NETGEAR MVBR 1210C Turbo Hub Reviews

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The NETGEAR MVBR 1210C Turbo Hub has an average user review score of 1 Star out of 5 based on 54 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

Not worth it

Reviewed on Friday March 31, 2017 by , Ontraio
Connection speed is just to say there but slightly better then dial-up... Not consistent at all, poor signal quality my old Ericsson turbo hub worked a lot better then this one. Would not recommend it to anyone.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Friday June 17, 2016 by , Markdale On
My turbo hub sucks.I have lost out on tickets because the thing is so slow. I think they make it this way so Bell makes money. The slower it is the longer it takes and Bell cha-ching,cha-ching.
1 Star out of 5

Switch to rogers and save.

Reviewed on Monday May 9, 2016 by , Aberfoyle
I have to use a hub as well. .
Rogers use to have similar plans to bell.
They increased their plans. 100 gig for 145 per month. Still next to nothing compared to the city plans. If you need more you could buy a second hub.
2 Stars out of 5

Bell Turbo Hub Data Usage

Reviewed on Tuesday April 5, 2016 by , Flamborough ON
I switched from Xplornet in Feb 2016, after 13 years, to a Bell TurboHub. Xplornets speeds were down to about 1.5mps and had become unbearable. Bell is over 15mps. Great! On Xplornet our average monthly usage was about 12 gb over previous 24 months. Our first month on Bell it was over 25gb with absolutely no change in usage patterns. We are halfway thru our second month and have already used over 12gb. We are in our 60s, no Netflix, minimal streaming and NO CHANGE in our usage habits, so why is Bell claiming I am using twice as much data as we had over the previous 24 months with Xplornet? I just know I am being ripped off by Bell but cannot prove a thing. This past Sunday we inexplicably used 3.3gb of data while at church, watching golf on TV, and entertaining friends for dinner!!!!
0 Stars out of 5

Bell, same as a black hole

Reviewed on Sunday March 20, 2016 by , Muskoka
Hub worked fine at first now it is junk. Bell claims that the sim card was the problem $25 for a new one, yes you need to pay to have the privilege of getting a bell bill. Bell customer service says that the hub could be faulty, asked if this was Bells best excuse or do they sell faulty hubs just to make money?
Simply put this hub sucks due to the provider.
Good thing there is a no star rating
3 Stars out of 5

Changes in billing

Reviewed on Sunday January 31, 2016 by , Erin, Ontario
I have owned a turbo hub for about 5 years. I am pleased with how it works as we can t get any other type of service in this area, but starting last August each of my bills has shown an overcharge even on days when no one was home. OUR USAGE IS MINIMAL AND HAS NOT INCREASED OVER THE LAST 5 years. I have called in October, November and December to complain and have had three different explanations. WHAT HAS CHANGED AND WHY? DO RURAL USERS PAY SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE..
5 Stars out of 5

Great unit lousy plans

Reviewed on Friday August 7, 2015 by , Severnbridge
Have had the unit for 3 years, no issues the first year, went through 2 SIM cards the second year, bell was good about it, provided the replacement card at no cost to me. This year it seems to be working properly , we use this up at the cottage, for 4 months there really is no other internet options. My only real complaint is that the packages provided by bell are to expensive. It seems to be the real complaint in this entire thread, If bell provided a real set of Internet plans for the current enviroment their flex plan would start at $15 For the first 10Gb and increase by $1per Gb an have a max out at monthly fee of $175.00 for any usage over, today everything is either streamed or has a link that requires bandwidth. It is not reasonable to have bills for bandwidth over $200.00, in the city you can have unlimited packages that are reasonable , there is no reason that there are no options in the rural areas.
0 Stars out of 5

Horrible billing and terrible for my kids

Reviewed on Sunday July 12, 2015 by , Caledon, ON
Finally we moved from our apartment into our newly built house in Caledon. We got a Turbo Hub for our Internet and my wife, teens, and I started using the Internet like we always. We got the bill and it was a good $2,000! We used about 150GB. Horrible! I had to tell my kids that we can't use the Internet much due to the low usage. Everyday now, my teens have been whining and complaining and are going absolutely ballistic! They deserve good Internet, It's their generation! But this is the only service we can get right now! I called up Xplornet which my neighbor who had the exact same experience as me recommended but they are sold out in our area! I hope they become available soon because all of us want Internet and my teens are getting worse by the day!
0 Stars out of 5

