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1 Star

Koodo TAB when cancelling

Reviewed on Thursday November 6, 2014 by , Onterio
Well I was a Koodo customer for over 3 years, and decided to change providers due to Koodo not being able to provide service to my new quad band unlocked cell phone(They were able to do so for my older model).Well guess what I had 68$ in tab balance and when I called to ask if I could use it towards my last bill they said it's points that can only be used toward a new cell phone WHAT!!! I said and if you have 150$(Max tab you end up loosing that mush). Your paying for point, you will never see your money again.So overall overpaying for customer service that's not there to help you unless your runing and calling around and spending your time to get help.So overall Positive TAB balance = Cancellation fee to me.

Well that said there coverage is good across Canada but not worth the money spent as I was paying around 63$ for Canada wide plan.An now paying around 45$ no TAB no Contract and my new phone has great reception.

Hope that helps you make your choice.
Thanks for reading!
1 Star

I needed help and didnt get any

Reviewed on Saturday November 1, 2014 by , Canada
I have been with Koodo for years, but they are TERRIBLE with customer service. I keep getting redirected to the community answers. I want an expert to answer my questions. not random people who aren't in the cell phone business. Even when I went to a kiosk no one knew what to do.
If I wanted to ask random people how to do something, i'd look to google. I want a professional.
They have good customer satisfaction, until you need something done. I can never speak to someone from the company if I go online. I will be switching providers soon because I've had such bad service.
4 Stars

Good customer service

Reviewed on Wednesday October 15, 2014 by , Canada
I just want to say that Koodo is kind and considerate of their customers. I made some mistakes that cost me some money on my phone and they graciously gave it back. A

Appreciative customer,

1 Star

my bad name for Koodo's bad service

Reviewed on Wednesday October 15, 2014 by , Toronto
I decided it was time for a new phone, but Koodo did not carry what I wanted. So the rep at Future Shop helped me move to another provider.

Upon cancelation of Koodo, I received a bill for my final month of service. I tried to call in to pay, but because my # had moved providers, the automated attendant was unable to direct me and I was cut off.

I soon after got a letter advising me the final bill had not been paid. But there was no number to call or no account # to quote. I managed to find a # to call on line, but after 18 minutes and 32 seconds on hold again with the automated attendant I was disconnected.

Today I come home to a letter from a collection agency. I paid this right away, but again called Koodo to complain that being put to a collection agency tarnishes my name and credit rating. After HALF AN HOUR on the line with a customer service person and being on hold while she tried to find someone to take my complaint. (mostly on hold) I finally got a manager who told me that I obviously did not try hard enough to pay the bill and managing my bills is my responsibility, despite the fact that I tried to reach Koodo a few times and just got the run around and disconnections.

So for Koodo's poor internal systems, my credit gets a black mark.

Don't waste your time with such a half assed company like Koodo. Look to those who actually have their own towers and the infrastructure to support their customers instead of those who have to borrow lines from the real companies
1 Star

Worst Customer Service Ever

Reviewed on Friday October 3, 2014 by , Calgary
Today I got to spend my entire morning on the phone with 2 arrogant customer service employees(one in management). I called to discuss excess charges on my invoice versus self-serve(something koodo brags about) and was told that self-serve isn't valid and that the invoice was more accurate. Throughout the entire conversation, both representatives were rude and not helpful. The first man I talked to just repeated the same thing and when I asked to talk to management left me on hold for 1/2 hour. Totally unimpressed with this company! will be looking for other cell providers in the near future
1 Star


Reviewed on Thursday September 25, 2014 by , mississauga
expensive service
no help what so ever with the customer service.
even when i tried to pay my old bill there was no help.
i left the company with a remaining balance, i tried to pay it off at one of the centers they told me i can't since im no longer with the company and i have to do it over the phone, i tried to reach them by phone, no one answered.
frustrating! worst company in canada!
1 Star


Reviewed on Friday August 15, 2014 by , Victoria BC
I would like to give them a 0 star. I used to be with Koodo from 2008 to Sept 2010. After I cancelled the service and switched to Wind Mobile, Koodo continued to bill me for another few weeks or a month without notify me properly by mail.

And recently I found out, they have been sending junk emails to my old email account and the mails stated that I owed them like $23. However the junk mails are usually deleted automatically.

