MTS Mobility

MTS Mobility Plans & Features - Manitoba

EvolveŽ Prepaid

Mobile Web

40˘ per day

Unlimited daily usage with Evolve Mobile Web service means that you can surf all you want for only 40˘ per day!

A $2.00 set-up charge will apply when activating your Mobile Web.

Prepaid Data Add-Ons

$10/$25/$45 per month

Prepaid Data Add-Ons:
  • $10/month: 100 MBš
  • $25/month: 500 MBš
  • $45/month: 1 GBš
Unlimited Wi-Fi at MTS Wi-Fi Hotspots is included. Data expires at end of 30 days.
Cost for additional data usage: 50˘ per MB outside of Manitoba within Canada (requires account balance).

Text Messaging

Pay Per Use

Canada: You can send and receive text messages to anyone on any major wireless network in Canada.

Text Messaging: 40˘/message sent
Text Messages are always free to receive
Text Messages sent to Email accounts: 40˘/message sent

Media Messaging: 50˘/message

International Text Messages are 40˘ per message sent per recipient


Call Display - Always see who's calling.

Call Waiting - Never miss a call while on the phone.

Conference Calling - Talk to two people at the same time when you have to, or just because you can.

Voice Mail - Lets others leave you a message when you're busy, your phone is off, or you just don't want to answer!

International Calling - Call family and friends all over the world right from your Evolve phone.

Directory Assistance - Directory Assistance is an automated phone service that retrieves phone numbers from our directory listing. Simply dial 411 to use this service. It is available to all Evolve customers for $1.75 per call.

When using Call Waiting, Conference Calling, and retrieving messages from Voice Mail, airtime charges may apply.

Canadian Text Messaging Bundles

$5/$10/$15 per bundleš

  •   $5 - 50 text messages
  • $10 - 250 text messages
  • $15 - 2500 text messages
Non-Canadian messages are not included and are charged per use.
š Text bundles expire with your account balance, so as long as you keep topping up with airtime, your texts will roll forward.