Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman Phone Reviews

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The Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman Phone has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 17 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

Who needs data phones?

Reviewed on Sunday August 22, 2010 by , Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Over 3 years now......looked to replace it but don't want to pay for internet. Will maybe look for a better camera. Sony now has an 8 MP camera. But the reviews are not good on sound quality when talking. Stick with what works. Great phone!
4 Stars out of 5

Goes dead unpredictably

Reviewed on Friday August 21, 2009 by , California/Costa Rica/British Columbia

Like the phone in general.. had it for maybe going on three years now?? camera has replaced my more expensive digitals.. not perfect pictures, but very convenient in most lighting situations.. dont really use the music stuff much anymore.. used to..

My complaint with it is that I can't seem to find any way to keep the phone in a useable mode.. sleeping would be okay.. but this thing goes off totally in about 10 or 15 seconds! Then when I want to make a call. I have to go through the whole process of unlocking. and menu /dialogue stuff.. I don't recall that it was always this bad... wondering if there is some way to set it up differently.. have looked at settings .. no joy.. would sure like it better if I could leave it running when I want to and turn it off at my discretion.. seems a simple thing, but who knows how/? Jay
5 Stars out of 5

Excellent phone

Reviewed on Saturday May 16, 2009 by , toronto
I have had this phone for 3 years now and ready to replace just because it is worn out and the contract is over.

This is the best quality phone I have ever owned! I will be a die-hard Sony owner!

My brother - who is 200 pounds heavy - stepped on my phone while it was on concrete ground and only shattered my protective case and scratched the phone in the first year I bought it. The phone has worked perfectly before AND after the incident.

I've also dropped this phone many many times yet it has proven to be very sturdy.

Sony photo quality also exceeds most brands that I've seen uploaded online - I would say the best (especially my parents sony phone that takes 3megapixel photos with a real flash).

totally recommend higher-end Sony models in general.

One change I would make: camera shutter sound is very loud and obnoxious. There is no option to turn it off (which I understand at the time it was made there were certain laws on cell phone cameras)
2 Stars out of 5

No caller id?

Reviewed on Wednesday May 6, 2009 by , Canada
I've had the phone for a little more then a year now. I don't text alot.. around 30 a day. By the time 10 comes around the battery is dying when i charged it last night. Since it's not under waranty, i can't get it repaired without paying alot. Also for some reason, whenever someone calls me, it doesnt show a name or number, even if the person calling is a contact. It just says UNKNOWN. It's always been like that. I didnt get very many calls now but now i do and it's a pain not knowing whos calling me. Im not sure if it's a phone defect or my service provider but it's really annoying. Also the shutter sounds. If im taking pictures with my phone at 2 am and trying not to wake up my roommate,i dont have the option to turn it off, plus all the shutter sounds are ugly and gross.
3 Stars out of 5

Buttons not working

Reviewed on Monday July 14, 2008 by , Toronto
The button on the left of the phone stop working after 6 months. This is an important button because it allow you to go to the previous screen and also select or accept calls. The center button will not allow you to use the top section to select the camera or scroll up. I have been able to get around this by going to the main menu. I know at least 4 people that has had the phone for less than 6 monts and have the same problem. This leads me to think it is a design problem or faulty parts. Rogers has offered to send it in for repair but I need to come up with the receipt and be without all the info on my phone. I think I will put up with it till I up grade to another pnone!
4 Stars out of 5

Spectacular Phone; One Flaw.

Reviewed on Tuesday January 1, 2008 by , Toronto
The Sony Ericsson W810i is probably the best functioining, user friendly, music playing cell phone I have ever owned.

The call quality is excellent, the menu setup is extremely customizable with various themes, and overall the display is gorgeous!

The phone does come with many accessories, which is a plus considering this is a slightly higher end phone (though the price has considerably dropped since I purchasd it).

The music player is better than that of an iPod Nano (which is what I previously owned before this phone).

The headphones are amazing; but this is where the ONE flaw comes in!

If you use the MP3 player alot (like I do) you generally will lose/damage the headphones. To replace the headphones, you must pay $79.99 for the headset and adapter, and I find that the adapter generally starts breaking and the noise distorts after a month.

So far, I have purchased 4 pairs of the headsets (basically, I have purchased this phone twice!). Sony could have done a better job at creating a universal stereo headset input instead of their adapter.