Until June 2014 I found out and I decided to call Koodo to find out what was going on. They agreed to credit me back the same amount of money which I DID NOT owe , so my account balance is 0.
Yesterday, I discovered that they have already sabotaged my personal credit via Credit Bureau. I spent over 3 hours trying to contact them, most of the time I was put on hold and wait. The problem is still unsolved.
1 Star

rating text from Koodo

Reviewed on Sunday July 20, 2014 by , British Columbia
I was spontaneously text from Koodo asking yes or no, would I recommend Koodo. I said 'no', paid for long distance on a trip & phone/service didn't work. Calling was scrambled - thought I broke my phone (returned to Canada, cell worked). I was called about rating I told by a sounding irritated representative that I should have chosen a better connection. I said I wasn't given a selection. He then said it is something I needed to search under settings. My response, there was no warning or notice of potential difficulty when I paid for this service on line (or suggestions how to seek a better connection); I thought the cell phone was somehow damaged. I suggested this information be added to the website which was ignored. The rep started to argue the point & I was done. I recapped the point of the call (FROM Koodo), adding he/Koodo is now blaming me the customer for Koodo's obvious waste of money US service package so it's clear I'm an even less satisfied customer. Now, thanks to a call from an arrogant Koodo rep, once the "tab" is paid off in a few months, I'll be renewing elsewhere. God forbid there was an apology for a failed add-on service.
1 Star

Terrible Customer Service

Reviewed on Friday July 11, 2014 by , Vancouver
I had Koodo as the operator for my cell-phone and every month I used to received some charges on my bill that did not make sense at all. After hours of arguing with their customer service, they accepted that those charges were wrong and reimbursed the money. Then I switched from koodo to another operator due to all of these problems. And I dont know why but there is a charge on my credit card again from koodo and this time they do not accept it. I hate koodo
1 Star

Terrible Service

Reviewed on Friday July 4, 2014 by , Vancouver
As a long time Koodo customer I would have expected a small amount of customer service today when I called. No surprise, horrible customer service. Will be looking for a new provider. You suck koodo!
1 Star

Extremely Poor Service

Reviewed on Thursday June 26, 2014 by , Fredericton, NB
Lost my phone and deactivated as Koodo website suggested. Found phone. Called to reactivate. The rep that I spoke with laughed and talked with someone else while talking to me but assured he had renewed my service with the same package. Nothing. Tried to contact them online but was told my account #, (Same one on my bill, was invalid. Telephone contact next to impossible. Still no service. One star is way too much.
5 Stars

No Cell Network

Reviewed on Tuesday June 17, 2014 by , Penn Center St.Catharines
My Nexus 4 could not connect to a cell network. I ended up going to the kiosk at the Penn Center. The Koodo rep. John Carlo was extremely nice and knew what to do but the phone was toast and had to be sent in. Only 10 months since purchased it will be repaired free. I called Koodo by phone and they were also nice and knocked off a large chunk of tab for my inconvenience and they were also nice (Sara). I will do business with Koodo again for sure.
1 Star

Terrible Customer Service

Reviewed on Monday June 16, 2014 by , Canada
Went in to tell the Koodo guy at the Halifax Shopping Center (Andrew M) that I lost my sim card and was wondering if he could give me a deal on a new one. He said they cost ten dollars and he couldn't give it to me for less. I then told him that I was thinking about leaving Koodo if they couldn't help me out. He laughed in my face and said "Well, if it means that much to you then you can leave". I will not be with Koodo any longer. Their customer service absolutely sucks. Especially after the guy in the booth across the mall said he could give me a SIM card for a penny (I asked before I talked to Koodo).
2 Stars

Customer Service non existent

Reviewed on Tuesday June 3, 2014 by , Toronto
I have been a happy Koodo customer for about 2 years now. I really loved that you didn't have to sign a contract, and their prices were really great compared to the competition.

However, I was recently removed from the data saver plan I was on with no notice. I only found out because I suddenly was paying $25 for 500mb. I went to a Koodo store to discuss it, and they of course had no information about why this might have happened. I decided to switch to a plan that included the data I wanted, but they informed me they couldn't make that change, I had to go online to do it. Why are they even there if they can't help people who are already their customers?

So in summary... I was removed from my plan without notice, the stores are useless

If I had an iPhone 5 I would be switching to Wind.
5 Stars

koodo has good service

Reviewed on Monday June 2, 2014 by , Trenton, ontario
I've had koodo service for 3 years. The coverage keeps getting better. I travel coast to coast in canada and the only poor coverage I've noticed is between Nippon ont and Hearst ont. Phone reps have been helpfully and any problems were resolved quickly. I've had bell cell in the past and always ended up with a high bill. I pay for 2 koodo phones and my bill is under $200. My only complaint is I want more data and a better U.S plan for occasional trips. 4 1/2 stars.
1 Star

Dumbest and Ridiculous customer service

Reviewed on Saturday May 17, 2014 by , Toronto
They customer service employees are so dumb they don't have information about their own company rules. Each person you will talk to will tell you different things. Out of 58 minutes they only talked for 3 minutes. Never trust them because they back out from their own words even if there calls are recorded. Supervisors are rude and just snap at you and if you ask them about there standards of customer service there are answer was its not customer service issue. like seriously?
1 Star

WARNING: Koodo, Nexus 5, VISA

Reviewed on Thursday February 6, 2014 by , Canada
Opposite of praise:
This is a warning for consumers considering Koodo for mobile cell phone service. Koodo does not provide warranty / exchange / support for defective cell phones. Further, if a consumer provides credit card information to a company (think pre-authorized payments) they can FORCE charges onto the card even if you cancel payments.

