HTC Raider

Also known as the HTC Raider LTE, HTC Raider 4G LTE, HTC Holiday, HTC Vivid

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Canada: Bell, Latitude Wireless, NorthernTel, Rogers, Tbaytel


November 2011


  • Android 2.3 OS with HTC Sense 3.0
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core processor
  • 8.0 MP camera with full 1080p HD video capture
  • 4.5" qHD touchscreen with 540 x 960 pixel resolution
  • 16 GB internal memory


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HTC Raider

Reviewed on Wednesday February 6, 2013 by , calgary, ab
When I was looking for a cellphone i was going to buy teh Samsung Galaxy S3 at the time. but the salesman convinced me that this one was better because it had a better LTE coverage. And boy have i regretted that decision for the following reasons:

1) I had to pay $50 bucks. Galaxy was free.

2) its buggy, It crashes all the time. A lof of times by itself. (i would just hear the phone rebooting from my pocket)

3) Wi-Fi is buggy. I have to restarte the application/phone sometimes just to continue browising the internet. and of course while i do that the Data-network kicks in downloading whatever it is i was trying to view. effectively defeating the purpose of usign wi-fi.

3) its typing is slow and cluncky. im no fan of the iphone but its not user friendly at all. sometimes if you click outside of the keyboard area it will kick you out of it and browse to the first message you have saved of whoever your writing to. leaving you with 1 of 2 choices. A) exit and go back to it as a draft, or B) scroll down your saved messages, all the way to the message you are writing. hopefully you set it up for ie: 50 messages because otherwise you will be scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of all messages... you get my point.

4) deleting apps is haard as f$%^. you have to go into applications then go to delete applications then you have to look for the application. sometimes this wont delete your application. confused? you can imagine my frustration.

5) cannot delete apps that come with the phone, ie: twitter. you have to hardwire it to the computer and delete from there. do you have time for that? neither do i.

6) battery doesnt last (very big and bright screen - could be a plus)

all in all annoying to navigate and operate. VERY buggy. save your money and go get yourself a Samsung Galaxy
4 Stars out of 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Sunday January 15, 2012 by , quebec
Call quality is awesome. Thx to the large, if not largest speaker. Music sounds surprisingly full and detailed (just ditched my 1pod, never thouht i'd find something better). Bettery life is ok(like all smartphone). If you listen to music and download a lot, don't expect it to last more than 36 hours(if you know anything about smartphone that won't surprise you). Coolest interface around(tie with Sony), but sony's phone are not yet as powerfull, computer wise, but they apparently fixed that with their 2012 models. No android 4.0 upgrade date yet so 4 stars