Nonetheless, excellent phone!
4 Stars out of 5

sony ericsson is not bad

Reviewed on Saturday October 13, 2007 by , Canada
I have had this phone for almost a year and so far it seems ok.


has everything when buy it and includes a lot of features:

1) usb cable
2) earphones with earpads
3) 1GB plus 4GB when redeem online
4) games
5) stopwatch
6) timer (good for a reminder ie boiling water)
7) camera (pretty good)
8) mp3 player with radio (but needs earphones for antenna)
9) flash light
10) lots of memory to carry lots and lots of songs and pictures
11) has a light sensor to dim the cell to conserve the battery
12) white pearle color is nice than the black one
13) sturdy phone for people who constantly drop things


1) screen saver comes on after 25 seconds, it doesnt give you a choice of intervals like the nokia
2) added birthdays to the calendars but the cell phone ended up pushing the date before or after and not on that date, does not calculate the age like nokia does
3) does not calculate year, monthly anniversaries
4) does not have the beep to let you know you have missed a call, that would be something I would like since I always forget to look at the phone.
5) When I put the 4GB memory card in, the cell no longer records sounds, maybe because I put the wrong information in the wrong places
6) not able to play mp3 as ringtunes, won't let it set as ringtones - only remedy is to convert mp3 to midi or amr, while both the latter have poor sound quality.
7) camera works better in the daytime, not as good for night though even if flashlight was added
8) camera shutter sound is NOT silent, has a few variations but not a silent one, which is annoying for me.
9) does not have a lens case which get pretty dirty and dusty after a few days.
10) some of the ringtones already in the phone cannot be used as ringtones- wierd
11) cannot change the two default choices at the bottom of screen such as the internet button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Have accidently pressed it and went on the internet hate that!
12) don't like the look of the phone overall but the features make up for it.
13) ugle themes for the phone but can download better ones
14) not able to transfer text messages to someone else, it gets too full and you have to delete it. I want to keep them on my memory card but not able to.
15) hate that the camera buttom has to be pressed down half way and then all the way down to take a picture, should be more user friendly, one press should be good enough. Hate having to tell people how to press the camera to take a picture of us.
16) user guide is too general, have to go on the website to figure out everything and even the website goes round and round to figure things out

Over all the cell phone is good, just a few annoyances but every cell has their disadvantages.
5 Stars out of 5

Best cell phone I ever had

Reviewed on Monday August 27, 2007 by , Canada
I bought my sony ericsson w810i walkman phone and loved everything about it especially the fact that when you're on the phone you can still see what time it is. And told my friend about it, and he bought one too but a used one. 5months later my phone started to act up. When I turn it on the screen would flash or when it's on the phone would freeze, and the used phone my friend bought a few days after mine is still in good condition, things just didn't add up. I started to think there's a defect in my phone, lucky for me it was only 5months that I had it because it was still under warrenty. But wait til you hear this. I sent the phone in to get repaired and two weeks later I get my phone back. Here I am all excited I get to use my phone again. I put my battery back in and turn it on, it started to flash, I call the store I bought it from and told them. They told me to bring it back and so I did, and I got it back another 2weeks later and they sent it back to me as if they never touched it. Same for the third time. It's bad when you start walking into the store with a binder and all the receipts. At this point I was fuming and I made it clear it's my 3rd time sending it in to get repaired and I didn't want my phone back until it was repaired. After a month without a cell phone a week later they sent me a new phone with the reason why... The service centre (*center) has determined that your cellphone could not be repaired in a timely fashion and chosen, intead, to provide a fully refurbished,(equivalent to new) replacement unit. Please contact your dealer/carrier for reactivaton. It's almost 4months I got this phone, and so far it's working properly and I love it. The thing I hate about sending it in for repairs is that you lose everything in the phone especially the games you bought and spent your money on, gets all wiped out, its like you just paid for the repairs, when it was still under warrenty. Is why I don't buy anymore games incase this phone too starts up. I rate it five because it's still my best cellphone.
4 Stars out of 5

Love everything about it

Reviewed on Sunday August 12, 2007 by , Brockville ON
i have wanted a cell phone for a long time now. it's the best. you can say im addicted. i love the fact that you dont need to use the earphones and just use the speakers. i didnt like the mp3 player i had. also it takes pretty good pictures. i find myself using the camera phone more than my digital camera. there are a couple of things i dont like, but arent too bad. speaker could be louder with the phone and music. also if you do listen to music for a long time and play a game at the same time, (which i do like to do) the battery power goes down fairly quickly. also glad it came with a 1G card too. and a free 4G card in the mail. i am quite happy with my purchase and will recomment it.
5 Stars out of 5

