Samsung A650 Reviews

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The Samsung A650 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 14 reviews.

3 Stars out of 5

Not that good

Reviewed on Tuesday July 17, 2007 by , Ontario
Reasonably happy with the phone except for a few things. I've never had the battery last any more than 8 hours because of being indoors and switching to analog. The battery does get hot when in use.

My wife's A650 has broken at the hinge... the spring is gone and if allowed, it come completely apart.

My A650 is cracked at the same spot on the hinge. My phone has been dropped a couple times but never on the hinge. My wife's has never been dropped. They are two years out of the box though, but short of the three year contract we have.

It would be nice to open it with one hand.
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday July 23, 2005 by , San Diego
I returned my new LG6190 (fastap) because the phone gets very hot after 5 minutes.
1 Star out of 5

Please look elsewhere

Reviewed on Sunday June 12, 2005 by , New York
Major reliability problems. Temperature. My first two of these failed for no apparent reason. Very difficult to open. With so many good cell phones on the market this is just a loss leader giveaway for major carriers.
4 Stars out of 5

Basic but rock solid

Reviewed on Friday January 7, 2005 by , Ottawa
I returned my new LG6190 (fastap) because I was not happy with sound quality, reception, the camera (only .3 megapixals) or even for that matter, the fastap feature... too many buttons.
I took the Samsung 650 only as a temporary solution until the LG535 hit the streets. However, it did not take long to realize that what features this phone does have all seem to function better then the LG6190... much better sound quality/volume and range. I was not able to get reception in my office at work with the 6190 but have no problem with the 650. Also people I talked to on the LG6190 realized immediatly that this phone sounded better on there end too. Although the 650 is not a feature pig, it is, in my opinion, an excellent basic phone, very solid and stylish looking, nice and small and it keeps my hands warm during our cold Canadian winters. If you are not into phones with a camera, MP3 players etc. this is an exceptional choice. I highly recommend this phone!!
4 Stars out of 5

Great little starter phone!

Reviewed on Thursday January 6, 2005 by , Toronto
I really love this phone. I love it's simplicity. It's getting pretty hard to own a camera phone these days with it being banned in certain places!

I also have the Samsung A-670 and the only thing I prefer on the 670 is the bright blue lighting on the keypad. Otherwise, the external display doesn't bother me in the least. I actually like having to flip my phone open and being pleasantly surprised/shocked at the caller and having the choice to answer/not.

I think the only thing that does bother me about the 650 is the fact that it warms up a bit after continuous use but it's nothing that will melt my cheeks off. So, it's ok.

One thing I would love to know - I've read it on this review and other websites - how can you set up voice-activated dialing? It's not available on the phone and unless someone knows a special code to make that work... I don't see how users can make this claim. If you have figured it out, please post it for us faithful users of this great little phone... did I mention mine is RED HOT?! Yes, I got the red version offered by Telus over the holidays and I get a great many compliments. Since I can't afford a red hot ferrari...I have a nifty little phone.

Good luck everyone and thanks for reading my review!
5 Stars out of 5

Phone is splendid

Reviewed on Thursday December 16, 2004 by , MTL, CA
This phone is absolutely great.

I used to have a LG 5250 for a few years, and it was kind of sensitive -antenna broke after a year- the menus were anything but intuitive, I would get good reception only if I was outside, but at least it was good-looking.
Now the Samsung... Wow. I love the design. You can tell right away that it's a sturdy, good construction, reliable, high-quality, all-around well-made phone.
The reception is potent pretty much anywhere, and in places where I couldn't use my old LG phone, I can make calls with crystal clarity. The LCD screen is very bright with vivid colors (compared to my girlfriends Sony-Ericsson), and the menus and display are easthetically pleasing.
My only beef(s) :
1) Doesn't come with that many wallpapers or ringtones.
2) Three days passed before I realised I had other choices of wallpapers - You really have to go up into a fifth level of sub-menus before you actually reach the wallpaper menu. Six sub-menus levels before you reach the ringtones choices.
That, and I noticed it gets hot kinda fast if you're talking or adventuring through the menus, but nothing that'll burn your face off...
All around fantastic. Probably only buy samsung cells in future - we'll see.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday December 7, 2004 by , Minneapolis
This is actually my first cellphone, but I can say it's very user friendly. The menus are easy to use and options are easy to change. The interface is very nice, and overall it's a very nice phone. They've made it really easy to add numbers, too.
5 Stars out of 5

Great Cell!

