Rogers Launches RedBoard Web Site to Connect with Customers

March 2, 2010
Today Rogers launched their official blog where they plan on discussing news and ideas as well as industry issues and trends. The RedBoard web site is seen as a new way for Rogers to communicate with their customers along with their twitter accounts.

Rogers RedBoard

Keith McArthur, Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers, stated in their first post:
We’ve been finding our voice in these online conversations – joining in on discussion forums, leaving comments on blogs, answering your questions through the @RogersHelps Twitter account and telling you about the latest Rogers news through the @RogersBuzz account.

Today we’re excited to launch a new forum for these conversations. RedBoard will be a place where we can talk about our vision, explain our services and policies and geek out about the latest new technology. Our goal is to keep jargon to a minimum and to focus on providing useful information, interviews with decision makers and answers to your questions.

Only time will tell as to whether this new RedBoard web site will be a success. The first comments from Canadians have been a mixed bag. Gary from Toronto stated:
Is this new venue going to ignore me like the @RogersHelps does when I have a problem? You can set up all the social media channels you want but it doesn’t change the fact that the people on the phone can’t fix my problems with my service.

Sorry to be jaded.

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