Motorola C332 Reviews

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The Motorola C332 has an average user review score of 1 Star out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

C 332 - The C stands for crap

Reviewed on Monday March 8, 2004 by , Montreal
I've had nothing but trouble with this phone.
A few months after I bought it, the phone "couldn't remember it had been charged" and was always down. I called Motorola and I was told it was a common problem with the phone and to send it for repair. After spending two weeks with no phone I received my "repaired" phone only to find out 3 months later that the problem was back and even worst than the first time, runnning out of battery after 5 minutes of use. It would take too long to give you the full story but it ends with a phone that is completely dead (won't even turn on) and Motorola telling me that I've had the phone for more than one year and that it is no longer covered by the warranty (even though the initial problem sttarted after only 5 months and was never properly repaired!). Rather than spending 75$ to get this crap back to work I've opted to boycott Motorola and get a new phone. Save all the trouble and go for another.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday March 8, 2004 by , ontario
This one makes the C333 look good. Nice if you like NO Service all the time,... thats when the battery isint dead and you like to redial numbers all the time. ( i got big fingers and have to use a pencil)and did i mention the battery life , only phone that has to pluged in all the time to use weather the house or car (they called this wireless....Or USLESS ) and or course it's from ROGERS. I got mine as Ready for U . Boy I wasn't ready for this, sold mine to somebody to use on FIDO , they are happy with it LOL happy ,, with C332 or fido LOL. by the way cant use as a paper weight it's to lite ,all plastic. And you know what......Roger's is still selling this crap and it's mate C333.