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The LG 6190 has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 21 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

This phone is pretty good

Reviewed on Friday April 18, 2008 by , Ontario
This phone has had some pro and cons. Yes it does reboot sometimes after txt messaging and I personally am a pretty easy going person, so it doesnt bother me... on the other hand I love the colours and I also love how easy it is to text. Someone stole my first Lg 6190 and I love it so much I personally paid for a new one so I could have it again!
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday December 28, 2007 by , Toronto
I have a LG 6190 by far the best phone i ever had its now giving me problems with the screen ! i wish they still made this phone .. i now got the LG 8600 and dont like it .this will be my last phone with [service provider] after over 12 years as they will not exchange this 8600 lg
5 Stars out of 5

LG 6190

Reviewed on Wednesday October 31, 2007 by , North Bay, Ontario
I have had the LG 6190 for almost 2 years now. I do a LOT of texting as my husband is working in a different province, and my best friend lives in Southern Ontario. In an average day I send about 50 text messages, and unlike others, I have never encountered any issue with the phone powering off on its own. It does get noticably warm when talkign for extended periods of time, however, after owning the phone for so long, I have gotten used to it I guess - I hardley even notice anymore. My phone get charged once a day for about 4 hours while it's on - and that's it. I have not had to replace the battery and I have never had the phone die on me. I use the phone for business, so it does get used quite frequently (maybe 20 calls a day). I have encountered dropped calls, but only sporatically while travelling through country areas. This phone has been thrown across the room by my daughter, dropped in a toilet by my daughter, dropped on the ground at least a dozen times by me, and yet it lives! The batteyr is easy to pop back on and away you go. It has had its share of bump, scrapes, and drops, and only this past week has it seen real damage - the outer screen now has a crack in it. And now I am looking high and low to find a replacement LG 6190 with the fast-tap keypad. It seems almost impossible to find, and no other phone I look at even comes close to meetimg my expectations in look, functionality, and easy of use. I will continue to use this LG 6190 and I pray I can find another. It is an amazing phone and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who texts a lot and needs something sturdy and reliable. One drawback - the "Please Say a Command" button. I think it should be located on the tp of the phone not the side, that way you know where it is if you really need it, but it won't irritate you so much! All in all - A GREAT PHONE - Definitely worth it!
4 Stars out of 5

addicted to fast tap...

Reviewed on Tuesday September 4, 2007 by , Toronto
ok, so i've head this phone for a year and a half or so. The biggest problem with it (and two of my friends) is that the battery is garbage. my phone turns off spontaneously ALL the time!! it's really, really annoying and has caused me too many stressful situations. [service provider] told me to buy a new battery ($$$) but it was doing this almost since i got it... and conveniently got much worse just after the warranty expired.
that being said - i will probably still buy a new battery as fast tap is the only way to live. i cannot, nor will i go back to that t9 stuff. ever. other than the battery and that annoying "please say a command" button/voice, i love this phone. i wish they would make a new version of this phone that doesn't leak battery acid (black version)!
4 Stars out of 5

No problems here

Reviewed on Tuesday June 12, 2007 by , Ontario,.Canada
I've had the phone for close to 3 years with no problems but to replace the original battery (quite expensive for a battery) The Fast Tap is great and easy.The cams pretty crappy but what do you expect from a cell phone??? First phone I have had that pretty much get reception or at least minimul reception to place a call.This has been mentioned but they should move the voice command button to a different location, just too easy to hit while walking etc.I also think the side buttons should be lowered as I find it a little difficult to hold the phone comfortably.
All and all a fantastic phone. LG ALL THE WAY!!!
1 Star out of 5

it sucks

Reviewed on Tuesday May 29, 2007 by , calgary
it is horrible
my phone couldn't even call when i was in a basement.
there was no signal anywhere i went.
i was in the mall, and i called my friend in sears in the same mall, and my phone didnt work.
then i sent it in to get fixed, it came back and the signal was fine. Now the H key on the fast tap doesnt work, the volume key doesnt work, and when i talk into my phone no one can hear me.
it sucks try another one
i like the colour though
1 Star out of 5

LG 6190

Reviewed on Sunday April 29, 2007 by , Brooks,Alberta
Always reboots after 9 or 10 texts.
Button on side is always hit nd it says please say a command, its really annoying.
falls apart easily
Not recommended
expensive and sucks
3 Stars out of 5

Problems with Msn Mobile???

