Samsung u440 Cleo

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November 2008


  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • MicroSD up to 8GB


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4 Stars out of 5

Love the Cleo!!

Reviewed on Friday August 13, 2010 by , Regina
I really loved the samsung cleo! i have had it for about a year and a half now. The only reason people are having problems is because they are dropping it all the time. Its a very cute phone also i always get compliments on it! i have had 5 phones and like this one the best!...all the features are awesome. i would absolutely recommend this cell phone to all girls looking into buying it! Best Cell i have every had! no doubt about it
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday April 5, 2010 by , Saskatoon, SK
i don`t know what all u guys are talking about , i have had my phone for almost a year now ,& its probably the best phone i`ve purchased yet . i don`t know what u guys do to ur phone , or what has happened to it , but the only reason they`re doing what they`re doing is because they`ve been smashed around , or fell into something - just like all phones .
I LOVE MY CLEO , it is the absolute best phone i could & will buy - it is thick - but it is very hard to smash or destroy . the txtting comes in conversations , so u don`t have a million txts all thrown around ur inbox , the screen is very big . this phone , is tha best !
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday December 7, 2009 by , Saskatoon
I am on my 4th phone and it is still a piece of crap! i have gotten it fixed way to many times and still nbot fixed! Do not waste your money!!!!!
1 Star out of 5

You'll regret it....

Reviewed on Wednesday November 4, 2009 by , Saskatoon, SK
This phone is very frustrating to use. All of the other reviews have defined the problems that I had with it. Also, it was very bulky and hard to keep in a pocket. I just ditched mine for a Samsung Reclaim that i love! It allows for use of the qwerty keybaord AND predictive text while the Cleo did not. Don't get sucked in by the pretty color and flowers like i did! :) Also, if there was a 'no star' button for my rating of this phone I would've chosen it...