Motorola Timeport 270c

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Canada: TELUS
US: Verizon Wireless


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  • Built-In Speakerphone
  • Wireless Web ready and Data Capable
  • Large, High Resolution, Graphic Display
  • Bluetooth Capability via Smart Module


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2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday August 28, 2003 by , Newmarket
I had used this phone for about 6 months and found that it dropped calls on a regular basis, 2-3 a day. The belt clip is poorly designed and wore out, and was no longer available from the carrier I use. I also found the 2.5 mil headphone jack had become intermittent, again disapointing for an expensive phone only 6 months old.

I contacted my carrier this week and replaced the phone with a less expensive model. The new model has yet to drop a call, so far so good.
The speaker phone was not good in a moving vehicle with any background noise, that is one reason I used a headset/mic combination.
The phone does have lots of features, but business is my main requirement and this unit fell far short of my needs and expectations.