The best phone

Reviewed on Tuesday July 31, 2007 by , Toronto
I have had this phone for more then a year it as not give me any problem. This phone is well design.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday July 19, 2007 by , cambridge
Bought this phone for son for Christmas 2006.
three months later screen was cracked by puppy biting son's pant pocket. Took in for repair estimate and was told the screen needed to be replaced and the internal electrical components.
total repair estimate $584.00
total cost of phone at time of purchase $499.00
SOMETHING is WRONG with this scenario.
We have been in a battle for more than 3 months now and getting nowhere. Very little customer service....transferred to what seems like hundreds.
Would never buy a phone like this again. (we have Christmas 2005 model Sony Ericson for our dd, with number lock out problems and have had several Master Resets done on it)
Unfortunately we are locked into a 3 year contract with [service provider] but will not be doing that again anytime soon.
1 Star out of 5

This phone has good and bads!

Reviewed on Sunday July 15, 2007 by , usa
good lookin
fast and efficent
good for calling and gaming
good for music

Signal goes off by itself
after a year or two using it, it cannot recieve calls from anybody.
5 Stars out of 5

Best buy.....

Reviewed on Thursday April 19, 2007 by , Mississauga
hi its been 2 months since i bought sony W810i... i am just loving it... its pack of everyhting you want on cell phone, MP3, FM, Bluetooth, Infrared, camera...... you name it and you have it... initially i was planning to buy a phone and MP3 player or iPOD nano... but when i came across this phone i thought why to have hassel to carry so many devices when you can have all this in one... awesome phone.. only thing which bother me is.... MP3 can't be used as ringtones and after you are done with playing game.. it takes long to come out of game mode... but than i never play games on cell phone.. so why bother....
4 Stars out of 5

Sony Ericsson W810i

Reviewed on Saturday December 9, 2006 by , Mississauga, Ontario
Sony lately has drawn some pretty good market share over the past few months after unveiling the Walkman Series of phones. One of there latest, the w810i really shows where Sony's going. The quad-band (850,900,1800,1900khz) cell which gives it unrestricted global roaming capabilities really can appeal to those who want an all round phone with incredible features loaded in it. Sure the form factor isn't as thing as you might find these days on a phone (24.5mm)especially now, since Motorola came out with the RAZR (V3)series which started the revolution of thin phones (RAZR is 11.6mm thickness). Sony has decided to shoo away the idea by compromising with high-end features, and when I say "high-end" I mean the far edge of the spectrum. This phone is loaded with features the would appeal from the average Joe to the high-tech geek alike. With a 2.0 mega pixel camera/camcorder being the jaw dropper (i remind you that this phone was one of the first few with such a camera at the time of launch).

The phone has a built in mp3 (hence the name Walkman, its based off Sony's Walkman System, A.K.A-high-quality) and multiple mixing systems for music, video and pictures (MusicDJ,VideoDJ,PictureDJ) using software built right in to it. Basically a movie maker on your phone. The graphics are excellent (265,144colours) and are esthetically pleasing. Nearly everything is customizable including the theme,wallpapers and screensavers for more enjoyment. Sony has included some already for you on the phone as well as ringtones.Oh, and let me add that it does have external memory(stick-duo)up to 4GB and isn't limited unlike the iTunes Motorola phones available (limited to 100 songs, regardless of external memory amount, a system limit)

The buttons on the phone are rather small, but you get instant access to music functions using the main directional buttons. The phone overall? A great phone for those looking for function and not form/style for the money. It costs the same as a RAZR (409.99, no contract)does but no RAZR I know has that kind of feature-rich interface and system.
Hope this was helpful to you!

5 Stars out of 5

The Best

Reviewed on Saturday December 9, 2006 by , Toronto
I have the phone for 2 month no problems. Its better then last phone I had.
3 Stars out of 5

standby mode

Reviewed on Saturday October 21, 2006 by , Toronto, canada
I just bought the sony ericsson w810i phone and I love it. How ever The stanby mode really sucks....after 10 seconds of not using the phone it goes into sleep mode. I've talked to constomer service and there's nothing they can do about it at this time. Also when I'm playing games on my phone and it's idle for the same time it shuts off as well. I hope you can come up with some software or something to elviate this is some way. Maybe have the option of going on stanby after 20, 30 or 40 seconds of being idle. Besides this issue I do like the phone very much, but how ever if I can't resolve this issue I would have to think twice before purchasing another phone from Sony. I have alot of friends that love this phone as well but they are thinkinf twice about purchasing it becuase of this situation.
5 Stars out of 5

sony ericsson 810i

Reviewed on Wednesday October 18, 2006 by , vancouver island
great phone, i've been involve with cell phones for about 10 years now, you name it i had it. This is the best one yet. good going sony, it's about time, they make a good phone.