NetComm 3G10WVR Rocket Hub Reviews

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The NetComm 3G10WVR Rocket Hub has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

Besoin d'antenne extérieure

Reviewed on Sunday July 3, 2011 by , Montreal, Quebec
Relativement efficace à l'ajout d'une antenne extérieure si vous êtes un peu éloigné. L'appareil surchauffe, et il faut souvent éteindre et rallumer pour renouveller la connexion. La communication devient alors très rapide. Il reste que la bande passante est assez limitée. Mais pour utiliser Skype et regarder de courtes vidéos, ça devrait aller dans le 3 Go permis par Rogers dans le forfait de base. Premier mois d'utilisation, donc à confirmer!
2 Stars out of 5

Stability issues, DNS, etc.

Reviewed on Monday May 9, 2011 by , Bromont, QC, Canada
At first we liked the idea of having our phone/data systems connected to a wireless service. Then we realized that our fax wouldn't work on the NetComm, due to the analog-digital conversion of audio. Next issue was the modem's stability. The phone service would sometimes be down, without the modem giving any indication of a problem; after a reboot, the phone worked again. Repeat 3-4 times per week.

Our network provider had a VERY BAD DNS SERVICE, so in order to navigate the web, we had to switch to a public DNS. We used Google's at and, and noticed an immediate decrease in failed webpages.

Last issue was related to the data service. We were limited to 5/7/10+ GB per month and had to pay extras if we used more than 10 GB. We tried everything but kept using 12-15 GB per month, which cost us approx. 115$ per bill. Since the upload/download speed and lag were subpar (medium speed at best), we canceled our subscription.
4 Stars out of 5

Simple Fix

Reviewed on Sunday December 26, 2010 by , GTA Ontario Canada
Good unit but flawed DNS. The problems with this NetComm Rogers Rocket Hub can be fixed by changing the default DNS server. Open your web browser and enter default login info is admin for both boxes, then go to Advanced menu >DNS > uncheck box Use Automatic... > new lines appear for Primary and Secondary DNS. This is a good site for picking fast free DNS servers.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday December 14, 2010 by , montreal
Je ne sais pas si c'est pcq je suis dans un demi sous-sol, mais ici, ça ne marche pas très bien. Le signal est à Low et à 2G. Finalement, c'est aussi long à loader qu'en 2002! Déçu. Je ne sais pas si le Ericson est meilleur???
3 Stars out of 5

Potentially Good

Reviewed on Wednesday September 29, 2010 by , Alberta
Many of the units drop the DNS at random. Ours started out doing this once a day, then began doing it more and more often until we were having to reset the internet connection ever 3-4 minutes.

Dropping the DNS means that you are still connected to the internet, but you cannot resolve any new domain names' IP addresses. So if you are already connected to something like MSN, or a game, it doesn't matter if the DNS is dropped, you can keep using it. But if you try to access something new, you won't be able to without resetting the connection and getting the DNS back.

If this issue is solved, or the unit you get doesn't have it, then it would be a great alternative for internet in small towns.
2 Stars out of 5

Upload Speed

Reviewed on Saturday July 24, 2010 by , Canada
Upload speed is very, very, sloooow!