Samsung P207 Reviews

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The Samsung P207 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

Tough phone!

Reviewed on Monday April 13, 2009 by , Ontario
Ive had this phone for over three years now and I have not been easy on it. Its been dropped countless times, a few times so hard that the battery came off, its been thrown and its even been dropped in a puddle and it still works!
It doesnt hold its charge like it used to, but its pretty old now. The camera has stopped working but that was within the last few weeks and ever since it went swimming it won't stay turned off.... other than that, its as good as new!
Id have to say this is an awesome phone. Its tough, reliable and durable and not to big or bulky!
4 Stars out of 5

Works for what I need

Reviewed on Wednesday October 24, 2007 by , Mississauga, Ontario
I've had the phone for about 9 months now and I've got to say it works well. Pictures with the camera can be fuzzy if your hand shakes while taking pictures, but of decent quality compared to other phones that I've seen, (especially considering the low MP of this phone). The side button for activating the camera can be a bit annoying as I've had it take pictures of the inside of my pocket a few times
However I use it mostly as my work phone for outgoing and incoming calls. Battery life has been pretty good, I can go 3-5 days without recharging (obviously depending on how long I'm on the phone any given day). Reception and clarity has been good with the exception of when I'm deep in building through concrete and steel.
3 Stars out of 5

Snap Click Snap & dialing blues

Reviewed on Tuesday January 2, 2007 by , Calgary
I like this phone, it looks cool and is easy to carry. However the dialing keys are too small, even though I have small hands. Also a lot of times when I have the phone in my pocket the buttons on the side turn the camera on. I hate this part of the phone, I want to smash the phone into the wall. I wish I could dig out the buttons on the outer phone or disable the phone altogether.
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday September 7, 2006 by , calgary
so i jave had the phone for a little bit and i noticed one major thing wrok other then the random freezing and turning off and such problem is it will say there is an error sending a text message and then send it 4 or 5 time over a period of time. i don't know how to make that stop.
4 Stars out of 5

its an ok phone

Reviewed on Saturday March 11, 2006 by , Kamloops
I've had the phone since november, and have had quite a few problems with it. Including, blank display, clock losing time, SIM card errors, and not recieving text messages. I've tried to send it away, but the people at the Rogers store say they are common problems with this phone.
2 Stars out of 5

Not happy!

Reviewed on Monday February 6, 2006 by , Quebec
I have had this phone for about one week and have had many problems. First, it is impossible to download ringtunes from Rogers on the phone. The tunes get downloaded but they cannot be activated on the phone. Rogers is aware of the problem and say they will solve it soon!!! The battery does not last. I bought a Hands-Free made by Samsung and it does not work. When you push on the button to answer a call, nothing happens. I phoned Samsung many times, spoke to different people there and they are all living in some kind of twilight zone: they know of no problem (even though Rogers' agents told me they got in touch with them about the ringtunes), all their hands-free work fine (even though a salesman at a Rogers store told me that they returned all of them to Samsung because they did not work just like mine does not). The fact that it has no bluetooth capacity is also a big minus. Overall, I am not very happy with the phone.
1 Star out of 5

Short Life

Reviewed on Saturday January 7, 2006 by , Ottawa Ontario
I bought the phone and found the reception to be sketchy at times. 3 months after I purchased the phone it stopped working and I returned it for repair. Its been 6 weeks and I still have not recieved the phone back.

Disappointed with this one.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday December 22, 2005 by , montreal, qc
i love this phone.. been over 5 months i have it. theres one thing though... the battery doesnt last.
2 Stars out of 5

problems with reception

Reviewed on Monday August 22, 2005 by , montreal
i recently bought this phone and all the functions are great on it. i really like the design. Camera and video are decent BUT I really had trouble with the RECEPTION! i have 4 bars of connectivity at least at all times... yet i still get many pauses inbetween conversations. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem as well??? Well since a cell is used for talking and the reception on this one was horrible for me, i had to return the phone and go with the nokia flip phone. :(
4 Stars out of 5

excellent phone good looks

Reviewed on Wednesday August 10, 2005 by , Vancouver, B.C.
this phone is perfect...I've had it for not even a week and I'm so excited about it, the ring tunes etc are cool and the phone itself is a perfect size not too big not too heavy. The black with silver trim makes the phone look very appealing. However, the volume on the phone can vary and also sometimes the reception isn't perfect. Overall, I was very impressed with this phone.