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0 Stars out of 5

Terrible phone

Reviewed on Thursday December 15, 2016 by , Bellingham wa
I had to replace my kyocera jax 1360, an excellent phone, because batteries are no longer available. This is easily the worst phone I have ever had. Instead of using the ring and button type switch for the navigate/select they use a solid button 5 way switch. This is an awful idea for a phone which accesses everything except making and receiving phone calls via this function. No matter how careful I am it makes the wrong selection over half the time. Then when you do get where you are going every single thing is overly abreviated. Example: the alarm before event on the calendar should be infinitely programmable, it has 3 presets, everything on this phone is like that. The icing on the cake is that the OS for this phone gets confused very easily and will just make wrong selections on its own and it is prone to rebooting frequently and for no visible reason. Buy something else, this phone is a miserable piece of crap