Turbo Hub

Reviewed on Wednesday July 1, 2015 by , Tiny township
I purchased the Turbo Hub in 2011 on recommendation of Bell representative. We have very week signal in Tiny.The Hub was disconnecting, was very slow and after many complains the tech department manage to clear the problems. My big surprise was the billing. It did show me to be on the internet for 5-6hours and mainly at night. It did surprise me as I am older and go to bed at 9 PM. I always turn of the computer and my hub so I complained again. Someone else had to be connected to my Hub. When complaining, I was ridiculed, told by the service reps I must be forgetting turning of the Hub. Someone there even suggested it might be my cell that I do not own. After the last complain, my Hub was set so it only works when I click the browser. It takes long time to get started, it disconnects me again and on the weekends when the summer visitors come, there are no weekends on the internet. It is too busy. So I dare to complain again. And what do you know? My download speed was decreased from the 1.85 to plain 0.82. I asked for a discount or outdoor antenna but the Bell escalation complaint team member called me and told me there is nothing that can be done, discount cannot be given in this case because it takes month to fix the problem and I have the option to find another provider. Bell is obviously very aware of the problem they have in our township but choose do not address it. Stay away from this product.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday June 28, 2015 by , Ootoks Alberta
0 Stars out of 5

Dishonesty from Bell

Reviewed on Tuesday April 21, 2015 by , Brechin, Ontario
I went for the Bell Turbo Hub. I used Bell's data calculator to determine that my usage was well below the 40G maximum for the turbo hub (after that it is $4 per G over a month). The data calculator on their website was in error by X3 at least and I am paying more than twice what I was with Portable internet also from bell.(They had discontinued the Portable internet service and forced me to make a change) Based on this data calculator on the Bell website I decided to enter the 2 year deal for the Turbo Hub. Bell is dishonest. The data consumption is way over what their calculator said it would be. After about 40 years of being a Bell customer....I am done with Bell. Dishonesty!
0 Stars out of 5

Don't even try it

Reviewed on Thursday April 2, 2015 by , Canada
I live in rural ontario. Don't have many options for internet. I currently use Rogers, but it is expensive. But it does work. Thought I would try this hub. They told me on the phone I could try it out and if I wasn't satisfied I could get a full refund. I returned it January 2, 2015. It is now April 2nd and still trying to get my refund!! The unit was slow and didn't even come close to the speed and reliability that I have with Rogers. I'm not a big Rogers fan either, but like I said I'm limited.
0 Stars out of 5

Class Action Law Suit?

Reviewed on Monday March 30, 2015 by , Brigden Ontario
My parents have been using the Bell Mobility Turbo Hub for some time now. Last year my father started asking me why his bill was so expensive (hundreds of dollars a month). Unfortunately they were too busy and not really paying attention as they had automatic payments set up. I started going through their bill history and realized that sometime in 2013/2014 they started having regular bills in the few hundred dollar a month range. I called Bell while home at Christmas of 2014 and they weren't terribly helpful. They did give my dad a rebate of some kind to keep him happy, and asked us to keep better track of their usage. My parents unplugged the router for 3 months while down south, and now they have just plugged it in again last week. Their online billing shows that yesterday, 1.5GB of data was used, similar to other stories... no one home all day! I've been trying to get the Turbo Hub to monitor and block traffic based on limits. For some reason it won't save settings in that particular category. Very strange. I've gone through every device in the house and verified that no updates were downloaded yesterday. Based on our experience, and the various accounts on this site, it seems like their billing counters may be questionable. I'm sure that they have hundreds or even thousands of customers using these devices, one has to wonder how much "extra" they are charging in total across the board. What a scam. If people were coordinated enough they should file a class action law suit. My parents can't get rid of this thing soon enough.
1 Star out of 5

Avoid at all costs

Reviewed on Sunday January 18, 2015 by , London Ontario
Incredibly unreliable speeds with frequent drop outs.
Billing is outrageously expensive.
Customer service ???? What customer service?
Run away from this absolutely useless productů
4 Stars out of 5

good router

Reviewed on Friday January 16, 2015 by , ontario
The router itself is of good quality. Works well in all the ways I use it, including as a (hardwire) gaming switch. Wifi quality is decent but not great. signal reception is usualy good. I average 5M dowload in a rather rural (not the boonies) area.

It seems everyone is so busy bashing Bell, they don't know how good a router they have!

My only complaints are against Bell Mobility. First, they have an unlock code on the router that I can't get unless i buy it from Bell for $75. Second The bandwith that I get is lousy for the money they charge.
0 Stars out of 5

HUGE Rip Off!!!!!

Reviewed on Tuesday December 16, 2014 by , Canada
I spent almost 4 hours talking to Bell about how expensive this piece of junk is, and that if the rep guy would have explained the `real costs`top me,
I would have ran the other way.!!!
Bell will NOT give me any better plan, no matter what.
They said you got, you now have a 2 year plan, so deal with it, and they hung up on me 3 times.

I called to ask for supervisors, and they just kept giving me the run-around.

