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1 Star

Irresponsible with Customer Privacy

Reviewed on Thursday May 5, 2016 by , Hamilton
The young man who works at the Koodo at 674 King Street East is not responsible with customer privacy. I asked for advise on how to find my calling features and long distance add ons on my newish phone and he proceeded to put my phone on speaker, dial 611 and then chose option 1 that announced to the room we were in all my customer billing information, when I made my last payment, my Koodo account balance and how much my next bill was. We were alone in the store however that's not the point. When I tried to ask him why he did that I had to talk over him to get him to stop talking until he actually "Heard" what I was saying.
Terrible service from this shop
No appreciation or respect for customer privacy.
Don't shop there. find another Koodo shop if you want Koodo.
1 Star

Do not give them your credit card access

Reviewed on Thursday April 14, 2016 by , Carleton Place
0 customer service, tons of attitude and nothing gets done. Apparently im the problem.........never mind that Koodo took a payment from my credit card THREE times in one month, they are not concerned. Finally got one guy who had to be convinced it was a problem who "launched an investigation" and i would hear back in three days. wrong. Their attitude was it wasnt a big deal and we didnt do it. well it is my credit card and it is a big deal, to me. and the charges are on my card
1 Star

KOODO IS TELUS Now U knew that Right?

Reviewed on Thursday March 31, 2016 by , Quebec
Yep Koodo belongs to Telus AND if you need to find a physical address forget it! Not in Quebec However, you will find them in le Registre des entreprises du Québec.
This is my second review for Koodo Zero stars is what they deserve!
I had to take them to BBB to have my account closed! And even then ..... the representative lied to BBB writing that I had not replied, that they could not reach me. Yep! That's Koodo thank you to a loyal customer for 8 years!
5 Stars

Merci Kevin

Reviewed on Tuesday March 29, 2016 by , Saint-Hubert
Merci à Kevin qui m'a offert un service plus qu'impécable!!!!
1 Star

Not worth it

Reviewed on Tuesday March 15, 2016 by , Canada
This has got to be the worse of the worse for cell phone companies, no surprise them being affiliated with Telus though. They restrict service constantly, charge for things they are not allowed to charge for, by law, and they will constantly cut your service for no reason. They are horrible and should be removed, but knowing the Canadian joke of a government it won't happen. Boycott Telus and Koodo and any other company that accosiates with them as they are all going to rape your wallet. If I could give it no stars I would.
1 Star


Reviewed on Friday March 11, 2016 by , canada
Good service but their pre-pay plan is garbage. I suggest no one to use them as a provider. Can't even check my voice mail most times.
1 Star

No consideration for their customers

Reviewed on Friday March 11, 2016 by , Quebec
I dealt with Kowodo for 8 years! I am a good customer. I always give a company a chance to do better.
The last 3 years were pure hell and STILL NOT SOLVED.
It started by getting a upgrade for my celllula. The cell was so bad I could not Upload ANYTHING. They gave me a $2 rebate per month which was suppose to be for 2 years but lasted 2 months.
I cancelled my service 3 months ago and I am still receiving bills! Now I have to take this to better business bureau! That's their Thank you for being a loyal customer for 8 years! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM OR IF YOU DO CHANGE AFTER A YEAR OR TWO AT THE MOST!
1 Star

no to koodoo

Reviewed on Friday February 26, 2016 by , ontario
Family has been with major carrier for 5 years experiencing poor service; time to change, doing research. A lot or research on koodoo website, had a couple quick questions...called, voice response system waited out, eventually talked to someone explained, I am not a koodoo customer but looking to become one, advised to hang up phone and call *611. Ok so i did just that and guess what...I got connected to my existing carrier. So I called koodoo back, eventually got a human, was the same human, explained, and again suggested I call *611. I explained again a few times that I am not a koodoo customer and calling *611 does not connect me with koodoo, etc....in the end she advised koodoo does not have a sales department. I said, ok, thank you very much. And moved on. yikes.
1 Star


Reviewed on Monday February 22, 2016 by , Ontario
I have been a loyal customer of Koodo Mobile for years without any issues until recently. I have come to find they are a sneaky, underhanded company much like Bell, Rogers and a majority of their other competitors. They care little for customer satisfaction, it is either hard to understand their telephone operating employees through their accents and poor call quality, or you will get a representative that brings their baggage to work with them and treats you like a sack of garbage. They are unprofessional, unhelpful, unable to uphold their word, will charge you numerous unexplained fees you are "Expected to know you will receive as it was in the Terms and Conditions you signed fI've years ago" even though it was not made clear those fees would apply or even be added to your monthly bill. They will charge you fees without your knowledge or consent, and hold you accountable for all of their employees mistakes. They do not value customer satisfaction or customers of many years.

My friend just got a phone from Wind, and for $35 a month she is receiving more for her dollar and better coverage than I am at roughly $100 a month for receiving much less. I will be paying off my remaining balance for my tab and monthly phone bill and leaving Koodo Mobile for good. Anyone who says this company is reputable is either a straight faced liar or has not experienced what this company will do to you for a dollar yet, but they will at some point or another. If even one person reads this and takes this into account and saves themselves both trouble and the money, taking the time to write this is worth it. I was a loyal customer for years and this is how they treat me after all this time? Talking on hidden fees, attempting to charge more than agreed upon based on an employee error, and finding every way possible to charge me more and more, making it almost impossible to pay off my phone? Avoid this place like it's the plague if you value your time, money and sanity. The deals look pretty when you read it on multicoloured paper but when the transaction goes through on your credit card you'll realize it's all smoke and mirrors.
1 Star

Poorly organized company

Reviewed on Monday February 15, 2016 by , Montreal
Koodo is great, as long as you don't expect them to do anything...The phone service is good, the prices are competitive, etc. They used to have great customer service too, but the last few years when I tried to do anything it's been a pain in the ass. Their self-serve mobile app is garbage, so I usually go to the store to get anything done, and the employees there are usually pretty clueless.

In any case, I switched from monthly to prepaid because it's cheaper, and the guy at the store didn't know how to let me pay off my tab right on the spot (I knew I had to pay it, but he said that he couldn't do it right there, so I would have to pay it online later...weird, and if that's true then their company management software is also garbage, but that's a different story). So, I tried to pay the tab online, but of course my monthly account is different from a pre-paid account (again, wtf), and I no longer had access - turns out this was just because the mobile app wasn't working, but I didn't know that at the time. I was expecting some sort of bill notice - my phone number was the same and my email was the same, and I always used to get bills on my phone before I switched.

Several months later I remembered again and checked, and sure enough this time the self serve worked, and they had charged me a bunch of late fees for not paying off my tab. It was only like 8$ for the four months I was late, but it still bothers me when a company can't get their shit together enough to have a decent system where it is easy to see if you're being charged late fees.

tl:dr - Koodo will never tell you if you're racking up late fees, they let you find out on your own months later.
5 Stars

better plan

Reviewed on Friday February 12, 2016 by , sydney
I inquired about a better monthly plan. After being a loyal Koodo customer since 2009, I felt that I was paying for too much data over usage. After speaking with Maria, first tier rep, then Jeff , next tier, we were able to find a plan more suitable for my needs and budget. I have always received excellent customer service since being a client. Koodo is able to to pass on flexibility when it comes to customer loyalty. The representatives are obviously well trained by the company, and hopefully treated well, as they should be. Thank you to JEFF AND MARIA for your supurb customer service. You are friendly (that really matters to me), courteous, professional, and reliable. Continue to do what you do in the way you are doing it. Kudos to Koodo and to the hard workers that make the customer service experience #1!!!
5 Stars

5 years Service

Reviewed on Friday February 12, 2016 by , Fredericton NB
Noticed below that someone believes that a lot of the reviews are unfounded or actually fake. I too must agree.
I have had the best service, both on the phone and at the booth from this company. No I don't discuss my financial problems or look for favors for not reading the policy or not understanding the final payment per month. By the way, the latter is actually discussed and shown, as the employee has a checklist. Novel idea to cover the companies interaction. They put a check in a box for each item discussed. Asking you if you are happy. For me? Yes.
5 Stars

Best Customer Service Experience EVER!!

