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April 2003

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1 Star out of 5

Not good Not good

Reviewed on Wednesday September 8, 2004 by , halifax
I have had this phone for a while now, and write from the get go it has not worked well, it drops call like it was ment too. It also tends to get stuck in certain modes and only pulling out the battery fixes it. When talking to people it is hard to make them out and they have a hard time to make you out. If I could I would Rate it -4 stars
3 Stars out of 5

better than the C333

Reviewed on Wednesday February 18, 2004 by , edmonton
My wife uses the C350. She has no complaints. Even though this phone works better than the C333 I would not take a chance on a Motorola phone again.
2 Stars out of 5

high on fun level, low on functionality

Reviewed on Tuesday November 18, 2003 by , London
Want a phone with colorful screen, with great games and enough space to put your whole computer hard drive on ?

This is it! the motorola c350 is your answer to all of the above

but, yes there is a but, if you want a phone to last on standby for more then 2 days, this is not it. this phone comes with great features of course, and functionality is sure great, but not when you cannot use it for more then 2 days without another 6 hour charge, which to me is ridiculous, as i had a nokia 8290 ( yes 8290, i went over to the states to buy it ) and the battery on it lasted a good 5-7 days in standby mode, and that was when i occasionaly talked on it and did my occasional number taking (pen and pad to pick up ladies phone numbers are so 90's !).

the c350 is great for showing off, like how it can change background colors, and wall papaer, and screen savers, but its not all that great when you cant change them to your own how is it low on functionality ? it doesn't, its just that when you keep on playing with the phone, the battery should die out in less then a day, which doesnt give you the option to play around with the phone, because if you do, the phone will last you maybe a good 12-20 hours ? play games and talk alot ? dont expect more then 5 hours of this phone, high capacity battery available ? dont think so, not even on ebay, faceplate ? ebay.... who wants to deal with ebay, half the time it gets lost in the mail, many people would want to go to their local mall and buy it there. so out of a 10 on fun level ? i rate this phone an 8.5, as for funcationality, i would rate this phone a 4, just because of the battery, if the battery capacity would be more then 2 days, then maybe i would rate it an 8 for functionality, but until i cna get a high capacity battery for this , i stick with my 4.

money for money this phone is great, just choose your phones carefully, sure you might save 50 dollars from a phone that looks similar, but look at the functions very carefully, because you WILL miss something and there has to be a reasonable explanation for that extra 50-150 dollars.

thats all for now folks, gotta wait till i give away this phone ( which should be soon ) and get another one to see another one of my excellent reviews
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Monday September 1, 2003 by , Ontario
Great phone. Good audio quality and reception. Easy to use. I would definitely reccomend this phone!!!!