Pantech 3200

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August 2006


  • 0.3 megapixel camera
  • MP3 Playback
  • Download ringtones, images and applications
  • Video capture, including sound with playback


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1 Star out of 5

Very Very Disappointed

Reviewed on Monday December 29, 2008 by , Vancouver British Columbia
I have had the Pantech PN-3200 since January 2007. First the good - Fits in my pocket. Now the bad. 1- The phone consumes battery power at a very high rate. The included manufactures battery, had worn out in the first 11 months (less than normal to normal usage). The warranty replacement battery has also worn out, The provider has no batteries on hand as replacement, (I am informed batteries are back ordered ETA unknown). 2- No USB cable is provided with the unit, and no flash card feature. Uploading photo's can only be done via emailing from the phone. (You pay for this). 3- The font in the contact list is so small and very difficult to read. This font issue may be a common cell phone woe, how ever the PN - 3200 contact list can only be read with reading glasses, glasses or contacts. I would not recommend the Pantech PN-3200 cell phone, and am most disappointed that I was steered to this product. I will know better for my next cell phone.
5 Stars out of 5

Pantech 3200

Reviewed on Tuesday August 26, 2008 by , Canada
I was actually very happy to have this as my first cellphone. Never had any problems with it, I've had it for two years and it is still in great condition. I've dropped this thing at least 30 times, in water twice, and it still works as if it is brand new. I got a new phone a while ago, but I really preferred my old one, and when the newer one broke I was not at all disappointed to have this one reactivated. I enjoy the speed of the camera, although the quality is not too amazing it is good for capturing moments when a higher quality digital camera is around. The camera can be turned on and used without actually opening the phone which is pretty sneaky, and my new phone was not able to do that. The ringer could be a bit louder but I have never really had any problems with not being able to hear it from inside my purse. It also has quite a bit of space, I have taken over a hundred photos, have a bunch of videos and ringtones and other random things on my phone and there is still space available for more. The battery life is also great, unlike the new phone I tried. I can call my friends, text occasionally and take some photos and I don't have to charge it for at least 4 - 6 days which is handy as I would most likely get lazy and not bring my phone around often if I was needing to charge it daily. I would recommend this as a great basic phone, the keys are very easy to use for dialing and texting, the phone is durable and reliable, and fairly slim, although the antenna is slightly annoying.. but overall I was very pleased with this phone.
4 Stars out of 5

Phone works well

Reviewed on Sunday March 18, 2007 by , Vancouver
I've had this phone for 6 months now and am pretty happy with it. It's a nice, sleek compact phone that covers all the basic functions of a cell phone well. I noticed it has an exceptionally strong signal, even when inside different types of buildings. Speakerphone works well, phone is easy to use. If you look up Pantech you will notice this is actually a very old cell phone company, they were the first company to come out with a camera phone and first company to come out with a 1.3MP camera phone. Their website shows a huge variety of sleek phones. I guess no one's really heard about them since they've only recently decided to start selling to the Canadian market.
4 Stars out of 5

Good Phone

Reviewed on Friday February 2, 2007 by , St. John's, Newfoundland
I just got his phone about 2 months ago and I have to say I'm quite happy with it. I've used a few phones in my day and even worked for a cell phone company, so I've seen many phone company blunders in the past, but this phone covers the basics of phone usage very well, the signal quality is great, the sound quality is just as good, and the battery life is exceptional. Despite the camera being only 0.3 megapixel, it serves the purpose just fine. Initially I was nervous about it having not heard of Pantech before, but so far I'm very happy with this particular phone.