Reviewed on Monday November 22, 2004 by , Kingsville
This cell phone is awesome, I was reading the reviews and the guy says that you have to buy a new wallpaper, not true.. there are about 5 or 6 other wallpapers in there, you have to look for them but I have a different wallpaper. This cell hasn't heated up yet on me which is excellent, I would like an external display, and making it easier to open with 1 hand it would be better. I love this phone, very easy to find items and how to get to places.
1 Star out of 5

Good quality, tragic short comings

Reviewed on Tuesday November 16, 2004 by , NJ
The phone is well built, but its
lacks key feaures.

I have used nokis, Ericsons, and Motorolas.....
Compared to those Samsung's have always looked better built.
Aestetically,they look geat, and the software is top noch, in both features and usability.

Unfortunately, the 650, while continuing the quality tradition, lacks an external LCD, its impossible to open with one hand, and its temperature issues are really worrysome.

For me, just the fact that I cant just look at it to see who is calling is a killer. I thought that I could live with
out it, but combine that with the fact that you need both hands to open this thing and it becomes a nightmare.

Out of desperation, I got an Audiovox 8600, just because there was no other one left. What a surprise! Its ugly, and
the UI is a little to cumbersome. But I get speaker phone, even answering machine! I dont even need to look at the
phone to see who is calling, much better.

Good quality phone, but an external LCD is not a luxory and it renders the phone unusable in my opinion.

3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday November 14, 2004 by , c.a
The a650 looks ok and works ok only problem is it gets really hot when your using it and theres not much of choice when it comes to wallpaper and you cant get very good ringtones on it only polyphonic ones and those are kinda lame now,over all I have one and its o.k
4 Stars out of 5

Samsung a650, a solid phone.

Reviewed on Saturday November 6, 2004 by , Minneapolis, MN
Well, as of the time I got this phone, it was free during a Radio Shack $20 off event. That is to say, this model isn't cutting edge at the moment. It is, however, a good phone. The size is excellent. This is my first clamshell, and it was quite the kick to not know which pocket I had my phone in without patting myself down. Features are robust, if not extravagant. IMO the only downside -- as far as phones of this age go -- is the lack of external LCD.
3 Stars out of 5

Mixed feelings Hot/Cool

Reviewed on Wednesday October 6, 2004 by , Vancouver
Well, I've had this phone for about 10 hours.
Great reception and all in all good phone except a few things:
1. Hard to open (especially with one hand)
2. You can't set the time (i guess it gets that info when its connected to the network) Anyway, sometimes I like to have the time a minute or 2 ahead of actual time... not here. Also there is no 24 hour time option.
3. The default background is extremly annoying (a contantly opening and closing flower) -- costs money to change it, and its a crap shoot, cause you dont know what you've downloaded until its already been downloaded (and paid for ($1.00))
4. Some weird UI going on at times
5. This phone gets EXTREMLY hot after about 5 minutes of talking or programming. Like I'm estimating more than 40 degrees celcius on my cheek; thats hot and not comfortable.

For the last reason, I think I will go exchange it tomorrow for LG 5450. (Which I'll write another report on, who knows maybe that one is even worse)
4 Stars out of 5

Good Choice for basic phone

Reviewed on Sunday September 26, 2004 by , Ohio
I had plans to get a top-of-the-line phone with my new account. After carefully studying all the phones, I really couldn't see paying a hundred dollars or more just because a phone has a 1.2 megapixel camera in it. How many people would run out and buy a 1.2 megapixel camera these days? Not to mention, you have to pay extra every month to send the photos. I really needed a reliable and easy to use phone to TALK into. I couldn't decide so I just took the cheap option, Samsung A650 with intentions of returning it within my 15 day grace period. Funny thing....the phone is GREAT! Voice dialing is very easy to set up and use. The phone is solid, classy looking, and has lots of set up options. Receptions and clarity are remarkable. Lot of ringer options, lots of storage for numbers. A few caveats.... the battery drains quickly unless you dim the backlight and use the powersave settings, OK, you can live with it, not a problem, it is just not as bright, but perfectly readable. I have had mine a week and charged it three times now. The screen is impossible to see in sunlight or bright daylight, and I suspect is the same with other similar phones. Also, I have larger hands and opening the phone takes some practice. I kept shutting off the ringer at first by mistake, but no more, I am very used to it. For the cost vs benefit, this little phone makes a lot of sense!
5 Stars out of 5

good phone

Reviewed on Monday August 23, 2004 by , New York
the samsung a650 is a wonderful phone. it's highly complex (compared to my old kyocera 2135) yet do-able. even my dad can figure it out without my help. it's awesome!