Reviewed on Friday February 5, 2016 by , Bowen Island
I have had several cell phone providers in the past and was concerned when I had to get a phone for my teenager, until I went to the Koodo Kiosk at the Bay Center and met Austin. He was honest, helpful, and KNEW his phones and plans. I highly recommend, if you have had a bad experience with providers, go see him and he will take the time to set you up with not only the phone you need, but the tools and plan to make it a great experience!!!
1 Star

double billed

Reviewed on Thursday February 4, 2016 by , ontario, canada
terrible customer service - changed phone number and then was double billed for the month - customer service person could barely speak English and argued with me the whole time instead of fixing the problem - complete waste of time and I am still waiting for Koodo to fix the billing error
1 Star

Zero Stars

Reviewed on Sunday January 31, 2016 by , Kelowna
I am a 35 year call lawyer who has personally had accounts with Telus, Rogers and Koodo. I agree wholeheartedly with the comments of the last post. While several years ago Koodo had fairly good customer service they are now horrible. My 20 year old son was treated like a criminal that they were hunting down. He should have told me what was going on sooner. He made prepaid extra money onto his account because when he was away working he wanted to call his girlfriend in Scotland. He made a mistake as to the cost and went over 400.00. Then he hurt his back and work and could not pay. No discount or agreement for small payments until he was back working from Koodo. Instead they told him that he had to pay 200.00 immediately and another 200.00 in another 2 weeks. When he couldn t pay because he didn t have that money they made repeated threatening calls to him. He became so stressed he finally told me. I called them...their response: he should go to a bank and get a loan; however, they had already ruined his credit rating by reporting his failure to pay. They were extremely rude to me. In the end I paid off the bill which because he had to pay out his phone totaled 800.00...I thought though what about the 20 year old whose parents can t pay. It is criminal to ruin a young person's credit rating when he was willing to pay what he could in the short term. Furthermore, when I made a mistake with long distance while in the US Telus kindly cut those charges in half.

1 Star


Reviewed on Monday January 18, 2016 by , Victoria
If i could give less than one star i would. This company is crooked. My son lost his phone. We paid out the remainder of his contract and then found out they had been charging us every month and took it off my credit card in one transaction.After being on hold of more than 35 minutes, they have closed my account - that i asked to have closed almost 18 months ago. What a joke. What a costly joke!
livid. go anywhwere else but with Koodo.
1 Star

False Advertising

Reviewed on Wednesday January 6, 2016 by , Kelowna
In general, I have been happy with Koodo. They had treated me so well that I recommeded them to many people.
My view has now changed completely. What a bunch of dim-wits.
It's around the Xmas season of 2015. The Notebook 4 was advertised on the Koodo website and in stores for $0 with Tab Plus. I went to every single store in Kelowna. I was told they were sold out and would get more in soon. I went out of my 5 different occasions....over the holidays...so you imagine the line ups.
I called Koodo's 611 customer service. I was told that Samsung had them pull all Notebook 4s off the shelves. I questioned this in many different ways wasting 4 hours ..on and off... on hold.
I finally called Samsung themselves for confirmation. Off course it was not true. Samsung asked me to get Koodo to call them on a 3 way call with myself.
By time Koodo actually...claimed...to call... Samsung was closed. Surprise, surprise.
I asked them to honor the websites advertized price and durning the forever period of being on hold...the price on the website was changed to $200.
They would not even admit it had been advertised for $0.
How can a company like Koodo tell customers...Samsung had them pull all Notebook 4's off the shelves? Unbelievable.
So now I'm promised a call back from Koodo tomorrow...well I was sick and tired of talking to them anyway . So see ya.....literally...get lost and kiss my behind thank you very much.
5 Stars

Best cell provider hands down

Reviewed on Tuesday December 29, 2015 by , Kelowna, BC
Koodo has been way better than Rogers and Telus service providers in my experience. They don't hassle you and call you incessantly over a late payment like Rogers. During a financial hardship, they restored my service without an immediate payment (pretty much unheard of in my experience) and allowed me to make a very fair payment plan which really took a lot of stress off me while I'm on maternity leave. The customer service rep was friendly and set everything up quickly for me.
1 Star

Worse customer service ever

Reviewed on Tuesday December 22, 2015 by , New Glasgow
When did customer service reps become so argumentative? Both service reps I spoke with were forcefully rude. Makes me want to change service provider. One who respects their customers. Merry Christmas.
1 Star

Koodo CSR reps and schadenfreude

Reviewed on Monday December 21, 2015 by , Ontario
I have been with Koodo for 6 or 7 years. I am not a smartphone owner, and use it for very basic stuff so I never had issues until recently. They charged over $50 above what I agreed to and said it was going to be removed the following month but it wasn't. The 1st rep said I had 30 days to complain and I was past that, the supervisor he transferred me to was the worst human being I ever spoke to - I still don't know whether it was pure schadenfreude or big truck syndrome but he was awful. I asked repeatedly to speak to loyalty dept and he refused to transfer me, asking me what I thought they could do for me that he wouldn't every time. I told him that maybe they might at least say "sorry you were misled- it was not our intention" and that would be helpful already. He would still not give up so I eventually told him that they wouldn't be him and that was enough for me. He still wouldn't so I asked him if he was taping this so he could listen to it at home later because it sounded like he was getting kicks out of making me miserable - he didn't deny it actually, just continued saying I could hang up and call csr again and when I asked for a supervisor, he would be there. I asked him for what felt like the millionth time to speak to loyalty and he was still being a jerk so I aksed him what was he afraid of. He finally acquiesced and placed me on the longest hold ever before passing me to a nice young lady who then transferred me to loyalty. The issue was "solved" by them crediting the equivalent of $20 to the account and an apology for having to deal with that awful man for almost a whole hour. Not ideal but for now it will do. I will be going elsewhere in the next few months, for sure. I just have to research other companies and find the right plan and I will be out of here.
1 Star


Reviewed on Sunday December 20, 2015 by , Kingston
First off I got a defective s3 from them with a broken digitizer. I got it repaired and that's fine since it was within warranty (this was just a month after) but then it broke again! But obviously the broken digitizer reappearing the second time is my fault cause as soon as I left the kiosk with the phone that means it was fixed 100%.. So they wanted to charge me $150 to get it fixed! They then offered to get me a free upgrade to a new phone and I'm so tired of all the problems with the s3 so yeah I'll take it. But from what I understood I was suppose to get a discount for trading in my old phone or at least have the rest of the tab on my old broken phone towards my new g3. But nope! I basically PAID over $150 to give them back the old phone so that I can pay MORE money for the new phone. Awesome Koodo. And I didn't even find out until I got my bill, when it was past the 15 day return policy AND the old phone was sent off to recycling so they basically went "What old phone?!" Well played you conniving scumbags...
5 Stars


Reviewed on Friday December 11, 2015 by , Toronto
So I've been with companies like Fido, Rogers and Telus. Today I called Koodo because I happened to have my phone disconnected. I had a outstanding charge because of financial problems I am going through. I called and the first thing I told them was "hello how are you.. So my phone got disconnected" the man on the other line didn't even ask anything but replied with "well ma'am I restored your phone so it should be up and running in no more than 30 minutes" I was thinking woah? Usually phone companies ask a ton of question to find out the type of person you are to see if they should do such a nice gesture. He then asked me if I need any payments arrangements to help me keep my phone going. I replied with yes. Instead of giving me a day to make my full payment he said "I want you to pick a day you feel more comfortable paying on, we don't want to rush you" and again wow. So I chose my day and he told me to not worry about my phone being disconnected and how their just one call away for any help. Thank you so much to whoever took my call, you made me very happy.
5 Stars

love koodo

Reviewed on Tuesday December 8, 2015 by , saskatoon
I started with Koodo a few years back. I have had the best and most considerate service with them. I have recently gone through financial difficulty and Kudo help me with my bill so that my fees or lower. They have always being an understanding company and I have always given great service. When I first started with Koodo my phone was stolen a week after I had gotten it. I called Koodo to get a refurbished phone and ask how much it would cost the agent said go back to the store and pick out a phone I have giving you a tab it is no charge to you. My son also find the same good service with Koodo.
1 Star