Worse customer service ever !!!!!!

I am completely dissatisfied with the service I received on the phone with them.
0 Stars out of 5

NETGEAR MVBR 1210C is a Decent Router

Reviewed on Friday December 12, 2014 by , Ottawa, Ontario
As stated in pretty much every other review so far, the Bell Turbo Hub (and equivalent Rogers service) is a "rip off". I was forced to switch to this service when Bell discontinued their WiMax network (Rural 1 Mb?) . I didn't know how good we had it with WiMax until the first couple of Turbo Hub bills started rolling in. We've suffered with Bell Turbo Hub for about 2 years were I rationed out bandwidth in increments of 300 Mb per day to avoid +$300 bills.

Just a few months ago, Xplornet Xtreme5 became available, so after testing Xplornet's service for a few weeks (under the 30 day guarantee), I switched to Xplornet and am happy with the new service (100 Gb per month bandwidth!)

Anyway, the Netgear MVBR 1210C modem/router is decent enough; I am still using it with the Xplornet service since it's a dual-WAN router, i.e. the output of the Xplornet provided modem connects to the Ethernet WAN port of the Netgear. The WiFi range on the Netgear is a bit weak, i.e. we have trouble receiving a signal upstairs with handsets, but my laptop has no problems receiving a strong signal from 120' away.

I also recall the Netgear having some sort of limitation in connecting to e-mail servers, i.e. I couldn't configure the Netgear to send out an e-mail when the configured monthly bandwidth limit was hit.

Finally, DD-WRT (free Linux-based firmware) is NOT available for the Netgear MVBR 1210C.

Giving 0 stars for the Bell Turbo Hub Service, and 3 stars for the Netgear modem/router.
4 Stars out of 5

Rate the product not the service

Reviewed on Wednesday December 10, 2014 by , Yorkton, SK
All these reviews are about Bell, not the router itself. I am trying to find out how the product is. That's what this site is about. From what I can see, it works great! Even without an antenna in it still picks up and puts out better than my phone with a hotspot.

I need upload speed because of the Internet broadcasting I do and it seems to be the only product that can give me enough inside arenas that have little cell service.
0 Stars out of 5

Bummed out with Bell

Reviewed on Tuesday November 11, 2014 by , Lethbridge
We have been a Bell Turbo Hub since 2011,fairly satisfied with the service an price until this summer.
We were on a plan paying $60 - 70 per month from when we started until May of this year. We had been on holidays in May and missed our monthly payment. When we received our June bill, it was for over $800. We contacted Bell and was told our usage had gone up over our plan limit and that is what we owed them even though we had been out of the country for 2 weeks. We paid the bill and stopped doing anything on the internet but checking weather and e-mails. We changed our password. Our next months bill was still over $300. Several calls to Bell Customer Service and Technical Support was less than helpful. When we said we were going to have to change internet providers, they suggested that might be a good thing to do. The August bill was still over $300 and we cancelled service. We are now with Xplornet paying $67 / month for next to unlimited service. Goodbye Bell forever.
1 Star out of 5

Bell did not represent the service properly

Reviewed on Monday September 22, 2014 by , Buckhorn, ont
Purchased a cottage and wanted internet service so went with this router from Bell. The service is really slow (3.6 max), drops out continually and is very expensive. I would not recommend this router for rural settings.
0 Stars out of 5

Turbo Hub should be listed in the record books for World's Worst ripoff fraud

Reviewed on Wednesday July 16, 2014 by , Caledon, ON
Back in 2009, Bell gave us a discount on this Portable 512kbps wireless Internet service. All you had to do was plug it into the wall and at least one light was lit up, you had Internet. However, 512kbps was quite slow and my YouTube videos and most sites would take their time to load. As tie went on, it got slower and slower. But it was always unlimited. By 2011, we had it. We needed faster Internet so we went to Bell's site and saw that the Turbo Hub service was available at our house. We went for it but didn't realize that it was really mobile Internet. We started using it and were happy to finally have fast Internet. It was good Internet until we got the bill. Our bill was $200. We called Bell and asked them how it happened and they explained that we only had 3GBs per month and the more we use the more expensive. I was told I wasn't allowed to go to YouTube, Netflix, download large files, or anything but read news articles. I was so angry. It was was probably the worst summer ever! We couldn't go back to our old service because we were in a 3 year contract. For three whole years, I was rarely ever allowed to use the Internet. I had to suffer. Plus, I think Bell was dishonest with their metering because it said we used 1GB when no one was home! Just last year, our contract ended and we went with Xplornet which I find to go a bit faster than the Turbo Hell! Xplornet is reliable, we get enough bandwidth, and it goes at reasonable speeds. Plus, it's metered properly. When we setup our Wi-Fi with Xplornet, we named it "WeHateBellCanada". We will never deal with Bell again!
1 Star out of 5

Any success stories with turbo hub?

