Motorola V400

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May 2004


  • Integrated digital camera
  • (4x zoom)
  • High-resolution colour screen
  • GPRS handset

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1 Star out of 5

What a piece of.....

Reviewed on Thursday December 21, 2006 by , Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Alright... I bought the phone and things were fine for like... a month or two... as i used the charger i noticed it was plastic... big problem it turns out... the stupid thing melts if you leave it charging too long... the warranty covered me for 6 months and now i'm stuck with a phone i have to hold the stupid charger in a very certain way and pray nothing disturbs it. So the charging thing.. i've heard from alot of other motorola phone users is quite a problem... they spend to much time on design and not enough on the basics... but the troubles didn't stop at the charger either... The antenna just ups and falls out one day... honestly.. i never knew the stupid thing came out... So now i have a piece of duct tape holding my antenna onto my phone. So even now it tends to come undone and i don't get as great of service. Now... picture messaging... although they claim it works.. i've yet to have it proven to me... i've tried every which way and sent it in and they say it works.. but i've had everyone try it.. and it just doesn't... so motorola tech support = absolutely unhelpful. Also compared with any other cell phone the end and call buttons are carefully placed.. on the WRONG sides... now.. come on... like really... that's a pretty good detail... Also i've had volume troubles and it tends to randomly go up and down on free will...

Save yourself some trouble.. DON'T buy this
2 Stars out of 5

Not too happy

Reviewed on Tuesday September 27, 2005 by , Wisconsin
I have had a Motorola V400 for a little over a year or so and it has dropped calls a lot, especially my sister's phone and my dad's phone has a severe volume problem. Mine on the other hand decided to go blank on me recently and the screen now doesn't load nor does the clock or anything on the outside display. It has been like that for 4 days now so I doubt that it will ever be fixed unless I send it to the manufacturer and pay like 100 bucks to repair it.
4 Stars out of 5

MATT from LA: get a watch man!

Reviewed on Thursday December 9, 2004 by , San Fran
The phone should be OK if anything like V300. I just got one for basically $50 (CAN). It is still pretty flimsy although feels solid. the plastic battery cover thickness should be measured in microns.

Matt from LA you're quite the joker!!

1) If you need to know what time it is my man, then look at a clock or get a watch. Even if you could see the time on the phone during a call, could you be looking there if you have the headset glued to your ear? (Ok, spkr or headset?)

2) If you spend hours on the phone it sounds like time isn't all that important to you after all.

get a watch dude, or a car, computer, wall clock (all show time)
2 Stars out of 5

Not so great

Reviewed on Sunday November 28, 2004 by , Toronto
I just bought it from fido, one of the guys recommended to me because I said I want a sturdy phone which I can use while I am working outside, but having used it for several days, it's signal is really bad compared to my other phone. I am gonna replace it with Simens M55.