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The ZTE Reef has an average user review score of 1 Star out of 5 based on 1 review.

1 Star out of 5

Absolutely terrible

Reviewed on Monday December 29, 2014 by , Cali
HORRIBLE phone. It's slow, it crashes constantly, apps on it crash all the time too... Really it's only a decent phone if you want to just call and text, and even those features barely work on it. Battery life is terrible as well. I went through quite a few charges a day. Usually it wasn't even able to charge to 100%, and when it did, it would be down to at least 92% in about 5 minutes. One time the battery even jumped down about 30%. It's several Android versions behind, which is VERY inconvenient. Call quality is decent, but barely. The camera is just awful too. Very far behind compared to every other smartphone that's come out recently. It's EXTREMLY slow. Literally everything I did on it lagged, ranging from simply typing, opening apps, and even scrolling up or down. I could go on and on about how bad this phone is, and I really have no good thing to say about it other than it's good for if you have virtually no other option