Jerk customer service reps

Reviewed on Thursday November 26, 2015 by , Canada
I’ve actually been with Koodo for a number of years now, and up until recently they have been about the same as the few others I’ve been with. They are running a business, and only pose to be our friends in order to get business from us. I get it, we get it. As customers we are not idiots, we do understand what’s going on.
A few months ago they called me up and changed my plan without telling me that the new plan was going to cost more. The unexpected fee was outside of my budget. I tried to change my plan back to the old one I could afford. They wouldn’t let me. I went online and kept getting errors when I tried to change to the new equivalent. When I spoke to some people at a kiosk they told me there was nothing they could do and that I had to call them. I’ve called them on multiple occasions; they have actively refused to change my plan to one affordable within my budget. More recently the customer service reps have redirected my phone calls to the automated payment plan option even though I skipped over that to speak with these people.
I’ve also noticed that in the time I’ve had this problem with the customer service reps that they have not once asked me about my experience. They seem to only do them when they feel like they’ve made a customer happy. I’ve seen they have advertised having amazing customer service, don’t believe that. They are just like every other company out there, only better at not communicating with their unhappy customers it seems.
4 Stars

Best switch I've made

Reviewed on Wednesday November 4, 2015 by , Ottawa
I was initially with Bell, but switched due to overpriced plans just for having an older smart phone. I called Koodo, asked what I needed to do to switch over, and within 2 days I had my old phone going with my new 40$ plan that included data, and features I was not getting with Bell, for 8$ or 10$ less with Koodo! Switching was easy and painless. Just happened to have a minor issue with my data plan not being enabled on my plan until 3 days later, so i got charged for data overages. Just a small extra of 10$ but nothing to cry about. Now 3 months in, and more than happy with this provider. Helping my friends and sister switch over next!
1 Star

poor servive, lousy phones, poor CS

Reviewed on Wednesday October 21, 2015 by , Canada
Been with Koodo twice now. The second time I moved into the country and constantly dropped calls but yet I am still in their coverage area.
Then the phone I got would randomly power off and I would have to plug it in, hold 2 buttons at once to get it to turn on, wouldn't work if I didn't have the charger handy, like when I am in the car.
But the final straw is calling Koodo to get an unlock code for my 1st phone. I want to use it when I go on vacation. They wanted to charge me $35 and thats after being with them twice and still considering going with them a 3rd time.
That is the last time I use Koodo ever.
1 Star

Be wise choosing your plan....

Reviewed on Monday October 19, 2015 by , Toronto
Im so disappointed! I was expecting my plan per month was only 53 dollars to 55 dollars... And then my first month bill came and its 66dollars!!!! How come it happened?!!!! The 53 to 55 plan are unli call and txt to canada and unli txt to international.. How does my plan get to the point 66dollars... Ohh my gosh!!! Hidden charges!!!!! Now.. I dont like the service...
By nxt month im going to change My phone plan even though i have no contract.. Next time Sell your product "true" and "no hidden charges".... Shame on you guys!
1 Star

One of the worse company in this country and stupid CSR.

Reviewed on Saturday October 17, 2015 by , Edmonton
Hi guys this is one of the worse and idiot mobile phone company in this country. They want there money nothing else. I finish my contract with this company and i paid of all amount. But these guy put $5.00 late payment charges on my credit file without informing me that you have pending amount. Please dont go with this company.
1 Star

Worst phone carrier EVER

Reviewed on Thursday October 15, 2015 by , Canada
I went with Koodoo because I initially heard good things about them.

Since being a koodoo customer, I have had nothing but problems. I signed up and had my credit card added to the account so they would just take the monthly payments off the card. I probably got a call from them 10 different times regarded why my bill was not paid. This doesn't include all the times they cancelled my account. How many times does somebody need to call in and put the SAME credit card on the account. They would apologize and we would go on with our day. Finally i cancelled the account ! THEN they wrote off my account after I paid my balance. So when I went to get my phone unlocked that I bought through them, they kept me on the phone for so long only to tell me that they can't help me. Such amateurs. Do yourself a favour and go with a different carrier. It will save you a lot of money and a huge headache.
1 Star


Reviewed on Thursday October 15, 2015 by , toronto
So my son get's his first mobile line and they derided to bully him. They suspended his services for no reason and bill him without letting him cancel it. And the reps (eye rolling) oh my god the attitude.
1 Star

deez crooks? ten outta ten!

Reviewed on Thursday October 15, 2015 by , Ontario
I recently got a plan from Koodo and after 5 days i got my service cancelled and I still got charged. When i called about it they demanded for more information about me. When i called about this situation the representative essentially lied to my face, and poorly at that. apparently they don't know how to do any business at all because this is the only company i have seen that does not put blocks on international plans for plans that don't support them. In addition my service was apparently cancelled to 'protect me from fraud", reminds me of bandits and their 'protection fees' lest you find your belongings rendered useless and battered.
2 Stars

try cancelling

Reviewed on Monday October 12, 2015 by , Osoyoos, BC
The phone service is excellent. No complaints. I needed month to month coverage and I got it. The problem arose when I was leaving Canada and was unable to cancel service. I found it to be impossible. I'd never use their service again
5 Stars

Excellent customer service

Reviewed on Friday October 2, 2015 by , Kelowna
The best cell phone company I have ever dealt with (and I have tried a few big ones before). Koodo, unlike my previous experiences, give the best customer service. Not only is the wait for service very quick, but when I get someone on the line, that representative had always solved my problem, to my fullest satisfaction, in such a friendly and sincere way. The service at Orchard Park Mall is also excellent.

Whatever you are doing to create awareness and positivity among your staff, it is working. I cannot express how thankful I am that finally, after so many years of frustration with my other cell phone providers, I can now enjoy your excellent service and feel well supported. Well done!!!
5 Stars

Great company

Reviewed on Monday September 14, 2015 by , ontario
I have been with koodo for many years now and my son, if I had a problrm they fixed it in my favor. I find they are great with customer service as well. I'm thinking of going with them for my daughter as well since they have been so great over the past years..
5 Stars


Reviewed on Monday September 14, 2015 by , Ontario, Canada
wow I'm pretty sure all these negative reviews were from ONE guy with an axe to grind lol I've been with Koodo for 3+ years, both for a regular phone and a prepaid for my parents. Easy, CHEAP, pleasant Kiosk workers. Not sure what else you'd require
5 Stars

These negative Reviews are Bogus

Reviewed on Thursday August 20, 2015 by , Toronto Ontario
I (along with my son and daughter and as well several friends) have been with Koodo for at least 2 years. The folks at the Kiosks have always been knowlegable and helpful and customer support has been fast and courteous. Never had any problems with either Voice or Data... and they are priced lower than all the major competitors. If they are so friggin bad, why is Telus (who owns Koodo) leading all the other providers in cellular customer growth, as well as Koodo leading customer Satisfaction across ALL competitors.
1 Star

The sales people lie to your face

Reviewed on Tuesday August 18, 2015 by , Montreal, Canada
I purchased a prepaid plan and was told that if I registered my credit card for automatic monthly top ups I would get a 10% discount on the prepaid plan. It was clearly explained to me that a 10% amount would be deducted from my base plan. After 3 months I realised that I still paid the full amount and that in my account there was a credit equal to 10% of the monthly fee. It was very difficult to speak to someone at customer service, they are clearly located overseas, are hard to understand but most importantly, they do not know what they are talking about. I spoke with 3 different customer support people, they told me 3 different interpretation of that 10% rebate. I went back to the sales store located at Place Versailles, Montreal, spoke with the original person who sold me the plan and she stuck to her version that I should get a 10% discount and not a credit and that it was just a computer glitch. This is just a lie, those sales people just lie to your face and there is little that you can do. Do NOT subscribe with koodo.
1 Star


Reviewed on Wednesday August 12, 2015 by , montreal
I was with KOODO for 5 days. I cancelled my service because no one from customer service wanted to give information on what I was allowed to do with my plan. I received a bill for 1.5 month of service and THREATS of CREDIT AGENCIES. When I asked KOODO why I needed to pay for 1.5 month of service for being with them 5 days, they said that they did not cancel the service until the end of the next month and that I needed to pay.
1 Star

bad experience

Reviewed on Wednesday August 5, 2015 by , Calgary
I brought a Koodo prepaid plan with 1gb. The 1gb didn't even last for an hour and those customer service at westbrook mall are so bad. I stood there for 1hour and 45 min before I get helped. The guy was helping this other lady and the lady went to the bank to get cash, she took like 30min and nobody helped me caused her account was on the screen so he needs to finish with her. All I need is a new SIM card from iPhone 6 to iPhone 4 and that does not require and account service on computer he just needed to take out the card from the box and pay then it's done. They have the most horrible service that I never experienced before. Koodo is so expensive for nothing, to change my SIM card from iPhone 6 to 4 I need to pay $20. They are making money out of us who have the prepaid plan. Once this plan is closed, I am done with Koodo.
1 Star

Koodo going downwards

Reviewed on Thursday July 30, 2015 by , Valleyfield, Québec
I've been with Koodo for a few years.