Reviewed on Friday April 11, 2014 by , Toronto
Hi - has anyone had a good experience with Bell turbo hub in a rural area? I'm a new cottage owner considering it, in the area north of Kingston, Ont.
2 Stars out of 5

Fine by wouldn't again

Reviewed on Monday January 20, 2014 by , Canada
I purchased this Hub due to where I live. If you have other options they might be better.
Bell mobile says the speed is 15mbs but their speed test tops out at 7mbs. I have an antenna and aimed right at the tower. Call bell tecs monthly when speed gets real poor and complain then call bell billing on the 25th of every month with ticket number to get a reduction. I get half the speed that they quote.
0 Stars out of 5

Blue Robbery

Reviewed on Monday December 9, 2013 by , SW Ontario
Six months in with this piece of e-waste, I told Bell to cut me loose, but that comes with a $400 "Early Termination Charge", had it with Bell Mobility. All I can recommend is if you are thinking of going into one of their stores to bring home a turbo hub, just keep slamming the car door on your hand until the urge to go in goes away
1 Star out of 5

This will leave a mark

Reviewed on Thursday November 21, 2013 by , South River, Ontario
Well, I live 4.5 km's from a small town on the Hwy 11 corridor. Internet access is a problem for anyone beyond the reach of dsl even though our government has spent millions setting up a wireless backbone in the area> not here in South River though. So, I was left with little choice but the turbo hub. In order to actually receive a signal I had to buy an antenna ($250 w/cable mounts etc...) and a cell phone booster (I already had it but they are around $400. Do I have internet? Yes but with caveats. The speeds are rather irregular depending on the weather because the only tower I can point at with some measure of success appears to be 17 km away. So the speeds vary from 1.0 to 3.5 mb/s. Which doesn't really bother me having survived dial-up. My biggest complaint is the pricing. I am paying a ridiculous amount for under 10 gigs a month>> more than $100. Put it this way >> I had dsl in town and now 4 km away I pay 3 times more money for 1/20th the usage. It is a sad state of affairs especially when you realize how much money the government has spent on a wireless backbone which still doesn't exist in communities along the only highway around. Pathetic. And as for Bell >> I wouldn't hold my breath on improvements by that travesty of an organization >>one day I will have options other than Bell and when that day comes they will lose me as a customer permanently. Even if they offered me free service I would relish in saying "no thanks"
0 Stars out of 5

rip off

Reviewed on Monday September 9, 2013 by , Canada
i got a 1600 buck bill from bell saying someone was on the net all day but noone home allday i recomend that you dont waste your money also bell said its my fault because i didnt unplug the hub dailey like they told me to i work hard and they try to clean you out RIP OFF not getting a dime from me showed hundreds the bill they pissed their pants laughing BELL CANADA IS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF
2 Stars out of 5

Not worth the price

Reviewed on Saturday August 31, 2013 by , Jordan
I got the Bell Turbo hub as a last resort. I'm currently renting a house in a more rural area where DSL is not an option. I get decent speeds but the price is just horrible. You don't get much data either for what you are paying, and if you go over 15GB you will pay an extra $10 per GB on top of $105 for using up 15GB. I would recommend looking into Xplorenet if you are planning on staying at your current residence for longer than 2 years (they make you go into a contract). Still you get a better deal with Xplorenet. Bell has been ripping Canadians off for a long time and I'm only using the turbo hub because it's a last resort. When I do move I will be switching my ISP right away.
0 Stars out of 5

Mad at Bell

Reviewed on Sunday May 5, 2013 by , nova scotia
Used a Bell Turbo Hub wireless router 14 months , paid all of their overuse charges , then they started having trouble with the local tower . Of course they assumed it was my fault (at first). Turned out to be the tower .After three weeks of no service , and no word when it would be back on line , I had to switch servers . You, guessed it , I'm being billed $200.00 cancellation fee. Jerks.
0 Stars out of 5

Too expensive!!! Rip off!!!

Reviewed on Friday April 19, 2013 by , Caledon, ON
I live in Caledon, ON where you can not get cable. For the longest time, we had dial-up. It was way too slow. Then, we upgraded to a Portable Wi-Max 512kbps. At first, the speeds were fast enough. After a year, it became too slow. We needed high-speed.

In July 2011, we upgraded to this Turbo Hub service. I have to give credit, the speeds are fair. At first, we loved the Turbo Hub service. It was great to get high-speed.

