Motorola RAZR2 V9m

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November 2007


  • GPS enabled
  • MP3 player
  • 2MP Camera

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4 Stars out of 5

Loved the design... but

Reviewed on Thursday June 4, 2009 by , Alberta
I loved this phone immedietly. But after a month or two it started overheating and restarting. I sent it in to get fixed and always got told that they replaced everything but nothing was wrong. Finally I sent it in about 2 months ago and recieved notice yesterday that my warranty had run out while shipping, and that to fix the phone, will cost $250+ an extra $40 service charge. To fix my phone as well as the crack would be a crazy $460 +$40, AND SIMPLY TO GET MY PHONE BACK, $40.I really loved this phone, it had great qualities. I would reccomend buying it but if you encounter problems, get rid of it immedietly!!
4 Stars out of 5

bonne achat

Reviewed on Sunday February 17, 2008 by , Montréal
Le v9m est un appareil de construction robuste, car il est en métal, bien qu'il est un peu lourd!

2e Pour ceux qui aime bien faire de la photos improviser il donne de de très bon résultat et son écran est de bonne qualité.

3e du fait que l'appareil vienne avec le logiciel phone tools 4 , il devient facile d'ajouté ces contacts et de gérer d'autre application.

en conclusion pour ceux qui veulent un cellulaire simple a utiliser je vous le recommande.