BlackBerry Curve 8350i

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Canada: MiKe
US: Sprint


December 2008


  • Push To Talk
  • Integrated GPS
  • WiFi capability


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2 Stars out of 5

It CAN'T text.....

Reviewed on Tuesday May 26, 2009 by , Edmonton
Even though Telus continues to advertise that it can it cannot! You cannot send texts direct from the phone, you have to go into telus browser to do so....but it gets better, when you receive a text you cannot tell who it is from! Yup, you get a text with no way of knowing who sent it to you and you get to pay for it!!!!
1 Star out of 5

two thumbs down

Reviewed on Wednesday February 25, 2009 by , Ottawa
If you are a Mike user now and think this is the answer to expanding your use of a device go check one out. Yes it can text, it can WiFI it can do many things that the basic MIKE phone can't do but it is very combersome as a MIKE phone. To begin the manual hard copy, cd and on line SUCK! Very little information for first timers. If I had to spend my own money for this I wouldn't be pleased. Switching to private for a MIKE user is essential but this is a two hand operation and only when it is being engaged as a MIKE. (not when idle to prevent loud mouths from saying "hey Joe are you there?" interupting a a sales call ) How about a one finger single push button that we are used to when you know the person on the other end is going to blurt out something you do not want the customer to hear.
Memory, just lost my complete contact list because I was on vacation and the power was off ergo no charging for a few days.
I am sure I'll find more things that are irritating about this expensive hardware on my hip but as a MIKE user it is lacking in ease of use.