BlackBerry Storm2 9550

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Canada: Bell


March 2010


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4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday May 17, 2010 by , Moncton,NB
Having owned the original storm and enjoying the experience, I still have to say the storm2 is night and day difference.

The storm2 is better in almost every way, faster, smoother, and easier to use overall.

Pros: Responsive touch screen, great phone for messaging if you can get used to the keyboard, beautiful large screen for web, pictures or videos. In comparison with the old storm it has an immediate upgrade with touchable home screen menus. Such as touching the time brings up your clock app. Touching your signal strength brings up your connection manager. Great phone for Reception and call quality(Not high usage).

Cons: Not a lot of fun useful apps without paying. Blackberry browser stock(But lots of upgrades available).

Compared with the the old storm the buttons are part of the screen and that was not an improvement in my eyes, they are harder to press and make the keyboard more awkward.

Overall awesome phone 4.5/5 and the perfect blackberry for messaging and multimedia.