work on our 3G+ network with a TELUS sim card.

This means that you can purchase the "Rogers Wireless" compatible Nexus One and use it on the TELUS mobility network.  TELUS customers choose:

Compatible with 3G on AT&T (U.S.) and Rogers Wireless (Canada)

Bell & Virgin Mobile

Bell (who owns Virgin Mobile) operates on the same TELUS network therefore it is safe to assume that the Rogers Wireless compatible Nexus One will work on the TELUS network.  Bell & Virgin Mobile customers need to choose:

Compatible with 3G on AT&T (U.S.) and Rogers Wireless (Canada)

WIND Mobile

WIND Mobile customers are now in luck and can purchase the Google Nexus One for the WIND network.  You need to select the following Nexus One:

Compatible with 3G on T-Mobile (U.S.)

To purchase your Google Nexus One just visit www.google.com/phone/.

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