Reviewed on Tuesday January 23, 2007 by , Nova Scotia
Ive had the 6190 for a while now and recently set it up with my msn mobile messaging but when i get a message from an online contact there is no way to reply to it...it doesnt give a reply number or even the name of the person who sent it to me..so i spend half the time guessing who sent me the message and the other time booting up my computer to log onto msn manually to answer the question that was texted to me by the mystery person. i love the phones alpha buttons but its not worth all the hassle for anyone that wants to use mobile messaging. and if anyone knows if the mobile messaging problem can be fixed please let me know.
4 Stars out of 5

awesome phone

Reviewed on Tuesday December 26, 2006 by , Newestminster
I love the phone as well, my only problem is no usb cable to download from the computer!. Why do other basic phones have this option and not the fastap 6190. It does get a little hot
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday August 21, 2006 by , Vancouver
I have had this phone for over a year now, and still completely satisfied! I see my friends have nothing but problems with their new flat rasors and such and I just laugh. This phone has been everywhere, and dropped, scratched, covered in paint, thrown, and more! and still works as new!its completely durable for my lifestyle! put the batterie back in and good to go! Texting is also amazing and fast, use it all the time. only complaint... sometimes loses service in the oddest places, such as my room or friends living room, and yes it does get warm after a while talking on it.
I recomend this phone.
2 Stars out of 5

I've had it with the fast tap

Reviewed on Friday August 11, 2006 by , westbank bc
I've owned the fast tap for 2 years now and I've had nothing but problems with it and so has my sister. We have the exact same problems and live in 2 different parts of BC. I in Westbank and she in Vancouver.

We both do tons of txt msg and the stupid phones keep shutting off and it takes forever to re-boot. This happens all the time during txt msg or even in camera mode it will shut itself off and re-boot.

I've had enough of this, it's very time consuming and a big pain in the butt. And yes it does get hot, but I was told that this is normal because of all the extra hi tech stuff that goes into the newer phones nowadays.

The fast tap is awesome, but I'm going back to a ABC phone because its too frustrating when you are in the middle of texting and your phone shuts off by itself or if you are in camera mode and it shuts off by itself.

How the heck can 2 phones have the identical problems. It must mean you people don't do as much txt msg as me and my sister do cuz I'm sure you would have the same problems as well.

Anyways, enjoy your fast taps. I know I'm going to miss mine for the txt msg but it'll be worth it not to have my phone shutting off all the time by itself.

Take care, K
4 Stars out of 5

LG 6160

Reviewed on Friday June 23, 2006 by , Vancouver, B.C
I just got this phone recently and it is by far my favorite phone i have used, only problem I have with it is that it gets really warm.
5 Stars out of 5

nothing else like it

Reviewed on Thursday January 12, 2006 by , winnipeg
i LOVE this phone. i've had it for a year. and then on new years eve i lost it. so i had to get a new telus phone. i got that mp3 playing slide up lg and it was garbage. and txt messaging on that was horrible. so i returned it to get another fast tap.

and what other phone tells u who's calling .
its like having a secretary.
and taking ppls email addresses is SOO easy.

awesome phone.
4 Stars out of 5

LG 6190

Reviewed on Friday August 12, 2005 by , Richmond B.C
This phone is awesome!! plain and simple. I have dropped it kicked it across the dance floor. It it durable, and has some kiler features. Like the speakerphone, voice dialing, driving mode and so on. The camera is great for snapping pics qucikly with almost zero lag time. Even though the camera is only 0.3 megapixles the pictures are quite detailed and dont distort once uploaded.
This phone carries tons of rings, and games which is wicked. My last phone happened to be a Nokia which are easy phones to use, I must say the 6190 is just as easy. The colour screen is sharp and has a great look to it. and The Fasttap is a great tool, and really made doing text messages sooo much easier. In the 5 months Ive had it, I have had zero problems
Battery life is good, but the phone itself does heat up fast and the numbers get really hot to the touch.
Reception is another strong point to this phone, it picks it up a lot stronger than the Telus LG 5400 series and doesnt switch to analog a lot.
The driving mode is a great feature which enables the phone to announce in a computerized voice who is calling.
I totally recommend the phone.
4 Stars out of 5

