Sony Ericsson Xperia arc

Also known as the Sony Ericsson LT15i/LT15a

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Canada: Rogers, Tbaytel


April 2011


  • 4.2" touchscreen
  • Android 2.3
  • Wi-Fi & GPS


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2 Stars out of 5

Should you buy this Xperia Arc?

Reviewed on Friday December 14, 2012 by , Abbotsford BC Canada
1. Certain apps that you download will not nor cannot be moved to the memory card. This really limits the amount of programs you can have on the phone. Apps that will not nor cannot move to SD Card are as maps, adobe flash, Google Play, Twitter, Gmail, Voice Search, My Account, Google Search, and Maps Street view. total 380 Mb...available for download 54 MB only. That sucks.
2. I have icons on my phone that I did not download but somehow they got there on their own...and when I delete them into trash can they keep coming back.
3. Lack of stability in operation. There have been many times that I look at the folders on the first page screen and they have moved somewhere onto the second or third and fourth bugs me..
4. why does every photo app have to have their own unique folder to hold the photos from each respective app? Also why is it that photos I have downloaded from Picasso or Facebook are impossible to delete, because delete option is not available for those photos.
5. Oh yeah....if you use your phone as an alarm....and you wake up in the morning to shut it had better be careful how you turn off the alarm....because if you touch any other button option...or move away from that alarm screen..if you touch the wrong button...and once you do you cannot return to turn off the alarm....the phone alarm will keep buzzing off its alarm until you power it down...very bad way to wake up in the morning. I may need help with this problem...but have had a number of crazy mornings with it. On a number of occasions it started playing music while inside my pocket...I could not turn off the stupid song...and on another occasion I could not turn the stupid music I left it inside the vehicle playing to punish it while I went in to church...came back two hours later and it was still playing....grrrrhhhh...
6. The phone is good for playing freecell.
4 Stars out of 5

I love my phone..

Reviewed on Tuesday August 7, 2012 by , Canada
I personally enjoy this phone very much.

~ Light, slim, fits into pocket easily
~ HD camera
~ Great keyboard
~ No lag
~ AMAZING speakers
~ Survives heavy water damage (I put it through the washing machine once, let it soak in some rice for an hour, still works fine!)

~ Pocket texting can happen easily
~ Confusing top display

I would definitely recommend this phone!
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday May 29, 2012 by , Canada
I got an arc last july, and this is my second phone.
Will go back to iphone. It freezes up, screen goes black during phone call so cannot end call, go to speaker or shut speaker off.
Very lagging in texting. Constantly have to shut off or take battery out.
2 Stars out of 5

Don't waste your money on this one!!!

Reviewed on Wednesday February 22, 2012 by , Toronto
Easily one of the worst Sony Ericsson phone I have ever used.The battery is nowhere close to the estimates provided in the specs, even in standby mode .I have turned the phone practically into a paper weight by turning every power consuming feature like blue tooth,wi-fi etc.,and yet the battery life has never lasted me more than a day. Secondly and even worse is that the phone has an extremely slow processor and you have to wait for eternity after pressing any function. Thirdly the phone freezes up for no apparent reasons and you have to take out the battery and restart the phone, which is extremely irritating if you are trying to make a phone call in a hurry. In short, if you are shopping around for a phone I would suggest you look elsewhere like maybe a Samsung or even the Iphone.