Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Phone

Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Phone Front View


July 2007


  • Walkman phone
  • Slider style
  • Shake control


Latest Reviews

3 Stars out of 5

Mixed feelings

Reviewed on Sunday November 21, 2010 by , Thunder Bay
The walkman part of this phone is good. The screen is too easy to break. I cracked 2 screens without being hard on it. Durability is not one of its features. Pictures are not great either. Not good quality. If you are looking for a basic phone this is ok, but if you are spending your money, buy a k850i, its worth it.
1 Star out of 5

Sony Ericsson ..oh my!

Reviewed on Tuesday August 18, 2009 by , Nelson, bc
When I first bought this phone (8months ago) I absolutely LOVED it! Great features and applications, loved the camera and mp3 capabilities.

However, just last week one black line appeared across my phone above the time, I thought it was just starting to show the border lines from the software it operates on and as it didn't affect anything wasn't too concerned.

Progressively over the next 4days it got more and more black lines until finally my whole screen turned completely black and can't see anything!

This is the second Sony Ericsson phone I have purchased and the previous on the screen turned WHITE also after about 8months! I'm am tired of buying new phones and signing contracts only to find the phone doesn't last the duration of the contract.

I am very careful with my phones and haven't had any problems with any phones I've purchased in U.K they have lasted for years and only been replaced because I wanted to not because they stopped working.

I am truly disappointed by Sony and will never buy one of their phones again. I called rogers customer relations and they are sending me a Samsung, never had one of them before primarily dealt with Nokia which have been awesome, I hope the phone they send me lasts otherwise I am going to buy my contract out as I am tired of replacing phones.

I would NEVER recommend this phone, as awesome as I thought it was when I first got it, just not worth the hassle.
5 Stars out of 5

Sony Ericsson

Reviewed on Tuesday July 14, 2009 by , Calgary
I love my Sony. It works great for me. All my apps work fine. I have never had a problem with it and I have had for 2 years.
5 Stars out of 5

It's a great phone

Reviewed on Monday July 13, 2009 by , Montreal, Quebec canada
I had this phone almost a year now. My review on the phone is that when you first buy it from (canada) rogers or (USA) AT&T the firmware is all lock up of all features of the phone though i didn't know that you can debrand the phone... what kept me from not hating the phone is the many themes u can get for sony phones. I learn how to mod this phone I debrand it. Learn Flash menus and stand by wallpaper i also learn about elf and all it's feature of it. i also learn that elfs suck up your battery. Patching codes to the phone like hacking it was cool i basicly tweak out this phone. Though one day it was pooring raining outside like cats and dogs i wanted to film the thunder (Bad idea) the phone got wet inside the slider .. now i have some bright spots on the end of the display. of my own stupidity i have to live with it... its not that bad only shows it when its a white / bright screen... it could of been worst of the other hand i send a shit loads of text and never crack the keypad though i notice the nubers and the navigate pad are all fading away and also the sliver paint is fading away i dont care really.. iam sure all phones u have over time gets broken down.. like ur keyboard and such as. the phone is really great and my next phone will be a sony. I'am planing on getting the w910i or the k850i and mod those as well, but i have another 2 years and a half more with this w580i so iam sure they will have newer phones so when this is done the contract ill get the best sony phone out there.. but maybe i can get one soon since i did put a $200 rebate on this phone since i had no credit line, maybe i can used that credit of $200 to get another sony phone? i'am not sure.

I have the Red w580i with the debrand version firmware R8BE001 cid 52 or 53 i'am really not sure. the battery life of this phone and all sony products that take batteries is very good. I'am impressed with that alot from sony. Sony a great company and they make the best phones out there apart from iPhones i love the iphone too but when it comes to regular cell phones and not smart phones sony are really great phones.

I was gonna get a blackberry pearl, but i saw the cute little sony phone and my girlfriend love it ... though i know the girls dig the w580 more. but i got it because i like it too and it was small and i love sony phones. and i picked the red colour which i should of get the white one.. i wanted black of all choice but they didnt have it there. so i got the red one which was different for a phone colour i scratch the roger paint off it :)

KD Player rox and the only thing i dont like about this phone is that when u have a theme set up to the colour red and you go in your walkman and turns the LED light yellowish green and you go back to standby or menu and it stays like that.. i wish i can fix that though knowing me modding this phone and done everything you can imagine this phone can do... i can fix that but iam too lazy and i just used kd player and which is nicer and cooler program then the walkman 2.0.

The down fall of the w580i is flash 1.1 and not 2.0 i'am guessing they came out with that after the phone was made. but i was hoping a newer model would of have 2.0 ... or you can upgrade it to that.. the flash 1.1 is alright.

I guess iam attach to my w580i and its been the best mobile phone i ever had and i'am impressed with it alot.

it's a tough phone i drop this phone so many times and the battery case flying off got water inside it and still using it afterwards with water and elc. haha don't mix well i could of burn it out. but no this phone keeps working and working and it will forever this phone is great. I notice the plastic on the red is soft and has a nice grip to it unlike my girlfriend smokey gray one is like plastic feeling to it.

I like the red one better then the smokey gray i didn't like the colour.. the black and orange it seems to be the nicest colour though you can change your plates on the phone.

anyways that is my review of the sony ericsson w580i.