Very Good Phone and More

Reviewed on Wednesday August 10, 2005 by , kamloops BC
I just upgraded to the LG 6190 from my old motorola 8100, I realy like the fast tap feature as I wanted to send and recieve emails. So far I am adjusting to the new phone with ease, the screen and icon features are great and very user friendly. With having large fingers I was a little worried about the key board but havn't had any trouble with either the fast tap feature or entering phone numbers. I was looking at purchasing a Blackberry or PC/Phone but found that the 6190 had all the features I was looking for and some extras like speaker phone (which I am looking forward to using in my car instead of waiting to answer calls on the road). The camera is good and easy to use as well, I wouldn`t expect more from a phone cam as it is just an added feature. So far it has been everything I expected and more affordible than a pocet pc/phone or a Blackberry.
Definatley a good investment.........
4 Stars out of 5

Very good phone, recommended

Reviewed on Thursday July 21, 2005 by , Montreal
I bought my LG "fast tap" phone about 6 months ago from Telus mobility in montreal, as usual my experience with telus went down without a hitch and i even got a discontinued rate plan with a little haggling. Anyways, the LG "fast tap" as they call it, with the whole alphabet on the keypad is a great phone. I dont text much, but just for entering info about phone #'s or little things it is a GREAT tool, i never found it got in the way of dialing or using the numbers. Reception is great, i always go further than my friends' phones. .3 MP Camera is fantastic, (waaaaay better than telus's top of the line Motorola 1.3 MP V710 camera...) It's good in the dark too, the flash for the camera is tiny but really bright. Menus are easy to use, screen is bright and crisp. All in all i would give this phone a 9/10. Nice finish too, has a "quality feel" ... The only thing that i would say i wasn't very happy with is the speakerphone is a little crackly on high volume, like you're trying to push through too much and its overloaded, other than that, great phone.
5 Stars out of 5

The LG6190 is the bestEST phone EVER!!

Reviewed on Friday June 24, 2005 by , Toronto,Canada
This phone is the best!Words can't describe it.The camera has such great quality compared to most phones,the screen is large(which is good),the fastap feature is great!The reception and the photo holding memory could be improved but other than that its great!It can hold so many ringtones and the battery life is so good!The speakers can be improved as well but its still good.The internet is so cheap two!!The fast-tap feature is wonderful i find it so much easier to text and everyone who says this phone sticks,sucks!This phone is FABULOUS get it get it get it,its great!
2 Stars out of 5

Lots of features but they need to work better!!

Reviewed on Thursday January 20, 2005 by , Ottawa
I recently returned my LG6190 after 4 weeks because it failed to impress me. Sound quality and volume, reception, camera, fastap feature, voice command, voice memo recording etc. all failed to work to my satisfaction.
First the sound: I found it hollow/distant and so did most people on the other end. I also found that the volume did not go nearly loud enough on either the speaker phone or ear piece. I found myself constantly asking people to speak up.
Reception: Moderate at best...allot more dead zones then my old Motorola I90 or my new Samsung 650.
Camera: gimmic quality at best. A 0.3 megapixel camera is clearly not capable of producing the image quality I expect. If you want a camera phone make sure it is at least a 1.3 megapixel if you expect even moderate image quality.
Fastap feature: I guess I am just old school but I am not all that impressed with the fastap feature either. Don't get me wrong it is a good idea and works well too but it requires your full attention. Whereas with a conventional key pad (once you have memorized the letter positions)you can imput with only the occasional glance... better for multitasking. Try to memorize all 26 letter key positions on the fastap.
Voice command features: They actually work quite well but are too involved to access.
Voice Memo feature: This feature can not be accessed while on the phone so keep a pen handy.
In closing the LG6190 is a pretty phone with most of the features people are looking for these days but how well these features work is questionable.
4 Stars out of 5

