ZTE Overture 3

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US: Cricket Wireless


November 2017


  • Quad-core processor
  • Mobile hotspot compatible
  • Android 7.1 Nougat operating system
  • 5 MP camera with flash and HD video
  • 2 MP front-facing camera with HD video

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5 Stars out of 5

SURPRISE and it's all good. ***** five star*****

Reviewed on Monday January 29, 2018 by , Michigan
I don't do reviews but I felt compelled to do one for this new ZTE since I was just looking to see what others had to say and there were no reviews for it.
I got this phone as a replacement for my LG that quick working...well the camera did.
And I need a camera for my work.
Anyways the phone is from Chricket...it was cheap to upgrade.I had no choice needed a phone ASAP.
Anyways, what a nice surprise I was expecting these ZTE's to be junk....just the opposite.
It's a very nice phone....One and Two sucked...never looked or felt good.
The LG's and Samsungs were always a better option for the free ones or basement prices.
This ZTE model 3 is great!
No kidding...it's loaded with cool features.
Easy and light weight..looks the same as my LG.
But has many features the LG was missing.
I am very happy with this phone and I should know.
I go through them like crazy.
This is the best one yet.
When you go to switch phone or upgrade give this one a second look. I think you will be impressed.
It's a big improvement from their previous models.
And better then any low end LG or Samsung...and I like those guys.
BIG BANG for the BUCK!!!
Hope this helps in your next decision.