Then, we got our first bill... It was about $100.00. The reason it was so high is because, every month, you get 3GBs for $45. That is way too little. You go over it so fast and then you have to pay $55 if you use 5GB. If you go over 5GB you pay $75 just ridiculous. After you go over 10GB, you pay $90 and after 15GBs you pay $10 per GB you use. One time, our Internet bill was $300!

If you are moving or live in the country and you are in need of high speed, I STRONGLY suggest you do not get this service unless you are a millionaire. Not to mention that this isn't even Internet. This is mobility. We found it advertised under Internet services. That is false advertising! Promise to not take this fraud!

Bell has been ripping us off for years now ever since the 70s when we moved to Caledon. We are sick of it! If you are the C.E.O of Bell or a a Bell associate, you can do us a BIG favor! Our 3 year contract in over in July... You can give us the cancellation number to cancel our home phone, satellite TV and our Turbo Hell. Oops... I mean *Hub. We will be getting our Internet from Xplornet, Tv from Shaw Satellite, and Comwave home phone.

Also, the Turbo Hub is suppose to go at even faster speeds than it does. I did a speed test, it goes 3mbps. Our neighbors have the 5mbps package from Xplornet. We compared speeds. Our neighbors got 6mbps.

This is the biggest rip-off service we ever had and we can't wait for July for our contract to be over! Since July is near, we would like to say in advance, "GOODBYE BELL!"
1 Star out of 5

P.O'd at Bell Too

Reviewed on Wednesday February 20, 2013 by , Flamborough
I too am p***ed at Bell. Been a customer for years (and years) and I'm still being held hostage to Bells 3GB limit. When I moved to the country (rural area) Bell had satilite service but when I finally moved and wanted to switch, I was told that they were discontinuing there Satilite internet serivce in 6-months and as such I couldn't sign up.

Well, I lived with dial up for years till I finally was provided cell serivce in my area. When the signal strength was finally boosted, I got thei Turbo Hub. It changed our lives from living on dial up.

However, I run my own buisness from home and my internet bill is crazy. I don't download movies or anything that would be considered high usage. But just running my buisness kill smy monthly limits. I can't expand my buisness because of it.

This rural internet issue needs to be fixed as it is killing Canada's market advantage. I have competitors in the US that are kicking my ass because I'm constantly monitoring my internet usage, hosting websites on third party services, and dealing with all the headaches that brings. If I could host my own servers I'd be on top. My fear is that by the time Rural internet is fixed, I may be squeesed out of business.

Wake up Bell (and all the others cariers) and CRTC, Canada is very quickly falling well behind. I used to be a staunch supporter of Canadian companies, but I can't wait till the big US telecom companies are allowed into Canada. Bell and the others need to be knocked off their monopolies once and for all.
3 Stars out of 5

Approaching 2 years of Use

Reviewed on Saturday February 9, 2013 by , South of Guelph
Point Form:
- User since Apr 2011.
- First 3 months, switched 2 units, 1 sim card and as per reviews, nothing really solved and really think too much guessing from inexperienced customer service.

- July 2011
- All of a sudden, perfect service & Happy Camper since.
- Per Bell, tinkered with local tower 2km to west.

- previous satelite user and would never go back at present address.

- Present 'Issue' - In almost 2 yrs, NO Change in 15GB max Plan Size. We are constantly told that Bell has the BEST & FASTEST Network. Fibe has incredible plan sizes BUT NO CHANGE WITH TURBO HUB !!!

Lastly, It is disappointing to think that in 2013, Rural folks still have issues receiving quality High Speed Internet when dial up is sooooooo ancient history, like 2005 eh !!!!!!!!!!!!. (Maybe Premier Dad's replacement, Kathleen (should we call her premier MOM), might help us since she wants to 'connect' with us rural folks by being the Ag minister in addition to her day job !!!)

I hope some of my experiences with both Turbo Hub and Satelite are of use in your choice of High Speed internet provider.
2 Stars out of 5

Disapointed Bell customer.

Reviewed on Friday November 23, 2012 by , Vars, Ontario
I have the NetGear Turbo Hub and have had to re-boot it or re-seat the card a number of times to get it to work. for 4 days now, I hasn't worked and the the people at the Bell "help line" are poweless to help me except to say the problem has been excalated. When I asked what has been done so far, I was told they don't know, and can't tell me anyway because it's been escalated and I'm not allowed to talk to the's "Internal" i'm told. Faced with this type of answer, you chuckle and start looking at options with different companies who value their customers a bit more....
1 Star out of 5

Turbo money sucker

Reviewed on Tuesday November 20, 2012 by , Caledon Ontario
I had Bell rural internet for some years. It was a flat rate of 50.00 an month, no limits... they summarily cancelled that and the only option we had was the turbohub...BIG mistake. The sales rep said that we would not go over the maximum of 3gb as a normal family of 2..well paying bills, email and "some" web surfing had us in the 10gb range.The bill now around 100.00 a month. Even as a long term Bell customer, no relieve, so I paid the early termination fee and will go to satellite..way cheaper.
1 Star out of 5

