Nokia 6585

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Canada: Bell


June 2004


  • CDMA2000® 1X technology
  • High-speed data transmission
  • Built-in browser
  • Integrated FM radio

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1 Star out of 5

Not the best

Reviewed on Wednesday June 8, 2005 by , Paris, Ont
The first phone i ever had was a clearnet Nokia....I am sooo sorry i ever gave it away, this phone sucks in comparison, bad reception, on/off button sticks and the thing shuts off whenever, by itself. Not recommended.
5 Stars out of 5

Best phone for the money

Reviewed on Friday December 3, 2004 by , Kitchener
My wife bought a SAMSUNG 660 that she really likes. I considered buying one for myself until I used her's.
I compared it's sound quality to my old QUALCOMM 2760 and the 660 failed. The 2760 sounds very close to a land-line while the 660 has a very tinney sound with a constant hiss. (I may be too critical)

On the advice of a Bell Mobility rep I purchased a NOKIA 6585 for myself and what a difference. There is no hiss and the sound quality is very acceptable, although not quite as good as the 2760

I called my daughter on each phone.

1. SAMSUNG - she knew it was from a cell phone.
2. NOKIA - she thought I was calling from a land-line.

If only the features and user frendliness of the SAMSUNG could be combined with the RF and sound quality of the NOKIA.
4 Stars out of 5

nokia 6585, enfin un petit Nokia chez Bell

Reviewed on Tuesday August 3, 2004 by , Quebec
Je me suis procurrer cet appareil il y a 2 semaines déja. Je le trouve tres bien sauf comme plusieurs disent, il n'y a pas de compteur de temps. Aux EU il y en a un mais ici Bell la enlevé volontairement, pourquoi je ne sais pas sauf que s'est environs mon 15e cellulaire et c'est la 1ere fois que je n'est pas de compteur. (bizzare)

Le 6585 fonctionne a merveille, bonne reception meme en analogue comme dans le coin de Havre Saint-Pierre. Les menus sont standard comme les autre Nokia d'il y a plusieurs années ce qui est bien selon moi.

La clarté et bien et je n'ais pas perdu d'appels jusqu'ici. Pour ce qui est de la pile s'est trop tot pour le dire. Ont verra dans un mois environ.

Donc selon moi pour un cellulaire trimode 1x il est excellent, petit comme les gsm, pas d'antenne.

Un seul défaut aussi les accessoires non standard au autre Nokia. Les bateries sont interchageable d'un nokia a un autre si elle fit sous le couvercle, ce qui n'est pas le cas de la batterie du 8390 de Rogers. Trop épaisse.

So far so good
4 Stars out of 5

Good phone

Reviewed on Thursday July 29, 2004 by , Windsor, ON
Just my review of Nokia's 6585,

GOOD Points

- So far reception has been very good, better than my Nokia 6185 also with Bell
- FM radio worked good the once that I tried it.
- No dropped calls.
- Good sound on my end.
- I work in automotive field so the background is always noisy and everyone I've talked to says they have no trouble hearing me.
- Voicedial works good even in the noisy plant environment.

BAD Points

- Call timers and life timer menus have been removed from the phone by Bell (never accurate but sometimes a decent ballpark figure)
- MMS has been disabled (From what I have seen this is common the world over though, non standard way Nokia handled it or something)
- PC Sync, they say to use version 5.22 of the software which I was able to make work AFTER using v6.2c and they do not compare at all, version 6.2c is way better and according to Nokia tech support the software of the future and should be compatible with the phone... but there are a couple bugs in conduit from the software to the phone that I have talked to Tech Support at Nokia and they are looking at it. I had no trouble getting IR communications to work with windows 2000.

I know it seems I have more bad points than good, but I tried to explain what I knew about them. I am very pleased with the phone so far and have another week to go in my 14 day trial.