Their Customer Service is now in another country - where they have a hard time understanding French.

Their fees are HIGHER for long-time customers than they are for the new ones.
I had the "unlimited coast to coast with 2GO data for 45$". Decided to forget about the data since I wasn't using it. The young woman at the desk told me "no problem" you can come back to that plan anytime you want to.

Except that NOW it would cost me 50$!!...and yet they charge only 42$ for newcomers.

They have those little "all made sentences" up their sleeve about "new company policies" which is the type of "language" to really avoid when you're in business.

They should listen to "non-violent communication" on youtube!

Instead of "rewarding" their long-time customers, they "punish" them.

That's besides the problems you have with their cells! I had a Blackberry that kept turning off all the time! They never were able to find what was the problem and yet, never wanted to replace it either!
Now have the Samsung S4 which also "shuts down the conversation" when it feels like - except it's not "all the time".
Again, "nothing" they can do about it, since they can't figure out what the problem is.

My sister did her update with her cell from a Tim Horton's wifi AND Koodo charged her 5$ for it!!!
1 Star

Absolutely Horrible

Reviewed on Wednesday July 29, 2015 by , Canada
I've been a Koodo customer for 6 years. I got the iPhone 6 with the large tab. When I reliazed I needed more data I attempted to switch to another plan and was told I wasn't allowed unless I paid off my entire tab. I added data notifications onto my services however they NEVER send me a notification at 99% as I requested. I get one at 50% and then my next notification is that I've got -___$ over in data charges. I'm LIVID. This is the 5th month this has happened and I called and complained everything. Each time assuring me it won't happen again. Called last month and asked to switch my plan since this keeps happening and got a big fat no. Went 15$ over and just got the message. If they weren't currently closed I would have already cancelled my services with them. I'm cancelling and never coming back to Koodo. I'm also telling everyone I meet how terrible they are. Very dissatisfied at their customer service.
1 Star


Reviewed on Tuesday July 28, 2015 by , Nb
My samsung phone was erratic - turning off and on and not charging regularly. As it was still under warranty, I returned the phone to koodo. They now claim the phone was "physically damaged." No scratches, no dents, never been near water. Koodo could not explain what "physical damage" entailed, but were adamant that it wasn't covered by warranty, and couldn't be repaired. Now, I can either a) pay $240 to "repair" the phone (that the koodo "supervisor Margaret" earlier said was not repairable), or b) pay $160 - the balance on owning this so-called unrepairable phone. But hey, I would still have some warranty left . . . Pure extortion.
1 Star

Koodo crooks

Reviewed on Friday July 10, 2015 by , Quebec
I signed for my grandaughter for a koodo phone. 2 years later she changed co. 1 year later I applied for a credit card (I work for the Gov.) With my job an all was sure to get it...WELL koodo some how some where found $6.16 that we owed them G.daughter moved sure she owed nothing. Well they sent it to equafax better busness bureau an SCRAPED my credit for 7 years. That is how rotten they are !!!!!!!
5 Stars

Very good service

Reviewed on Monday June 22, 2015 by , Toronto
Just initiated, the booth staff was very knowledgable and helpful, very patient despite a lineup. Phone working well.
1 Star


Reviewed on Wednesday June 3, 2015 by , Mississauga, Canada
I've been with Koodo for a little over a year and I am blown away at their ridiculous over-the-top fee structuring. PREDATORS! Using the money I spend on their stupid fees I can get a plan with Rogers or Virgin where I get WAY more value than the paltry 200 minutes/50MB plan Koodo offers. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!
1 Star


Reviewed on Thursday May 28, 2015 by , Canada
I've been a koodo customer for 7 years. someone from another province has opened a phone line and got a new phone on my account, and they say I am responsible for it. my ID was not shown for this. They treated me so disrespectful I was blown away! I'm filing a lawsuit next week, and have spoken with a lawyer. They have violated my privacy and are making me pay for it.
5 Stars

Good service

Reviewed on Monday May 25, 2015 by , Guelph
Just had wonderful service from Nick at Guelphs mobile shop. I arrived just at closing (not knowing until later) and he dealt with my issues in a very patient manner and was very helpful. He gave me a half hour of service beyond closing time. Well done.
1 Star

Please Avoid Koodo. They are Nasty :(

Reviewed on Sunday May 24, 2015 by , Toronto
I Have started a contract with them for 31 dollars for 200 minutes.I have used less than 200 Minutes and they charged me 457$. I spent over 2 hours on the phone with them and it was not resolved. they charged me even foe calls I have made with magic jack through WiFi.
I do advise that you please don't use koodo because they will fool you and take your money for no reason. They are just like rogers.
3 Stars

Just noticing

Reviewed on Friday May 22, 2015 by , Toronto
I can't help but notice that the vast majority of the negative reviews are from people that don't even have a credit rating that will qualify for a regular monthly billing account, and then complain about poor customer service. I guess you're going back to one of the "BIG" guys where customer service is the #1 priority????!!
Oh yeah, and "only new customers get gifts"?? Now where have I seen that before??? Can anyone that doesn't have credit problems tell me about the overall quality of Phone/data service
2 Stars

i dont know what to think

Reviewed on Wednesday May 20, 2015 by , port credit mississauga
I am on a month to month with them with a 200$ limit and in the first 8 months my bill was 54$ with unlimited calling / texting. alot less then what i was paying for rogers that ended up scamming almost 1000$ out of my pocket. I have been paying my bills and they have been great up until this point. I made a payment yesterday and they just cut my phone off today and are charging me a reconnection fee. 12:30 in the afternoon in the middle of the billing period. I have been putting up with the piss poor call quality and constant dropped calls and not being able to send important work pictures to clients and other contractors 80% of the time. Ive only had to call them 3 times in the last 9 months ive been with them and i guess the 3rd time is the stop and get a new phone carrier time
1 Star

fiancial diff

Reviewed on Wednesday May 13, 2015 by , okanagan
called them to try to make differant arrangements to my contract as I am having trouble making the fees and wanted the lowest contract possible .they were not interetsed in helping me so i told them I will probalbly defolt and they said good day
3 Stars

Bad for their own customers

Reviewed on Saturday May 2, 2015 by , Toronto
They do not offer you any good offers or service if you have been with them even for a few years! They only offer all the good offers and plans to their new customers just to attract more people!! You can only change your plan to the new ones if you are a new customer!!!
1 Star

I strongly recommend staying away from Koodo

Reviewed on Wednesday April 22, 2015 by , Alberta
Koodo offers gifts to new clients but not if you have been a customer for years !!! If you have any issues be sure to to get comfy you will have long waits on phone and if you complain they will put you on hold and first opportunity drop your call! I left Koodo and was best thing I ever did as KOODO HAS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.
1 Star

I strongly recommend staying away from Koodo

Reviewed on Wednesday April 22, 2015 by , Alberta
Koodo offers gifts to new clients but not if you have been a customer for years !!! If you have any issues be sure to to get comfy you will have long waits on phone and if you complain they will put you on hold and first opportunity drop your call! I left Koodo and was best thing I ever did as KOODO HAS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.
5 Stars