Intermittent Heart Ache

Reviewed on Wednesday November 14, 2012 by , Echo Bay On
Our only option for internet is wireless. IN 2011 we changed from a turbo stick to a turbo hub thinking we would be able to skype with the grand kids, something that I could do with my wife when she was working in Italy for 5 months when we had the turbo stick. We have a tower a little over 4 kilometers from us and the only time we get decent service is when the leaves are off the trees. It is never fast enough to skype. With frequent drops and slow service it is absolutely maddening to try and work or do online banking. I only wish there was another option.
0 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday November 13, 2012 by , napanee, ont
bought this hub in nov 10 after moving to napanee, what a BIG BIG MISTAKE moving here. the hub is a waste of money, have to keep calling reps and last time said cant do no more for you paying for a service which sucks 1/2 the time have no internet service what so ever. live in marmora why back in the boondocks and had a bell modeum work awesome but cant get a modeum here in napanee and bewteen 2 large cities told it was a marketing issuse. but bell doesnt care as long as they get their money each month for a terrible service, the speed is like working with a turtle. anyways NOT A GOOD UNIT FOR INTERNET unless right on top of tower for signal. but what choice do we have when you live in the country. nothing
1 Star out of 5

Good Went Bad

Reviewed on Wednesday October 24, 2012 by , Rocky Rapids
I got this device about a week ago and thought it was the solution and for the first 3 or 4 days it preformed as advertised. After this period it slowed down to a crawl and now it takes a good 10 minutes to load the Google home page witch is no better than Dial Up.
1 Star out of 5

Unhappy Bell customer

Reviewed on Wednesday August 15, 2012 by , Iona Station ON
Living in the country has its benefits, and disadvantages, limited access and successful access to the internet. After speaking at length to customer rep at a Bell store, opted to switch from a bell turbo stick to a bell Turbo hub...worst and most frustrating option I have taken. After returning 2 turbo hubs, relacing the sim card and still cannot access the internet. After speaking with technical line, a couple of Customer reps did try and help, others I was disappointed to hear them say there is nothing they can do, I can opt to cancel my contract for approx $400 and the contract I signed indicates there is no guarantee in their product or sorry you we can do no more. I am very disappointed in Bell not trying to help or at least offering another option to access the internet
5 Stars out of 5

Excellent Choice.

Reviewed on Wednesday August 1, 2012 by , Westport , Ontario
Let me cut to the chase. The only way that I thought to get high speed internet in, "the sticks", where I live was to put up a small tower and a line of sight micro wave unit at a cost of about $1000 and an astronomical cost every month; until I went in to talk to the people at Bell who suggested that I try the Netgear product. The consultant that I discussed at length about this product told me that if cell phone reception for either Kodo or Telus was good that this unit should work very well because the antenna is much stronger in the unit and I could also purchase an optional antenna if I did not get the signal strength that I needed. Take it and try it for a specified amount of time and if it does not work, bring it back for a full refund. To my surprise, I took the unit to the sticks, started it up and it worked. Signal strength solid BLUE. This is the color that you are looking for. Tried Netflix and a bunch of other stuff and WOW!.. This thing is very fast. I even demonstrated how fast it was to someone who is hardwired to another provider. He will be changing to Bell shortly. Connected all my wireless devices to this unit with ease. Nice to see something work as advertised. To those people who posted with bad reviews, Blue lights on the display panel are good. As explained to me, signal strength and throughput will degade depending on the color of the LED display.

Also as explained to me. Do not buy the unit. Take out a three year contract and test it first. Read the fine print.

So far for us, it has performed at the highest throughput and even through a thunder storm when the satellite dish went out.
3 Stars out of 5

Bell Turbohub follow up

Reviewed on Tuesday July 31, 2012 by , Toronto
Further to my previous email, I had to return three Turbohubs to the Bell store before finding two (reconditioned) that work. With these two, I can now report that I received a good quality signal in Craigleith near Collingood,ON, from Bell as long as the unit pointed out a second floor south window. Near Port Carling, ON, the quality is good now but the Turbohub has to be pointed north to find the Bell signal. Also, the signal in Toronto is good.
I am still annoyed to !,find that Bell only warrants the Turbohub for a year on a three year contract. The standard POT (plain old (black) telephone) lasted a lifetime. Other reviews indicate the Turbohub won't last three years.
While the sales staff at Bell store knew nothing about the Turbohub, the technician was very helpful throughout.Temporary 3 stars.
1 Star out of 5

