Samsung A746

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May 2008


  • World Phone
  • Video Calling
  • Expandable Memory


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2 Stars out of 5

Samsung SGH-a746 Phone Review

Reviewed on Friday May 8, 2009 by , Hamilton Ontario
My old RAZR cr*pped out on me and Roger recommended the Samsung SGH-a746 phone as a replacement. I like the larger keypad button size as I have big hands and big fingers.

What I don't like is the "Voice - Incoming Call" ring tone that is factory set by Samsung. There is only one "bell ring" style and everything else is music tunes. Why do they (Manufacturers) think that everybody likes / wants music tunes ????? I'm not a 15 year old who is trying to impress my friends but I want a decent phone ring like my old RAZR (Contential Ring) style. The phone has the capability to download .mp3 sounds and music but YOU CAN NOT SET THEM AS A SOUND OPTION !!!!!! YOU CAN ONLY LISTEN TO THEM!!!!! What a croc of cr*p! I guess that this is the way they make more money from you is to get you to download their cr*p at a cost of $ 8.50 each. They can go ***** them selves !!!! Overall the phone isn't bad .... after all its just a phone.
I wouldn't want to use the phone to listen to music as you will run the battery down in no time flat. The replacement battery is $ 49.95.... another rip off !!!
1 Star out of 5

Wasn't too bad, until the microphone died

Reviewed on Saturday February 21, 2009 by , Canada
When I first got this phone I was pretty pleased with it. I thought there were a few things that were lacking that should be obvious. For example, I use my cellphone as my watch and I can't get the external display to light up unless I open it. My older samsung would light up to tell me the time if i hit a side button. There were quite a few minor annoyances like that, but none were deal breakers.

I really liked how this phone looks, but it doesn't offer much aside from that. The MP3 player software is annoying and I hate the asymmetrical headphones, they wont stay in my ear and the jack wont let me use anything else. The camera is VGA, grainy and useless. The fact that it pivots was kind of neat, but since the camera sucks they shouldn't have bothered. The battery life is poor and the 3G network seems to drain it in a day, even without much talking. I had my old samsung phone for 3 years before the battery suffered the same amount. I dont know why this phone got 4 stars...

Since the main thing that matters is call quality for me, this being a cellphone after all, I give this one star. It was ok for the first few months. Then the microphone started to give up randomly, so that when someone would call they couldnt hear me at all and complained that it sounded like I was in a wind tunnel or a vortex. I could hear them complaining, and saying "HELLLO?!" just fine, but there was more static. Now this happens more often than not and I'm going to have to take it for service. This is a software problem on Samsung's end because similar models have the same complaints and when you take out the battery and recycle the phone, it works again temporarily. Sometime putting it on speakerphone and back fixes it temporarily as well, but right now I cant use it at all without a headset. Garbage. I'm putting off fixing it because I'd rather smash it with a hammer and switch to motorola or something. The phone doesn't offer me anything to make it worth my time or effort.
4 Stars out of 5

To Jane, BC

Reviewed on Monday December 1, 2008 by , Winnipeg
To Jane, BC
Am still testing my samsung a746. So far I like the phone and as you feels nice in the hand etc. Give the phone to a teenager......... my daughter figured out how to mute the annoying sounds you speak of......without affecting the ring volume. She studied the booklet and quickly knew what to do.

Great phone
2 Stars out of 5

Ok, but...

Reviewed on Sunday September 14, 2008 by , BC
We bought two A746 phones for a Rogers family plan. Initially we liked the features and the way it felt in the hand, but neither of us could figure out how to turn the keypad tones down or off. The only options in the Sounds menu under Keypad were a beep or a Xylophone-type of noise, no mute! Both are extremely annoying, and inappropriate while texting. I called Samsung for help and was advised the only way to mute was to use the side rocker (volume) button, which also mutes your ringer. We exchanged for KRZR K1's. Much happier with that choice, in spite of the smallness of the keypad and screen.