Lg 6190

Reviewed on Thursday January 6, 2005 by , vancouver, bc
Great phone. I am still getting used to the new features, after spending 4 years with a sanyo. I like the fast tap feature. Good display, good sound, good reception.
Camera features are decent.
What i did notice it heats up really quickly and i can't stand it. Uses a lot of battery power, gotta keep recharging.
It's java enabled so that might come in handy down the road, all in all i would give it a 4 out of 5.
4 Stars out of 5

LG 6190 vs. LG 5450

Reviewed on Monday December 6, 2004 by , Toronto
I had upgraded from the LG 5450 to the LG 6190, but reluctantly went back to the 5450 for reasons that might not matter to other users. For instance, you cannot disable the clock on the internal LCD, so it is always in the middle of your wallpaper. The numbers aren't exactly tiny either. On the 5450, the time and date were at the bottom of the screen where they were hardly noticeable (though it would be nice to be able to turn this off as well). Similarly, using voice dial to simply call someone now requires three commands instead of one. First you have to say "Contacts", then the Contact Name, and then "Yes" or "No" to verify that it is correct. With the 5450, all you had to do is say the Contact Name and if the phone interpreted this correctly it would automatically make the call. If it didn't it would simply ask you to repeat the name. I found this much less "clugy" than the 6190, though the 6190 has a very rich menu of voice menu commands(e.g., "redial", "voicemail"). You can even dial digits by voice. Also, the 6190 has a true two-way speakerphone and a camera flash, which are the two features I'll probably miss most. For text messagers, which I can't really count myself as, the Fastap seemed to work well and was a lot better than "abc" mode. I can't compare it to T9 since I've never tried this. I found the camera zoom to be fairly useless, though the flash does work if the subject is close and the external lighting conditions are decent. Looks-wise, the 6190 is quite attractive with a mirror-like finish surrounding the internal LCD and sleek, rounded appearance. The 6190 features a separate Li-on battery and cover rather than an integrated battery/cover like the 5450 and some other clams. I liked the idea of a separate battery, but the cover seemed a bit fragile. I had no problems with it however. The smaller number buttons (due to the inclusion of the Fastap keys) took a little while to get used to and even though the Fastap programming helps to minimize typing errors, there were times when I got a letter rather than a number and my fingers are not that large. RF was comparable to my 5450, which is to say that it ranged from average to good. Sound quality was decent, though a couple of people commented that I sounded "distant" at times. This seemed to be sporadic, so time will tell whether this is a common problem. Unlike the 5450, where the camera lens is awkwardly positioned just underneath the hinge, the 6190 camera lens is located on the front cover, which I think is an improvement. It looks like LG decided to copy other clam makers on this. The one-touch camera button on the 6190 also makes it a bit easier to take pictures. In the end, I decided to go back to the 5450 because I don't do a lot of text messaging, because you can't turn off the clock on the internal LCD, because using voice dial to call someone required less commands, and last but not least because it cost one-third less. However, if text messaging and/or a two-way speakerphone are important to you, I think you will be happy with the 6190.
5 Stars out of 5

LG 6190 rocks

Reviewed on Sunday December 5, 2004 by , Western Canada
I just got my LG 6190, I love it. I am using LG 4600 and there are a few improved features. Just prior to my LG 6190, I bought the Motorola V730 (the latest from Telus), I find the camera performance is extremely poor in indoor lighting condition plus a few really annoying procedures to get to features, example - speakerphone. I hated it so much and exchange for the LG 6190. Although the picture resolution is not as good as the Motorola V730, it is as good as the normal resolution of the V730. Not to mention LG 6190 is half the price. I like my LG 4600 and I love this LG 6190 even more. Go for it.. it is a great phone - quality sound, so user friendly, especially the fastap... it is so cool. One draw back, the look of it.. you have to get use to the funky keypad.