Discouraging service with Bell Turbohub

Reviewed on Tuesday May 29, 2012 by , Toronto, ON.
I had used Bell Wii and wasn't pleased. Bell store said new Turbohub was the answer. We have two Turbohubs, one in Toronto and one for use in Muskoka and Collingwood(i.e.seasonal). Both seemed to work at the start then cutouts and drops took over.Now neither service seem to work. Went to Bell store where purchased to learn Turbohubs have a one year warranty. I note Bell sold me each on a TWO and THREE year contract respectively. Bell employees knew nothing about Hub, quote "we only sell them".Bell couldn't solve problem. Tried NetGear (the equipment), still no solution. Hopeless deal.
I cannot recoomend this product or the related service.
1 Star out of 5

Dropped Connections

Reviewed on Thursday May 3, 2012 by , Navan
In February 2012, we were switched to the Bell Turbo Hub, since Bell portable was being discontinued in our area. We have been very unhappy with the service. There are many, many dropped connections, especially from 2 pm to 10 pm. Weekends are equally erratic. The service is extremely slow (generally less than .5 kbps down) and many pages time out. Despite regular calls to Bell and getting a variety of explanations as to the problems, the service has not improved. I would not recommend this internet service.
1 Star out of 5

Very inconsistent performance

Reviewed on Saturday April 14, 2012 by , Tiny Township
Recently moved from city with high speed cable to rural with turbo hub. Need it for work so had external antenae installed on the roof. Performance has been spotty and inconsistent, ranging from really bad (0.2 Mbps) to tolerable (2 Mbps). Signal light is green (shows about -91 db in status most of the time). Complaining to bell consistently (call them every day you get bad performance and complain that you're paying for high speed) resulted in some improvements. One phone tech guy said there were a lot of problem reports in my area. Eventually they start blaming it on the hub and I just had the hub replaced. Flakey performance seems much the same.

Basically I believe their towers are not designed to handle all the cell + network traffic simultaneously. When cell phones are active in your area your performance suffers since voice traffic probably takes priority over data. Tracert often shows 0.5 to 5 second delays in their tower servers (first few hops).

They really oversold this technology and are gouging us by claiming it's high-speed always.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday January 30, 2012 by , Ottawa
Had Explornet,CRAP. Have the Bell MBR1210 Turbo Hub,Awesome. Speed test 7.5 Mps (download), 1.2 Mps (upload) and this is rural with clear line a site to tower. Only downfall when it snows signal drops. Very happy with this product.
1 Star out of 5

Check your distance from Bell antena first

Reviewed on Monday September 12, 2011 by , Dunnville Ontario
I purchase the Bell Turbo Hub in May 2011 as we needed internet connection for our mew cottage in Dunnville. I'd read a few reviews and they were not very favorable, but needed internet connection. Satellite was too slow. Well from the get-go the connection was horrible. could not connect to pages half the time there and this was all weekend usage. I contacted bell and they advised me that my cottage was 14KM away from the nearest tower which is really way too far. I asked about the outdoor antenna and was advised it might help but no guarantees. I shelled out another $200 for this antenna, there were maybe a 5% improvement but not enough to make a difference. I've brought back the external antenna but since I purchased the hub, I was stuck with it. I'm now looking for new alternatives.
2 Stars out of 5

Despite promo, not a backup for cable

Reviewed on Sunday August 14, 2011 by , Bragg Creek Alberta
1. it works out of the box.
2. wifi works well.

1. Does not work when configured to use WAN and cable modem first with wireless as backup. Once so configured, will not work at all until reset. Bell say call Netgear, Netgear say call Bell.
2. speed much slower than advertised, maybe marginal coverage, maybe congestion, who knows? DL from 0.24 to 3.59 MBPS, mostly less than 2, UL 0.57 - 0.9.
3. totally useless here on weekends when the area fills up with visitors with phones turned on.
1 Star out of 5

Bell Netgear Turbo Hub: Dont' but into it!

Reviewed on Friday July 29, 2011 by , Alberta
I bought this product 12 days ago and it doesn't work well at all. When I contacted Bell, they told me to try it at another location to see it maybe it was the reception of the towers from my house. I did that and it did seem to work better 200m down the road. That didn't help my situation at home. I called them again...they told me (after about an hour on hold) to try out an antenna from this company (though I have no way to ask them to let me try out a piece of hardware from there, wierd, would any electronic store let you do that? No.)So, the receipt is only good for return within 14 days, who knows what Bell's policy is...We'll see what they say when I try and return it. The funny thing is, I was going to switch all my services to Bell, not anymore! No way...I don't want to get scammed on all my services. Ugh...don't EVER do it!!!Learn from my mistake :(
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Friday July 22, 2011 by , toronto
another bell scam
works worse than my wind stick(and that is bad)at 4X the price!!!!
I have tried four computers,multiple locations,,,all slow to awful with frequent disconnects.
what a joke.
1 Star out of 5

