Motorola V551


November 2004


  • Integrated Camera &
    Video recorder
  • Video Messaging
  • Picture Messaging
  • Bluetooth


Latest Reviews

1 Star out of 5

Continual white screen of death

Reviewed on Sunday August 6, 2006 by , Dallas, Tx
I first got a v551 almost 2 years ago and it worked well for a while. I didn't have the problem others have had of dropping calls, but after about 6 months I started having many problems (too long ago, I can't remember what). I got a warranty replacement and it was having problems too so I got another replacement and it seemed to work fine..... until after the rest of the 1-yr warranty ran out that is! Since then I have had the stupid thing lock up and reset (white screen of death). At first it was just now and then, but now I can just start to carefully pick it up, or start to close the flip top and it will do it. I have had it do this a dozen times in one minute! It seems to have a short inside, but I have never once dropped the phone, so it doesn't have that excuse. I absolutely HATE this phone!
2 Stars out of 5

Dropped Calls!!!! Do Not Get This Phone!

Reviewed on Thursday July 13, 2006 by , Toronto
Within the first year of use, this phone was pretty good. There were slight problems with reception at times, but it worked well otherwise. However, after the first year (incidentally, is also when the warranty is expired) the problems began. Horrible reception while a beat-up Nokia I got 4 years ago had perfect reception. I was even willing to tolerate this BUT for the dropped calls! No conversation can last for more than 7 minutes! It is the most annoying thing ever - especially embarrassing explaining to my boss why I keep getting disconnected or getting dropped right when finally reaching someone after being put on hold!
I am going back to Nokia!
4 Stars out of 5

I really like it so far!!

Reviewed on Tuesday July 4, 2006 by , Vancouver, Canada
Well, I had a Nokia 6103 from Rogers --- which I liked okay, except that the ring volume and talking volume sucked, and I really need a phone that I can Hear! The reception wasn't great either......
So, I decided to try the V551. So far so good. I can make the ringer very loud, or just medium, standby time is really good, I haven't had any dropped calls yet, the camera is great, there is a speakerphone option for use while driving, which is great. It doesn't play music, but that's what I have a walkman for. I recommend this phone for reliability and quality. The only "warning" I have is that I've had it for only a short time (still trying to stay under 30 minutes) - but I've tried all the options that I possibly can, and can't find any problems so far.
2 Stars out of 5

Issues With Phone

Reviewed on Monday June 19, 2006 by , Toronto Canada
I have had this phone for just over a year. I have had two serious problems which have resulted in the need for repair or replacement. The first was a software issue that caused the phone to die as if the battery was depleted. Then even after charging the phone it would not always power up. I was told that this problem could not be fixed and was given a new phone. Recently, I have been experiencing a problem where I can no longer hear through the earphone built into the phone. The only way I can now use this phone is through the use of an earpiece.

Unfortunately I am not planning on investigating the cause of the latest problem as I am fed up with this phone. I am eligible for a hardware upgrade from the wireless provider and will be switching to a new phone.