My situation: purchased Nexus 5 Google phone (LG made it, Google puts their name on it and Koodo sells it). Phone broke 4 days after owning it while in my pocket and in the protective case provided by Koodo. Went to return / exchange the phone. Told the physical damage was not covered and that I could try to get the phone warrantied by LG. Was very disappointed with the customer service from Koodo and decided to cancel my account. Canceled my account and stopped the pre-authorized payments for my credit card. My reasoning was that I wanted to get the warranty issue sorted with LG before I paid Koodo. Koodo was able to FORCE the remaining balance on the tab onto my credit card.

As a consumer I feel cheated by Koodo. I hope this story helps future consumers avoid situations like this.

- be careful giving credit card information to companies
- make sure you are buying high quality phone that is built well and robust (research!)
- realize that Koodo does not provide support for poor quality products that they sell
5 Stars


Reviewed on Monday January 27, 2014 by , Port Moody BC
Koodo is the best deal I could find... Great customer care and with the pre-paid your minutes and data dont expire! I got the pay as you go and this is a breakdown of what it costs me

$15 - every month for the base plan
$25 - 500 anytime minutes, lasts me 60-70 days
$10 - Data plan which I only use when needed, so far I have not had to top the Data booster for 4 months.

Averaged out I pay less that $30 a month and never run out of anything. My unused minutes and Data roll-over every month and never expire! As long as they dont change, I'll be a Koodo customer for life.
5 Stars

Service review

Reviewed on Wednesday May 15, 2013 by , Bourget, Ontario
The service was excellent 100 % satisfied and the employe Andrew was cute
5 Stars

Know what you want, be polite, check out locations.

Reviewed on Tuesday February 12, 2013 by , Redwood Meadows, AB.
I have delt with Rogers, Telus and Koodo all out of Calgary, AB. I would highly recommend the Koodo Store in Chinook Mall in Calgary. They answered all my questions and explained things I did not know or ask about and told me if I have any problems to call or come in and see them, which I have done. Everyone of the staff I have delt with has treated me great. GREAT SERVICE
5 Stars


Reviewed on Saturday January 19, 2013 by , Regina
Having been a Koodo client for sixteen months, I have received outstanding value and service from them. I have opted to change my plan to suit my needs three times (change allowed for once in each billing cycle). I have used my phone in various parts of Canada (Edmonton, Vancouver, Jasper, and various parts of Saskatchewan) and highly value the fact that every call that begins and ends in Canada is a local call. Every bill is announced to me in advance in an e-mail and goes to my credit card each month. I have never had any extra or unknown charges.

Do your due diligence as to matching the plan to your needs. For me, the lack of any roaming charges in Canada is a super feature, one that I could not find with the local Saskatchewan telephone company.

As a disclaimer, I have no relationship, for financial gain or personal, with Koodo.
5 Stars

WOW - no roaming - WOW

Reviewed on Tuesday January 1, 2013 by , Calgary, Canada
I am a critical business user and since I dumped Bell and went Koodo my bills are like 65% less for better service. Just got back from the USA and there was not a single overcharge after getting the 30 day package. This is unheard of. Great service for us.
1 Star

What service

Reviewed on Thursday December 27, 2012 by , Medicine Hat Ab
After 3 months of Koodo service I am still waiting to make my first phone call. Why do these people call themselves a phone company?
1 Star

rip off

Reviewed on Friday December 14, 2012 by , Langley
The worst customer service I have ever had.
tried to cancel phone but the bills kept coming, even though it was a no contract. They have this tab thing which none of their employees understand even at head office.All of our bills were paid up to the cancellation day but koodo kept charging even though we didn't even have a phone. After hours of phone conversations a koodo manager finally said that we are not to worry about the outstanding bills as there was problems on their accounting side. They even gave us a reference number. We recently have heard from a collections company saying it will be put on our credit if we don't pay. Please do your homework before you do any business with koodo.
1 Star

Rude staff at Northgate Koodo Edmonton

Reviewed on Monday December 3, 2012 by , Edmonton , Alberta
I have been Koodo customer for many years. Never had any problems with billing, service, or help until today when I went to purchase a new phone from Koodo counter at Northgate in Edmonton.
Service i received was very slow, second employee present just watched the first one struggle without helping. When i decided to give up and go, the second employee became very rude, and told me never to come back to Koodo counter. I never will!!!
5 Stars

Like it and they give $25 referrals

Reviewed on Monday November 26, 2012 by , Ontario
Have been wit Koodo for a year and I'm very happy. they may be the best low cost carrier.