Was good, now terrible

Reviewed on Thursday July 14, 2011 by , Belleville
Replaced my turbo stick with this hub.
It was working alright with bandwidth tests of over 1mbs and upload of 650kbs, and this is what I was expecting.
Over the past 5 months it has progressively gotten slower during the evening and weekends (prime times). Working as a network admin I have had to switch 5 of our users from the turbo stick to a Rogers Sticks/Rocket Hub. Bell's wireless network in our area is overloaded despite what the guy from India says. I even went as far as getting an external antenna which did nothing as I already have a good signal. I would suggest trying another service provider before going with Bell. Support sucks, billing sucks, and now there network sucks.
3 Stars out of 5

Yahoo problems

Reviewed on Wednesday July 13, 2011 by , Cardiff, Ontario
I started using this 2 weeks ago. I spend my time between here and Toronto, and have been paying for 2 Sympatico services. I am averaging about 3.5mbps but sometimes it is only 1.5. I use an outdoor antenna connection which is why my speed is up to par. There is a big problem with using Yahoo email over this unit. I get the incoming emails, but was not able to reply to them, start new emails, or get my contact list. I have not trouble with hi speed telephone modems, but when I use the Netgear the above problem occurs. The only way I have been able to overcome it is to switch back to a previous version, and then there is not problem. Yahoo, nor Bell will accept the fact that there is a problem, so what else is new, they just blame each other. Lucky I was persistent. They will tell you it does not make sense (and I agree) but none the less it happens. Overall the routing to other users in the house is no problem. It will be interesting to see how this is going to operate in Toronto.
1 Star out of 5

Was good at first

Reviewed on Saturday July 9, 2011 by , Conn, Ontario
We have had a turbo hub for 6months. Before this we had dial up because we're in a rural area. We were nervous about buying the unit for $350, but the sales rep said "Go home and try it, you can return if you don't like it". It worked great, for 6 months. Nobody mentioned that one day, all of a sudden, it would stop working. Technically though according to Bell it isn't a major issue because we can still get online ...even though it's so slow that you can't click through to any pages or open any pages without them timing out. We virtually can do nothing - no online banking, no uploading of pics, etc., and have had numerous and conflicting explanations as to why from the bell "support" line. One guy told us we are in a "marginal coverage" area. He also told us he had escalated our issue and that we shouldn't go online for the next 12 hrs. It was not better after 12 hrs, and the next call centre support guy told us we were not in a marginal coverage area and that it might be a "congestion" issue - and that it may or may not be permanent. He also told me the first guy had NOT escalated our issue at all, and that HE was going to. All I know is that the "ping" test that should take 23 milliseconds is taking an average of 2,000 milliseconds, and we now have to drive 15 minutes to get to the closest internet connection where we can actually do anything. We have been unable to do anything for almost a week. At this point I am rating it 1 star because there isn't a no star option.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday July 5, 2011 by , wyevale, Ontario
We purchased the hub in January this year. It was not super speedy, but we were happy. Since June, we have no internet on the weekends or holidays and hardly any in the evenings. Morning is good. I suspect it has something to do with number of calls in the area. This is holiday location. Any thoughts?
5 Stars out of 5

Finally, real highspeed in the sticks!

Reviewed on Tuesday June 21, 2011 by , Canada
We've been using this since Feb after using an EVDO USB stuck for a couple of years.

This is waaaay faster (4MBps) and cheaper (30$ after bundle discount). - it was 150$ with a 2 year contract.

Not a true replacement for the DSL we had when living in the city where we had a 50Gbyte per month cap. 30$ gets to 3Gbytes - which is fine for the email and web surfing we do, plus the occasional ipod app download and some youtube. No Netflicks and bittorrents on this plan :-)

The Netgear router makes it easy to track where you are in your 3Gbytes and will redirect your web browser if you exceed the limit you set. It's easy to bump up the limit if you want to pay the extra 10$ for 2 more Gig. 15$ for the next 5 gig (total of 10 Gig/month). and don't worry, so far Bell's count is about 85% of what the router thinks e.g. we've gone to 5.3Gig one month according to the Netgear but Bell only counted 4.8Gig so we only got charged 10$ extra.
5 Stars out of 5

Quite satisfied

Reviewed on Tuesday April 26, 2011 by , Ontario 5k south Montebello PQ tower
Have only used it for about 5 days but am getting about 3.5 mbs. Very easy to use, consistent and reliable.
1 Star out of 5

Turbo Hub

Reviewed on Tuesday April 19, 2011 by , 127
In the Clearview area the turbo hub is useless!