Samsung Rugby 4 Reviews

Also known as the Samsung SM-B780W, Samsung SM-B780A

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The Samsung Rugby 4 has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 11 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

The only phone I'll use

Reviewed on Wednesday November 1, 2017 by , Texas
The phones in the rugby series are the only phones that are worth buying for someone who spends so many hours outdoors, in my opinion. Looking to replace the rugby 4 for a while. Thankfully the Mr Aberthon website has it. It is brand new. This phone is fantastic for people who are looking to drive tractors, get muddy, deal with animals and muck etc... Glad to see that there is still a market for people who like to get their hands dirty. Just saying.
5 Stars out of 5

Rugby 4 is a good phone

Reviewed on Tuesday November 29, 2016 by , Texas
Rugby I, II, and III were decent enough, but the 4 was a step up as it is 4G and has a larger menu. It takes all the abuse I give it on a working farm. I am not a big game player so didn't need that, but it can download a few that don't need a touchscreen. That's fine with me! It does everything I need. The only problem I had was with the services I was using, Consumer Cellular and AT&T, whom I was paying for data BUT NOT GETTING IT. Not the phone's fault. Now I am with a service that gives me the data!!!!
2 Stars out of 5

not a good phone

Reviewed on Saturday November 12, 2016 by , canada
Easy enough to use but has a mind of its own and each time it does something weird the learning curve to put it back to the way it was is steep. Would not get another one.
1 Star out of 5

Same problems as everyone else

Reviewed on Wednesday May 25, 2016 by , Chilliwack, BC
Speaker died within the first week, they sent it back to the factory and instead of fixing it, they sent me a new one. Makes me wonder whether the inherent speaker problems are design flaw. Now I've had this one for two months and the battery is good for about a day before it dies. My Rugby III would last a good week. Don't buy this piece of garbage, its not worth the headaches....
1 Star out of 5

Poor Functionality

Reviewed on Monday March 21, 2016 by , Guelph ON
I recently switched from the Samsung Convoy series which is the comparable Verizon phone. I had Convoys for over 6 years. No contest. This Rugby is painful to use compared to the Convoy. What can be done in one click on the Convoy requires 3, 4, or more clicks on the Rugby. Absolutely everything requires going through multiple menus. There are no hotkeys or shortcuts (i.e., that are actually short). The address book functionality is horrible. If I want to scroll to names that start with "S" I type in S and I get any name that has any S in it in any position. Texting is truly a pain. Phone sound quality is terrible and I have the same problem as others with being unable to hear the other end. I don't understand how Samsung can have produced both a lemon like this phone and the Convoy, which is sleek, lightweight and functional.
1 Star out of 5

Sound died

Reviewed on Monday March 14, 2016 by , philly
Been back to repairs 4 times had phone replaced once now sound in ear speaker will not work.
Out of warranty so I need to buy a new phone in 14 months

Worked super until this defect which seems to be common
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday February 18, 2016 by , Vancouver
This phone would have been OK 10 years ago but in 2016 its junk. Texting is painful, the phone is below average in quality, the camera is junk by today's standards. Why would Samsung produce something like this now? Don't be cheap get a real phone.
0 Stars out of 5

Rugby 4 is junk

Reviewed on Friday November 20, 2015 by , Billings MT
Do not get the Rugby 4 as I am on my 2nd one and it does not work properly. When I make or receive calls I can not hear anything about 80% of the time and have to put it on speaker to hear the other party. People tell me I sound like I am in a tunnel or under water and can not understand what I am saying so I am constantly repeating myself. When it needs charging and I plug it in immediately I get a message fully charged unplug charger but it is not fully charged. When it is fully charged it will shut its self off for no reason. This phone is junk and I find it interesting that many others are having the same problem I am having yet AT&T and Samsung both say they have had no other reports of this problem. Because I purchased the original phone over a year ago the warranty does not apply as it is from the date of the original purchase even though I have not had the replacement for a year. Not a happy camper Samsung said I could send it to them and they will let me know how much to fix. LOL I do not believe there is a fix as I think it is a design flaw and I will be going back to the AT&T store and having my Rugby 2 reactivated. I think I will send it back and see what they say it will take to fix it.
0 Stars out of 5

crap smells better

Reviewed on Wednesday July 29, 2015 by , los angeles
I had all the rugbys, I do not understand why they changed the address book, but I overcame the differences rugby 3 had some issues, but I believe
ATT lied yet again it is their faulty service. I now have a rugby 4 it has sound problems, when I fold the phone it does improve but not perfect. when the battery is half way and I plug in the charger it the phone tells me battery full. when I answer a second call the phone does not automatically put the first call like the 1,2,3 rugby's who screws with firmware
that has no problems and they deny all problems and ATT wants to send a refurbished phone but wont admit any problems
1 Star out of 5

The ear speaker pease is quiet

Reviewed on Saturday June 6, 2015 by , Littleton
I liked the ruggedness of the phone. But I am having a hard time hearing when someone is talking to me on this phone. Now we have to pay at AT&T restocking fee of $35. I hope Samsung can fix this problem in the future.
1 Star out of 5

Samsung Rugby 4

Reviewed on Tuesday May 5, 2015 by , Shreveport, LA
Had a Samsung Rugby 2 for years, it was a great phone. I liked the ruggedness of the phone and the lanyard hook. Got a new Samsung Rugby 4 yesterday morning at the AT&T store, but everyone I called said they could not or was having a hard time hearing me. Went back to the AT&T store and exchanged for a second one. It had the same problem. I found if I fold the phone half way and put the microphone right up to my lips it works fine, open the phone in the normal open position and I cannot be heard. I changed the background noise suppression setting on the phone but it made no difference. There must be a problem with the position of the microphone or its sensitivity. Other reviews on the web voice the same complaint. I hope Samsung can fix this in the future.