Best Communications Company I've Ever Had

Reviewed on Monday April 20, 2015 by , Vernon BC
First time I had to contact Koodo:
As I'm on a fixed income (pensions), I am very concerned with my expenses. I recently got a bill stating I had gone over on my data usage. What
the hell is data, as I'm sure I don't use any. As I have Netflix it turns out I do use data. As this extra cost is not something I can afford I asked The Koodo rep. what can I do. He said they will block my data, and will forgive the outstanding changes for the data I used. I still have no idea what data is as I still use my phone the same as I always did.
The second time I had to contact Koodo:
I got my bill and I had gone way over my contracted minutes. I had $60.00 over my base charge of $39.20. This was the first time I had ever gone over. The Koodo Rep. without being asked offered to reduce my bill by $30.00, half of what I owed them for my mistake. I never expected this type of very understanding treatment.
This experience with Koodo leaves me feeling very happy to be a customer of there's.
1 Star

Terrible Customer Services and Extra Charges

Reviewed on Wednesday April 8, 2015 by , Thornhill, Ontario
Its been one problem after another after joining Koodo. The were charging me something like $20 extra a month for data. I told them to completely cancel my data, and it took customer service 3 months to do so, after dealing with 3 incompetent service reps who didnt know what they were doing. "Self Serve" Online sucks. Its always down for maintenance or really slow. Avoid this phone company at all costs!!!
1 Star

Poor Service

Reviewed on Friday March 20, 2015 by , Coquitlam
My father was a customer of Koodos his account auto billed monthly $16.80
My father passed away Dec 26/2013 I called into Koodos after long wait on line to get someone to talk to me, I told the person my father passed away and was told it would be looked after at that time my mind was on many other matters and I didnt take persons name or follow through for a few months then I noticed charge still going through make a long story short its now Mar 2015 and no one has dealt with this matter finally after many many tries of getting through to someone finally but Koodos will not reinbursement as no record of phone call back in January of course not the person didnt take ownership of the problem nor did they care to take it to the proper department. I am very disappointed in the NO SERVICE received and the fact not even offer last months payment reinbursed. Needless to say KOODOS does not care about their customers and takes whatever they can....I give KOODOS ZERO STARS
1 Star


Reviewed on Thursday February 26, 2015 by , ontario
Despite my credit check when I get contract with them, they called me and ask me to send 2 pieces of ID otherwise suspend my number is ridiculous . When I refused they suspended me . It's terrible. Never more ......
1 Star

difficult to set up

Reviewed on Sunday February 22, 2015 by , sask
Got this for my mom for Christmas and it's so confusing to get set up and annoying I though it would be far less complicated
1 Star

warranty is an absolute scam

Reviewed on Tuesday February 10, 2015 by , saskatchewan
I took my phone in (which is still on warrenty) to be sent off and fixed a week ago. The issue was that the phone wouldn't hold a charge, connect to charger or charge past 40%. This issue arose 3 days prior to me taking it in. I got a call today saying it would cost me $200 to fix it as its not covered under warrenty because of a tiny (maybe 2cm) crack on the screen. This little crack has nothing to do with the battery/charge port and happened almost a year ago (proof that the small drop didn't do anything to damage the charge port)
I am beyond angry and disappointed at Koodo for this absolute scam.
Don't bother getting any sort of extended warrenty on your phone as they will just try to screw you out of it if you ever need to actually use it.
5 Stars


Reviewed on Tuesday February 10, 2015 by , Montreal
Amazing customer service. Been with them since 2010. Had to call them twice, once for being charged for removing myself from my dad's account to my own after I told them I wasn't told this at the kiosk, and another for my girlfriend's expired referral code. Both times, they would fix the situation in my favour. I got my money back, and they accepted the expired referral code and gave both of us the $25 discount. I have nothing bad to say about them.
1 Star

agreed. stay away

Reviewed on Friday February 6, 2015 by , montreal
Very bad customer service. They charged me because they misinformed me. Unaceptable.
1 Star

Worst customer service

Reviewed on Friday January 30, 2015 by , Canada
The phone company is ok like the phone works fine and everything but they really need to hire some decent people for customer service. The person on the other side is super rude and want to talk rather than listening to you..!!
The only reason I canceled my phone is because of their horrible service..!!
Stay away 100%
1 Star

stranded with no call available

Reviewed on Friday January 30, 2015 by , FloridaU.S.A
I paid for unlimited call,receive and text for u.s
2wk into vacation not working.i have 2 wk left and going to Arizona in Feb.Why would they sell me plan that does not works STRANDED
1 Star

Stay Away

Reviewed on Saturday January 10, 2015 by , Toronto
I transferred my service to Koodoa couple years ago from Rogers because I felt Rogers was too expensive especially for someone like me who rarely uses my phone. The biggest mistake I could have done. I have had nothing but issues with being billed for services I did not have and to have these issues rectified takes months. I currently have a complaint against them with CCTS for an issue going back to April of 2014. Their customer service department is horrible. I was better off staying with Rogers because at the end of the day everything about them was a hundred times better. Say no to the cheaper deals because you get what you pay for.
1 Star


Reviewed on Saturday December 20, 2014 by , NCR
Koodo can not bill my credit card (CC). My bank and CC company keep telling me all is well, I can have more credit, but Koodo is unable to bill my CC. Trying to deal with this this I was dealt with very poorly, at the kiosk and over the phone. Seems they don't want cellphone busy. They do all they can to be unreasonable and rude. Multitasking, go figure. Save yourself much grief and stay away from Koodo.
1 Star

Garbage company almost cost me my job

Reviewed on Saturday December 6, 2014 by , Canada
So I needed a phone for work and went out and got a koodo phone. After I set it up I was supposed to meet my boss and I called him left the number they gave me for the phone and I never got a call back. After finally getting in touch with him he showed me that he had tried calling and the number that I called him from was not assigned. I talked to Koodo and they could do nothing about this but charged me $5 to speak to them. I am returning this piece of crap companies phone today and will be telling everyone that will listen the problems that I have had. I hope they go out of business and end up panhandling for change.
1 Star

Irrational and terrible service

Reviewed on Friday December 5, 2014 by , Prince George, BC
I live 900 km from my 82 year old mother who has memory problems. Have been using and paying her phone bill for roughly 2 years and decided I want it in my own name. They refused - said my 82 year old mother who forgets she ever had a cell phone needs to call them to request the transfer. I explain this is impossible, they say they can't do anything. So I say I'll stop paying the bill. They ask if I want to ruin her credit rating, because guess what?! They won't let me cancel it either. So basically I have to pay a fee every month, or go to a lawyer and get power of attorney, or they're going to send a collection service after my mom for an account she doesn't even know she has.
1 Star

Data not working properly for two years

Reviewed on Wednesday November 26, 2014 by , Kelowna B.C
So i just found out that koodo never changed my plan from a blackberry only plan 2years ago to one compatible with android.i have used zero data in this time relying on wiifii to make my phone work.koodo admited they never changed my plan but said it was my fault for not notifying them that there empolyee didnt do his job and i only had a 3 month window to go back with my issue even though their computer told them the problem existed for two years. After about an hour debating how i was power less to change the mistake, i asked that they credit me back the data portion of my bill which would be 10 per month for the time they charged me for.$240 is the data portion with there being about 1500 in money i paid for the two years. In the end they credited me $100 and said sorry for your troubles. I feel ripped off and am pissed that they accused me for being responsible for their error that as a coustomer i had no way of knowing or ability to change. Check your plan because it is your fault if they make a mistake and you dont identify it. After this i will no longer recommend koodo to people as i have done numerous times in the past
1 Star

Koodo TAB when cancelling

Reviewed on Thursday November 6, 2014 by , Onterio
Well I was a Koodo customer for over 3 years, and decided to change providers due to Koodo not being able to provide service to my new quad band unlocked cell phone(They were able to do so for my older model).Well guess what I had 68$ in tab balance and when I called to ask if I could use it towards my last bill they said it's points that can only be used toward a new cell phone WHAT!!! I said and if you have 150$(Max tab you end up loosing that mush). Your paying for point, you will never see your money again.So overall overpaying for customer service that's not there to help you unless your runing and calling around and spending your time to get help.So overall Positive TAB balance = Cancellation fee to me.

Well that said there coverage is good across Canada but not worth the money spent as I was paying around 63$ for Canada wide plan.An now paying around 45$ no TAB no Contract and my new phone has great reception.

