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July 2003

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Good looks, bad phone

Reviewed on Monday November 17, 2003 by , North Vancouver
This is a great looking phone, and I chose a little too quickly based on the salesman's promo. By far the worst phone I have owned (of 7 previous phones), and I have since replaced it with a Samsung model.

Streamlined case can slip out of your hand when trying to open or hold in the open position. Can't easily be opened with 1 hand, so you must put down whatever you are doing and use both hands to answer the phone (drove me nuts). My previous Motorola and current Samsung flip phones open easily with 1 hand.
Ringer too quiet on loudest setting. Ok for an office, but not good outside or in a shop environment.
There is a button on the outside of the phone which changes ringer settings. So when the phone is in my pocket, the phone would often have the ringer change to "off", and I'd miss many calls until I figured out what happened. This happened every couple of days to me and also the other user of a V60 at my office.
Reception was very poor. This may be more the fault of Cantel rather than the phone, but I couldn't get any reception inside malls or even at my home in the center of North Vancouver. My new phone is Telus and works very well in my home.
The phone list took too many buttons to access, so I usually didn't bother and went off memory instead. My previous Motorola could pull up a number in a couple button presses.
I found about 25% of my calls went directly to voice mail, without the phone ringing. The other V60 user had the same problem.
Dust built up behind the display screen on both screens.
But hey, it looks really cool. It is now drawer jewelery.