Bell Connected Car Add-ons - Ontario

Connected Car

$10 or $15 per month + one-time hardware cost

Discover what Bell Connected Car can do for you and your family.

Family safety
  • Location tracking - Know where your car is at all times.
  • Geo-fencing - Receive an alert if your car leaves a designated area.
  • Trip tracking - Track all your trips.
Vehicle safety
  • Do not disturb mode - Reduce distracted driving by silencing your phone.
  • Driving notifications - See driving patterns such as speeding and braking.
  • Engine diagnostics - Get notified if something is wrong with your car.
  • Fuel level - Check the fuel level of your car.
On-the-go connectivity
  • Wi-Fi hotspot - Connect up to five devices with an in-car hotspot on Canada’s best national network.
  • $0 hardware cost on a 2-year term or $199 with no term.
  • And $15 per month on a 2-year term, or $10 per month with no term. Add it to your existing Share plan, using the data from your plan
Most cars that are model year 1996 or newer have an OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics version 2) port that the device plugs into.
A $25 one-time connection charge applies on your first bill. 

The above Add-ons are available in Ontario from Bell.

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