Hope that helps you make your choice.
Thanks for reading!
1 Star

I needed help and didnt get any

Reviewed on Saturday November 1, 2014 by , Canada
I have been with Koodo for years, but they are TERRIBLE with customer service. I keep getting redirected to the community answers. I want an expert to answer my questions. not random people who aren't in the cell phone business. Even when I went to a kiosk no one knew what to do.
If I wanted to ask random people how to do something, i'd look to google. I want a professional.
They have good customer satisfaction, until you need something done. I can never speak to someone from the company if I go online. I will be switching providers soon because I've had such bad service.
1 Star

BEWARE!!!!!! you have been warned

Reviewed on Wednesday October 22, 2014 by , canada
This is the worst cell phone carrier of them all may have decent plans that will attract you like they did for me but i went to a kiosk to pay my bill they told they do not accept cash or bill payments there????????? not only that i cancelled my service had a phone on a contract tried to pay it off at a koodo store they didn't let me pay again so this point i was fuming and told the lady to send me a bill so i can pay it off so it dosent affect my credit she said ok, i got the bill 3 months later in the mail saying this has affected my credit rating and to pay.ARE YOU F***ING kidding me!!!!!. SERIOUSLY GO TO ANY OTHER COMPANY DO NOT USE KOODO!!!!!!!
1 Star


Reviewed on Wednesday October 22, 2014 by , Toronto
I was a KOODO customer before i have my phone number transfer'd to the koodo company.
i it was my company phone number.

All my costumers that hardly cud reach me, keep telling me , that there is 1 more Pearson that using your NUMBER :(( i was in SHOCK .... HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT PASSABLE ???






4 Stars

Good customer service

Reviewed on Wednesday October 15, 2014 by , Canada
I just want to say that Koodo is kind and considerate of their customers. I made some mistakes that cost me some money on my phone and they graciously gave it back. A

Appreciative customer,

1 Star

my bad name for Koodo's bad service

Reviewed on Wednesday October 15, 2014 by , Toronto
I decided it was time for a new phone, but Koodo did not carry what I wanted. So the rep at Future Shop helped me move to another provider.

Upon cancelation of Koodo, I received a bill for my final month of service. I tried to call in to pay, but because my # had moved providers, the automated attendant was unable to direct me and I was cut off.

I soon after got a letter advising me the final bill had not been paid. But there was no number to call or no account # to quote. I managed to find a # to call on line, but after 18 minutes and 32 seconds on hold again with the automated attendant I was disconnected.

Today I come home to a letter from a collection agency. I paid this right away, but again called Koodo to complain that being put to a collection agency tarnishes my name and credit rating. After HALF AN HOUR on the line with a customer service person and being on hold while she tried to find someone to take my complaint. (mostly on hold) I finally got a manager who told me that I obviously did not try hard enough to pay the bill and managing my bills is my responsibility, despite the fact that I tried to reach Koodo a few times and just got the run around and disconnections.

So for Koodo's poor internal systems, my credit gets a black mark.

Don't waste your time with such a half assed company like Koodo. Look to those who actually have their own towers and the infrastructure to support their customers instead of those who have to borrow lines from the real companies
1 Star

koodo service

Reviewed on Wednesday October 15, 2014 by , ontario
Koodo service is the poorest. Nevertheless it rips you off like the rest. Don't get koodo! It doen't deserve even one star.
1 Star

Screwd with bill always check your bill

Reviewed on Tuesday October 7, 2014 by , Etobicoke

Today, I got rid of them. Terrible company. Better not waste your money.

My arrangement was 70 dollar for couples but every time I got extra charge for something.

Tricky things in bill: when you check your air-time and usage data it seems that you have enough time and data but at the end it doubles and you got extra charges. Online data and actual billing information is so inconsistent.
Also keep in mind that if you speak 1 second they will charge you 1 min.
Other funny thing is that you will get many unknown calls from US and Koodo will take advantage of that and will charge you instead of figuring out problem. At midnight you may get a call from US about free Bahamas vacation and Koodo will change you

So, I also had 2 arrogant customer service too wanted discuss excess charges on my invoice
No way, they threated me about credit score affect if I do not pay. Why... When I asked the internet data is inconsistent with my actual bill, please sort out and let me know I will pay my bill. They keep silent and finally I paid 482 $ but after one week 222 $ showed up (70 $ for reconnection fee)

So now, we paid another 323 $ and got rid of this company. Indeed, enough is enough. I did not have a feeling that there is fair attitude to client and staff is rude. If any little chance you will get charges for no reason.

Several time I wasted my time and found mistakes but when I told them I got answer: Sorry, mistake. how about my time for finding mistake and explain to them. How about if I do not check my bill... How can I feel confident..
So, I decided to go with Wind.

Thanks Everyone.
Also, do not be tricked by their employed customers who put their excellent reviews
1 Star

Worst Customer Service Ever

Reviewed on Friday October 3, 2014 by , Calgary
Today I got to spend my entire morning on the phone with 2 arrogant customer service employees(one in management). I called to discuss excess charges on my invoice versus self-serve(something koodo brags about) and was told that self-serve isn't valid and that the invoice was more accurate. Throughout the entire conversation, both representatives were rude and not helpful. The first man I talked to just repeated the same thing and when I asked to talk to management left me on hold for 1/2 hour. Totally unimpressed with this company! will be looking for other cell providers in the near future
1 Star


Reviewed on Thursday September 25, 2014 by , mississauga
expensive service
no help what so ever with the customer service.
even when i tried to pay my old bill there was no help.
i left the company with a remaining balance, i tried to pay it off at one of the centers they told me i can't since im no longer with the company and i have to do it over the phone, i tried to reach them by phone, no one answered.
frustrating! worst company in canada!
1 Star

Horrible Loaner Phone Program

Reviewed on Sunday September 21, 2014 by , Canada
I have never been more disappointed in a service company than I was today. I have been a Koodo customer for over 6 years and had to use your loaner phone program for the first time this month.

The phone I had to take in was less than a month old and quit charging. Since you no longer have your policy where you can return a phone within the first 30 days I had to send it away on warranty. I was given a Samsung Galaxy Ace II as a loaner phone, which worked wonderfully until the screen got cracked on a fall.

I understand that I have to pay 150 dollars due to damage to the phone. But what I do not understand is why Koodo would not then let me just keep the phone since that is the cost of these phones anyways when you purchase them in store. Instead, I was told that they were going to send it away so that it covered the cost of the parts to fix it and reuse it as a loaner phone. You cannot tell me that you actually reuse these phones when they are damaged for future customers such as myself when the cost of the repair covers the cost of a new phone. Or why Koodo wouldn't let me get the glass repaired elsewhere for a heck of a lot cheaper than outright buying the phone and getting nothing for my money (it voided the warranty- I guess I should just have been less honest and had the screen replaced before taking it back. Or better yet told them I lost it and paid the 150 dollars in damages).

I guess I feel that this entire situation could be avoided (or at least partially avoided) with the addition of a case or at the very least a screen protector for phones. Especially since I certainly wasn't the first person to accidentally drop it from knee height judging by the pre-existing chunks missing around the edges when I got the phone that was as the employee put when he checked it over in "Good shape". The vast majority of people that buy Koodo phones buy a case for it to help protect this from occurring. It would have been a lot better customer service.

All that's left for me to do now is unlock the current phone I have now and switch to the competition. I would never recommend this company to my friends or family.
1 Star

Fraud in addition to bad service

Reviewed on Tuesday September 9, 2014 by , Vancouver
The SIM card on my android failed and I bought a new one at Future Shop that I had to activate via Koodo. I tried the activation by phone and, after having me holding for quite a while, they never got to help me activate the card. I tried on-line and was impossible to find a way. I then went to a Koodo store at the Pacific Centre in Vancouver and the attendant (604-685-8608) told me that the problem was with the phone and I had to buy a new one. He didn't want to activate the card. After some discussions I told him I wanted to cancel the account but he said my wife had to be present in person in order to do that because the account was on her name, although I had bought and set this upgraded phone by myself with no problem. My wife called him to authorized my decisions and he still didn't want to do it unless my wife was physically present. I asked my wife on the phone to just cancel the account and her TELUS account and only then the attendant activated the SIM card just to find out that my phone was working fine and all I needed was the activation of the new SIM card. Bad costumer service? No, this goes beyond that and it is actually fraud.
1 Star

Not trustworthy !!