If you are switching to Koodo, you can get a $25 credit that will be used to decrease your Koodo Tab through the Koodo Referral program.

You can get more details directly from Koodo:

4 Stars

love it

Reviewed on Sunday August 5, 2012 by , Canada
so before koodo i was with rogers and let me tell you i hate hate hate them and i had a moterolla krazer and it died after 2 years so i asked for aloner phone till my contract was up they wouldnt give me one so they said you can upgrade and i told them where to go and went with koodo been with them 2 just over 2 years and i stil love them keep up the great work KOODO :)
4 Stars

I like them

Reviewed on Tuesday July 17, 2012 by , Aylmer, QC
I especially like the fact that I can have a phone service for $20 a month, and I can block the internet access. The staff on the different locations were always very good to help me in choosing the phones I wanted. I first chose Koodo because of the no-contract thing, and this is still true today. Although I have a smartphone, I can use it with no internet access and no extra billing. Their service options are also great with the trans-Canada calls at no LD charges.
1 Star

Wow never gain will deal with Koodo

Reviewed on Thursday January 12, 2012 by , Stoney Creek Ontario
I have never been treated so bad as I did when I went into the Koodo store at Eastgate Square in Hamilton Ontario. The blonde lady there was too busy making eyes and gestures at her boyfriend outside of the store. Completely ignored me, was incredibly rude and anytime I asked her a question she answered it as if it was a chore. Was so mad that I cancelled my service and went elsewhere. I wish they had negative stars because I would give this lady and that business -5/5. Not to mention when I called Koodo regarding the problems with my phone/service they were so rude and acted like they didn't care. Now they lost me as a customer and many many of my friends & family.
4 Stars


Reviewed on Friday December 30, 2011 by , Edmonton
No problems with billing, changing phones, changing phone numbers when I moved within the province of Alberta. I have problem with coverage now that I am living in rural Okotoks there are dead spots that I avoid talking on my phone. Staff have always been great helpful. If I happen to get a newer staff who is unaware how to help me they ask me if I mind being put pn hold until while they ask a senior staffer. wow! that's service. Once they had to call me back which they did within an hour.
1 Star

extremly disapointed!!!

Reviewed on Thursday December 15, 2011 by , montreal
ive been having problems with incoming and outgoing calls and texts for over a month now and koodo still didnt seem to b able to fix it even after ive givin in my phone for repair.... i got fed up w calling koodo and decided to go speak to a real person face to face.... she was so rude and refused to help me she insisted that she couldnt access my account when i know for a fact by putting in a number or my name it will show up..... its unbelievable how you can treat your customers!! beleive me i wont be spreading around a good name for koodo
2 Stars

Not enough patience for their service

Reviewed on Friday December 2, 2011 by , Gatineau
My husband has a phone with Koodo and everytime we go to the store to ask questions, pay the bill, change the phone...we've waited a minimum of one hour and still never got what we wanted 'cause we just did not have the patience to wait any longer. My husband wanted me to go with Koodo but to tell you honestly with a service like that I'll stick with mine for $5.00 a month more. When I need something with mine I don't need to wait an hour and still go home with nothing!!! The phone itself seems fine according to my husband so nothing bad to say about the phone itself.
1 Star

not impressed

Reviewed on Thursday October 20, 2011 by , saintjohn nb
I had previously purchased a new phone at a cost of 100plus for my daughter which at the time was under my name because of her age. Being of age I purchased for her anew phone under her name. The sales rep in saint john thought it wise to continue the original contract for another month in order to maximize the benefit of saving money on her new phone,which I agreed upon. The KOODOO rEP ALSO RESET HER CONTRACT to the lowest amount possible for that month. The phone was terminated and her new phone and ce but contract to over. I have been charged over 3 months for the first contract,have contacted kooko's service office about this breach which fell on deaf ears, they already have my money, theives. They would agree to shut down the contract the following month. I had no recourse but to agree. I'm still being charged for a phone that hasn't been active for over five months, every time I contact they treaten to put in me collections. This is the worst lying theiving company I've had the misfortune to deal with Be careful