Motorola V600

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Canada: Rogers


April 2004


  • Integrated Digital Camera
  • Quad-Band Technology
  • Bluetooth
  • Colour Screen


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4 Stars out of 5

Sweet Phone

Reviewed on Monday September 6, 2004 by , Calgary
I have used the V600 ever since it was released in Canada and have never been more pleased with the phone - looks great works great and tons of cool features(like the MP3 tones). Only downside would be front plate of phone is very, very prone to scratches. Best phone I have ever used.
4 Stars out of 5

Third Motorola Phone

Reviewed on Wednesday September 1, 2004 by , London, England
My last phone was the V50, and I upgraded here in London for 40 uk pounds (about 70 bucks), mainly because my battery on the old phone wasn't lasting much anymore. I therefore wasn't looking for a long list of features.

However, I've now managed to use it as a mini-PDA which syncs with my Mac, both phone numbers and calendar (although NOT via Bluetooth, which only transfers pics, midi, audio etc...) you have to get the USB cable (which also acts as a charger, saving me the cost of buying a second charger (I had two with my last phone, one for home and one for office))

The V50 was much much lighter, and actually felt flimsey, but lasted well enough, being plastic. I suspect it would also fair better in a drop from waist level than the new phone.

I haven't managed to get the Instant Messenging working yet. I can't seem to access any web URLs, it always comes up Requested Entity Too Large :-( No doubt I'll figure it out eventually.

Good to see how far things have moved on in two years.
3 Stars out of 5

The most overhyped phone in history

Reviewed on Wednesday August 4, 2004 by , Laval, Quebec
The Motorola V600... As a Rogers retailer, I can say that no phone has generated such interest from the public before its release. After tried it through and through, I can say now that yes, its impressive, good-looking, but so overpriced!

Allright, for the good part, the screen on this phone is the best I've ever seen (yes, even better than on a Samsung!). Its crystal-clear, even outside on a sunny day. The camera is nice, on the screen at least. When transfered on a computer, the pictures lose their appeal, they all look blurry, so don't buy this phone only for this feature. The quand-band is an intersting feature, now business people can travel all over the world and carry their phone number with them. The user interface is fun, the menus are clear and easy to navigate. Lastly, the metal finish and the lights around the Motorola logo are neat, but kinda useless...

Now, for the less-good parts. The user interface is slow, and I mean SLOW... Sometimes, when you want to change menus, it will even freeze for a couple of seconds, go on "No Service" for a few seconds and go back to the main menu. The Bluetooth feature is half-baked at best, you can use it mainly with a wireless handsfree or to download pictures to your computer, you can't use it as a wireless modem (like with the Sony Ericsson T616). Also, the cover is easy to scratch and it doesn't take long to get it all covered with fingerprints. And last, but not least, the reception on this model is less than stellar. As a matter of fact, my V300 has a lot better coverage, at least in the province of Quebec. The V600 is less powerfull in closed area, like basements or concrete buildings.

I was impressed with this model, like everyone, the first time I've tried it. But by looking deeper, I've found out that this model may be not the Second Coming like everyone seemed to think. If you take it as a prototype of what the new models from Motorola will look like, its a good sign. But I'll wait for a price drop...
3 Stars out of 5

Under Further Consideration....

Reviewed on Tuesday June 29, 2004 by , North York, Ontario
Hiya, I recently wrote a review on this phone and think it important to add something that has come to my attention about the phone that some of you need to be aware of.

This phone still is amazing with reception....

...but as I said, it is heavy. It also is _extremely_ scratch prone on all transparent surfaces. For those users like me who like to put in your pocket or be relaxed even a little rough with your phone, this phone is not for you.

The camera also often takes pictures that when you take them look good but when you go to save them, look as though someone had poured water on a fresh painting.

Still a good phone... but not worth the asking price.