Sanyo SCP 2300


Canada: Bell


August 2005


  • Dual LCD screens
  • Built-in Speakerphone
  • 10-4 capable
  • Voice-Activated Dialing

Latest Reviews

4 Stars out of 5

Cheap, but strong!

Reviewed on Sunday July 17, 2011 by , Canada
This phone is pretty dated, but it is extremely durable! It has been dropped on concrete and in sand numerous times, yet has only a few minor scratches! Feature-wise, it is great for calling and texting (although if you send many many texts per day like I do, then I recommend a different phone with a full keyboard) and it also does web-browsing quite simply, but it is very slow so don't count on using Internet very often, merely just a perk.
Doesn't allow hook-up to a computer as far as I see, but not really necessary. You can pay for ring-tones online if you wish, and picture messages can be viewed online if received, but it has a very small screen so these are both difficult.

Overall, this is an old phone, but it is inexpensive and great at what it does. This is perfect for someone looking for a cheap, but durable phone that makes great calls.
5 Stars out of 5

Impossible to replace

Reviewed on Friday May 28, 2010 by , Ontario
This has been the best phone I could ever own. I don't want to give it up, but the battery isn't holding the charge very well any more and my antenna broke off on me. Otherwise the phone has been superb, and it's been amazing to have the free texting,& free web browser. I certainly wouldn't say this phone is for the younger crowd. It's great for any age, and at the age of 56 I still love it, and being able to text my 'kids' and grandkids at any time I want to. Is there anywhere I can get another phone of equal value that will stand up for as many years???? I like the flip phone part as well. My one daughter would still have her's if she hadn't dropped it in a puddle. My other never had the same phone...she's had 4 different ones in the time I've had my phone. GREAT PHONE.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday March 20, 2009 by , Hamilton On
I've had this little beast for 4 years.
Dropped it uncountable times. Even dropped it in water but managed to get it out instantly.
I only use the phone and text but that's why I bought it.
Easy, simple to use and tough as nails.
Unfortunately the battery is now dying and will only last about 10 minutes while talking.
Guess it's time for a new phone.
I will miss this tough little bas*#rd!
5 Stars out of 5

a beast phone, just a tank

Reviewed on Wednesday February 11, 2009 by , ..
i have had my phone for about 3 or 4 years and i have dropped it like a million times, threw it at walls (to see just how much it can take) dropped it in snow banks, played fetch with it with my dog..this phone is a BRICK, and its lasted me a while, easy to function, pretty cheap, just a little out of date... hahaa, but ya.. thumbs up to the dirty brick for toughin it out and provin to be useful