Reviewed on Wednesday September 3, 2014 by , Toronto
I purchased a Koodo SIM card last month. I was told I have 15 days or 30min talk time and in case if I am not satisfied I could cancel the contract with no fee or charges. I wasn't very happy with the carrier and therefore got it cancelled only after 5 days. The sales rep assured me that since I was cancelling the account within 5 days and the phone was only sparingly used I wouldn't be charged at all. But yesterday when I got the monthly statement from Koodo I was surprised to see the balance as $ 7. I called the customer service but they were not helpful. I was actually considering to go with Telus but after this experience I decided not to go with either Telus or Koodo again. Thank God I cancelled my account in time and didn't get into any kind of contract with these UNTRUSTWORTHY people.
1 Star


Reviewed on Friday August 15, 2014 by , Victoria BC
I would like to give them a 0 star. I used to be with Koodo from 2008 to Sept 2010. After I cancelled the service and switched to Wind Mobile, Koodo continued to bill me for another few weeks or a month without notify me properly by mail.

And recently I found out, they have been sending junk emails to my old email account and the mails stated that I owed them like $23. However the junk mails are usually deleted automatically.

Until June 2014 I found out and I decided to call Koodo to find out what was going on. They agreed to credit me back the same amount of money which I DID NOT owe , so my account balance is 0.
Yesterday, I discovered that they have already sabotaged my personal credit via Credit Bureau. I spent over 3 hours trying to contact them, most of the time I was put on hold and wait. The problem is still unsolved.
1 Star

Awful service

Reviewed on Thursday July 31, 2014 by , Toronto
Without doubt the worst consumer experience ever. data connection always dropping, customer service is the worst,
hate koodoo - switching to another provider
1 Star

rating text from Koodo

Reviewed on Sunday July 20, 2014 by , British Columbia
I was spontaneously text from Koodo asking yes or no, would I recommend Koodo. I said 'no', paid for long distance on a trip & phone/service didn't work. Calling was scrambled - thought I broke my phone (returned to Canada, cell worked). I was called about rating I told by a sounding irritated representative that I should have chosen a better connection. I said I wasn't given a selection. He then said it is something I needed to search under settings. My response, there was no warning or notice of potential difficulty when I paid for this service on line (or suggestions how to seek a better connection); I thought the cell phone was somehow damaged. I suggested this information be added to the website which was ignored. The rep started to argue the point & I was done. I recapped the point of the call (FROM Koodo), adding he/Koodo is now blaming me the customer for Koodo's obvious waste of money US service package so it's clear I'm an even less satisfied customer. Now, thanks to a call from an arrogant Koodo rep, once the "tab" is paid off in a few months, I'll be renewing elsewhere. God forbid there was an apology for a failed add-on service.
1 Star

Terrible Customer Service

Reviewed on Friday July 11, 2014 by , Vancouver
I had Koodo as the operator for my cell-phone and every month I used to received some charges on my bill that did not make sense at all. After hours of arguing with their customer service, they accepted that those charges were wrong and reimbursed the money. Then I switched from koodo to another operator due to all of these problems. And I dont know why but there is a charge on my credit card again from koodo and this time they do not accept it. I hate koodo
1 Star

Terrible Service

Reviewed on Friday July 4, 2014 by , Vancouver
As a long time Koodo customer I would have expected a small amount of customer service today when I called. No surprise, horrible customer service. Will be looking for a new provider. You suck koodo!
1 Star

Extremely Poor Service

Reviewed on Thursday June 26, 2014 by , Fredericton, NB
Lost my phone and deactivated as Koodo website suggested. Found phone. Called to reactivate. The rep that I spoke with laughed and talked with someone else while talking to me but assured he had renewed my service with the same package. Nothing. Tried to contact them online but was told my account #, (Same one on my bill, was invalid. Telephone contact next to impossible. Still no service. One star is way too much.
5 Stars

No Cell Network

Reviewed on Tuesday June 17, 2014 by , Penn Center St.Catharines
My Nexus 4 could not connect to a cell network. I ended up going to the kiosk at the Penn Center. The Koodo rep. John Carlo was extremely nice and knew what to do but the phone was toast and had to be sent in. Only 10 months since purchased it will be repaired free. I called Koodo by phone and they were also nice and knocked off a large chunk of tab for my inconvenience and they were also nice (Sara). I will do business with Koodo again for sure.
1 Star

Terrible Customer Service

Reviewed on Monday June 16, 2014 by , Canada
Went in to tell the Koodo guy at the Halifax Shopping Center (Andrew M) that I lost my sim card and was wondering if he could give me a deal on a new one. He said they cost ten dollars and he couldn't give it to me for less. I then told him that I was thinking about leaving Koodo if they couldn't help me out. He laughed in my face and said "Well, if it means that much to you then you can leave". I will not be with Koodo any longer. Their customer service absolutely sucks. Especially after the guy in the booth across the mall said he could give me a SIM card for a penny (I asked before I talked to Koodo).
2 Stars

Customer Service non existent

Reviewed on Tuesday June 3, 2014 by , Toronto
I have been a happy Koodo customer for about 2 years now. I really loved that you didn't have to sign a contract, and their prices were really great compared to the competition.

However, I was recently removed from the data saver plan I was on with no notice. I only found out because I suddenly was paying $25 for 500mb. I went to a Koodo store to discuss it, and they of course had no information about why this might have happened. I decided to switch to a plan that included the data I wanted, but they informed me they couldn't make that change, I had to go online to do it. Why are they even there if they can't help people who are already their customers?

So in summary... I was removed from my plan without notice, the stores are useless

If I had an iPhone 5 I would be switching to Wind.
5 Stars

koodo has good service

Reviewed on Monday June 2, 2014 by , Trenton, ontario
I've had koodo service for 3 years. The coverage keeps getting better. I travel coast to coast in canada and the only poor coverage I've noticed is between Nippon ont and Hearst ont. Phone reps have been helpfully and any problems were resolved quickly. I've had bell cell in the past and always ended up with a high bill. I pay for 2 koodo phones and my bill is under $200. My only complaint is I want more data and a better U.S plan for occasional trips. 4 1/2 stars.
1 Star

Dumbest and Ridiculous customer service

Reviewed on Saturday May 17, 2014 by , Toronto
They customer service employees are so dumb they don't have information about their own company rules. Each person you will talk to will tell you different things. Out of 58 minutes they only talked for 3 minutes. Never trust them because they back out from their own words even if there calls are recorded. Supervisors are rude and just snap at you and if you ask them about there standards of customer service there are answer was its not customer service issue. like seriously?
1 Star

WARNING: Koodo, Nexus 5, VISA

Reviewed on Thursday February 6, 2014 by , Canada
Opposite of praise:
This is a warning for consumers considering Koodo for mobile cell phone service. Koodo does not provide warranty / exchange / support for defective cell phones. Further, if a consumer provides credit card information to a company (think pre-authorized payments) they can FORCE charges onto the card even if you cancel payments.

My situation: purchased Nexus 5 Google phone (LG made it, Google puts their name on it and Koodo sells it). Phone broke 4 days after owning it while in my pocket and in the protective case provided by Koodo. Went to return / exchange the phone. Told the physical damage was not covered and that I could try to get the phone warrantied by LG. Was very disappointed with the customer service from Koodo and decided to cancel my account. Canceled my account and stopped the pre-authorized payments for my credit card. My reasoning was that I wanted to get the warranty issue sorted with LG before I paid Koodo. Koodo was able to FORCE the remaining balance on the tab onto my credit card.

As a consumer I feel cheated by Koodo. I hope this story helps future consumers avoid situations like this.

- be careful giving credit card information to companies
- make sure you are buying high quality phone that is built well and robust (research!)
- realize that Koodo does not provide support for poor quality products that they sell
5 Stars


Reviewed on Monday January 27, 2014 by , Port Moody BC
Koodo is the best deal I could find... Great customer care and with the pre-paid your minutes and data dont expire! I got the pay as you go and this is a breakdown of what it costs me

$15 - every month for the base plan
$25 - 500 anytime minutes, lasts me 60-70 days
$10 - Data plan which I only use when needed, so far I have not had to top the Data booster for 4 months.

Averaged out I pay less that $30 a month and never run out of anything. My unused minutes and Data roll-over every month and never expire! As long as they dont change, I'll be a Koodo customer for life.
5 Stars

Service review

Reviewed on Wednesday May 15, 2013 by , Bourget, Ontario
The service was excellent 100 % satisfied and the employe Andrew was cute
5 Stars

i call it NEVER again

Reviewed on Monday March 11, 2013 by , Canada
i was with bell,but i was being over charge to much on my bill every month,so i decide to go with koodo,the adverttising look great on tv,THEY LIE just to get in ,just another company trying to make it big,my experience with koodo was very streeful and I call this never again,believe me dont with koodo people ,make them stop THERE LIES ,then the get NCO Financial to call you solve the problem ,but there was no problem from the begin,if the payment manager did his job i wouldnt take my time to address this issue. NCO financial dont call to collect koodo money,NCO financial is about harrass you.asking personal question about ur life,i ask myself what happen to the money is that what the call is about from the beginning ,If koodo was my company i would not have hire this company to do the job ,DONALD TRUMP would said ur FIRE. My experience never again koodo ,I HATE YOU NCO Financial .dont
5 Stars

Know what you want, be polite, check out locations.

Reviewed on Tuesday February 12, 2013 by , Redwood Meadows, AB.
I have delt with Rogers, Telus and Koodo all out of Calgary, AB. I would highly recommend the Koodo Store in Chinook Mall in Calgary. They answered all my questions and explained things I did not know or ask about and told me if I have any problems to call or come in and see them, which I have done. Everyone of the staff I have delt with has treated me great. GREAT SERVICE
5 Stars


Reviewed on Saturday January 19, 2013 by , Regina
Having been a Koodo client for sixteen months, I have received outstanding value and service from them. I have opted to change my plan to suit my needs three times (change allowed for once in each billing cycle). I have used my phone in various parts of Canada (Edmonton, Vancouver, Jasper, and various parts of Saskatchewan) and highly value the fact that every call that begins and ends in Canada is a local call. Every bill is announced to me in advance in an e-mail and goes to my credit card each month. I have never had any extra or unknown charges.

Do your due diligence as to matching the plan to your needs. For me, the lack of any roaming charges in Canada is a super feature, one that I could not find with the local Saskatchewan telephone company.

As a disclaimer, I have no relationship, for financial gain or personal, with Koodo.
5 Stars

WOW - no roaming - WOW

Reviewed on Tuesday January 1, 2013 by , Calgary, Canada
I am a critical business user and since I dumped Bell and went Koodo my bills are like 65% less for better service. Just got back from the USA and there was not a single overcharge after getting the 30 day package. This is unheard of. Great service for us.
1 Star

What service

Reviewed on Thursday December 27, 2012 by , Medicine Hat Ab
After 3 months of Koodo service I am still waiting to make my first phone call. Why do these people call themselves a phone company?
1 Star

rip off

Reviewed on Friday December 14, 2012 by , Langley
The worst customer service I have ever had.
tried to cancel phone but the bills kept coming, even though it was a no contract. They have this tab thing which none of their employees understand even at head office.All of our bills were paid up to the cancellation day but koodo kept charging even though we didn't even have a phone. After hours of phone conversations a koodo manager finally said that we are not to worry about the outstanding bills as there was problems on their accounting side. They even gave us a reference number. We recently have heard from a collections company saying it will be put on our credit if we don't pay. Please do your homework before you do any business with koodo.
1 Star

Rude staff at Northgate Koodo Edmonton

Reviewed on Monday December 3, 2012 by , Edmonton , Alberta
I have been Koodo customer for many years. Never had any problems with billing, service, or help until today when I went to purchase a new phone from Koodo counter at Northgate in Edmonton.
Service i received was very slow, second employee present just watched the first one struggle without helping. When i decided to give up and go, the second employee became very rude, and told me never to come back to Koodo counter. I never will!!!
5 Stars

Like it and they give $25 referrals

Reviewed on Monday November 26, 2012 by , Ontario
Have been wit Koodo for a year and I'm very happy. they may be the best low cost carrier.

If you are switching to Koodo, you can get a $25 credit that will be used to decrease your Koodo Tab through the Koodo Referral program.

You can get more details directly from Koodo:

4 Stars

love it

Reviewed on Sunday August 5, 2012 by , Canada
so before koodo i was with rogers and let me tell you i hate hate hate them and i had a moterolla krazer and it died after 2 years so i asked for aloner phone till my contract was up they wouldnt give me one so they said you can upgrade and i told them where to go and went with koodo been with them 2 just over 2 years and i stil love them keep up the great work KOODO :)
4 Stars

I like them

Reviewed on Tuesday July 17, 2012 by , Aylmer, QC
I especially like the fact that I can have a phone service for $20 a month, and I can block the internet access. The staff on the different locations were always very good to help me in choosing the phones I wanted. I first chose Koodo because of the no-contract thing, and this is still true today. Although I have a smartphone, I can use it with no internet access and no extra billing. Their service options are also great with the trans-Canada calls at no LD charges.
1 Star

Wow never gain will deal with Koodo

Reviewed on Thursday January 12, 2012 by , Stoney Creek Ontario
I have never been treated so bad as I did when I went into the Koodo store at Eastgate Square in Hamilton Ontario. The blonde lady there was too busy making eyes and gestures at her boyfriend outside of the store. Completely ignored me, was incredibly rude and anytime I asked her a question she answered it as if it was a chore. Was so mad that I cancelled my service and went elsewhere. I wish they had negative stars because I would give this lady and that business -5/5. Not to mention when I called Koodo regarding the problems with my phone/service they were so rude and acted like they didn't care. Now they lost me as a customer and many many of my friends & family.
4 Stars


Reviewed on Friday December 30, 2011 by , Edmonton
No problems with billing, changing phones, changing phone numbers when I moved within the province of Alberta. I have problem with coverage now that I am living in rural Okotoks there are dead spots that I avoid talking on my phone. Staff have always been great helpful. If I happen to get a newer staff who is unaware how to help me they ask me if I mind being put pn hold until while they ask a senior staffer. wow! that's service. Once they had to call me back which they did within an hour.
1 Star

extremly disapointed!!!

Reviewed on Thursday December 15, 2011 by , montreal
ive been having problems with incoming and outgoing calls and texts for over a month now and koodo still didnt seem to b able to fix it even after ive givin in my phone for repair.... i got fed up w calling koodo and decided to go speak to a real person face to face.... she was so rude and refused to help me she insisted that she couldnt access my account when i know for a fact by putting in a number or my name it will show up..... its unbelievable how you can treat your customers!! beleive me i wont be spreading around a good name for koodo
2 Stars

Not enough patience for their service

Reviewed on Friday December 2, 2011 by , Gatineau
My husband has a phone with Koodo and everytime we go to the store to ask questions, pay the bill, change the phone...we've waited a minimum of one hour and still never got what we wanted 'cause we just did not have the patience to wait any longer. My husband wanted me to go with Koodo but to tell you honestly with a service like that I'll stick with mine for $5.00 a month more. When I need something with mine I don't need to wait an hour and still go home with nothing!!! The phone itself seems fine according to my husband so nothing bad to say about the phone itself.
1 Star

not impressed

Reviewed on Thursday October 20, 2011 by , saintjohn nb
I had previously purchased a new phone at a cost of 100plus for my daughter which at the time was under my name because of her age. Being of age I purchased for her anew phone under her name. The sales rep in saint john thought it wise to continue the original contract for another month in order to maximize the benefit of saving money on her new phone,which I agreed upon. The KOODOO rEP ALSO RESET HER CONTRACT to the lowest amount possible for that month. The phone was terminated and her new phone and ce but contract to over. I have been charged over 3 months for the first contract,have contacted kooko's service office about this breach which fell on deaf ears, they already have my money, theives. They would agree to shut down the contract the following month. I had no recourse but to agree. I'm still being charged for a phone that hasn't been active for over five months, every time I contact they treaten to put in me collections. This is the worst lying theiving company I've had the misfortune to deal with Be careful